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April 19, 2015, 04:38:15 am
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 on: Today at 04:36:48 am 
Started by Zizka - Last post by Zizka

Hey guys Greg here! This week there?s been a tonne of improvements in the interface department with additions such as mouse support, customisable key maps and out of game saving! As well as that I?ve been fixing the never ending swarm of bugs and trying to pinpoint the effects of gravity!

Rather than a gif I thought this week I?d treat you with a new video!


*Unfortunately, TIG doesn't support integrated videos (which puzzles me).

Any settings changes such as keys set & sound mutes are saved for the following instances of the game.



Hey there! I was really glad to see some more of the music in Greg?s video - it?s exciting to hear/see, even with a menu. I tinkered further with the garden stage this week. We?re getting closer, but thankfully I?m able to work on the opening title-theme as well. Etienne requested a guitar-driven treatment for the intro screen, and I?ve been exploring how well the Scarbee MM-Bass works for guitar-like sounds. I got something pretty good using the guitar-rig to re-amp, and I hope you?ll all get to hear soon! You can see the setup in the above pic!


This week has been about revisiting older sprites and getting started to conceptualize the main title. This is something Greg has been urging me to get started on as he thinks it?s a very important element of the KS and I think he?s probably right.
Here are some examples of improvements:


All in all, there's no question that the later versions look better.

As far as the title screen is concerned, I want to do a parody of Duke Nukem's title screen. Do you guys think it would create trouble as far as copyrights are concerned?

I need to make sure before getting started. This is going to take a *long* time.

Hi !
Not really so much stuff to show you, work in progress with Zizka about levels gameplay

See u soon with more stuff.

Stay tuned !

Today I'm going to talk about "what inspires me".
Firstly I love sport and particularly ride sport like Skate or LongSkate. They help me to keep cool and calm and inspires me every day.

In a second time, I follow on instagram and Tumblr and other website some photographs. I really like discovering new landscape far from my home. They make my dream and inspires me to innovate.

Some cool pictures:

 on: Today at 04:28:52 am 
Started by LucasMaxBros - Last post by Silbereisen
i saw the thread title and wanted to post "you know pillars of eternity just came out, right?" then i read the OP. when people say "rpg" you can never tell what they mean haha.

OT: i think the reason you dont see many classic style indie jrpgs is because these games take a lot of resources to make. not even squeenix themselves make games with the kind of scope the snes/ps1 final fantasies or chrono trigger had anymore. theres also the added problem that many people are prejudiced against jrpgs (cobralad's post being a case in point). the potential audience is definitely smaller than for e.g. a (much cheaper to develop) platformer. theres the possibility of using rpg maker which is actually a good amd viable tool but you'll probably face even MORE prejudice.

just my 2c

 on: Today at 04:28:15 am 
Started by Glaiel-Gamer - Last post by kkyborg

You can now color the killing machine of your choice...


 on: Today at 04:20:27 am 
Started by LucasMaxBros - Last post by LucasMaxBros
And I concur. Though I'd argue they are classics, since much of gaming culture refers to them and such.

Well, not all are truly linear. We have some with multiple endings, some with various side quests to distract from story. Around the last quarter or so of Chrono Trigger, there are numerous side quests that you can do in any order you want. It all depends on the characters you like or you can even skip it all and make the final boss more of a challenge.

I'd also argue that EarthBound sort of has it's own World Building narrative. It all depends on the NPCs you talk to. It also semi-avoids huge plot dumps. There's a few, but it's not even plot really. Or even a tutorial. It's more like an actual conversation.

Anyways, I guess what a new approach at this would be to allow the player to have more choices early on. Like, instead of linear for half the game, right around the first major plot point, you get access to multiple areas/islands. I recall ProJared's review of Bravely Default where he liked that you can go to areas early but there's NOTHING there. He mentioned he'd rather have powerful monsters there that would immediately destroy him instead of that.

Also, in EarthBound, you don't fight God; you fight a giant swirly alien fetus thing...THEN you use the power of friendship!

 on: Today at 04:16:13 am 
Started by YouTube4Indies - Last post by YouTube4Indies
Thanks man! E-mails and channels' languages update coming this week FINALLY! Smiley

 on: Today at 04:15:14 am 
Started by LucasMaxBros - Last post by vinheim3
Yeah, but you get to fight God with the power of friendship

 on: Today at 04:14:21 am 
Started by JavieraStephanie - Last post by JavieraStephanie
Hello guys,

I'm Stephanie from Ninja Vault team. We're currently working on a Point & Click 3D action RPG game called Parachronism: Order of Chaos. We need more help to finish making this game faster and we'll share the earnings together!

We use Unity as the game engine and the game will be released for PC platforms. Our system makes it so that all departments can work simultaneously without being delayed by one another.

Available Positions:
- Programmer (1/2) => with timezone around GMT+2 (GMT+0 - GMT+5)

Coding Department:
Skill required (at least) 6 out of 10
I. Programmer (Profit Share = 5% of total earnings)
A programmer will work according to the Lead Programmer. You don't have to be extremely skilled for this position.Writing Department

How We Work:
We work by using:
- TortoiseSVN (Atlassian) for the programmers
- HipChat (mainly everything)
- Dropbox (artworks storage)
- Google Drive (management team documents and additional storage).

We expect you to be active everyday (weekdays are optional, depends on your department director). If you are unable to be active in any day, you have to tell the leader beforehand about it and about when you will be back.

We set a goal to publish the game in mid 2015 (around June-August). Though we seem far from publishing but actually we're really near it. All other departments (Art, Sound, Writing) are really progressive and will be able to done working in time.

The Game:
Please go to Ninjavault.biz to see more information.

We would be so glad if you are interested in joining. Simply send me an email consisting these things:
1. Your name
2. Your age
3. Where you are from
4. Positions that you apply for
5. Why are you interested in joining

PLEASE SEND IT TO [email protected]

Some Artworks (Not Final):


Our Sites:

- For the next project, there's a possibility that we will use salary system instead of profit sharing
- If there's no more available positions, you will be notified
- Do not worry as this is not a joke. You will sign an Agreement Document and Confidentiality Agreement

Javiera Stephanie
Leader of Ninja Vault

 on: Today at 04:14:05 am 
Started by phoenix26 - Last post by phoenix26
I've been working on a prototype for this game for a little while and have to decided to pursue it as a full project, so here's how it stands at the moment:

Spell-Caster is a light/casual RPG with a spelling based combat system. As the player navigates the environments they'll encounter enemies which they'll battle by forming words from a (mostly) random grid of letters. The battles take place in real-time which puts pressure on the player to make words as fast as possible. The levels will be procedurally generated and I'm not sure what the meta-game is going to be at the moment. Different enemies will have different attacks and abilities which may alter the board state. The player will also find new abilities as they progress. A lot of this may change, but that's the general direction anyway.

Much of the art is placeholder (as you can see) since I'm still trying out ideas and working out exactly what this is going to be and how it's all going to work.

Playable Builds:

I'd really appreciate any and all feedback - even if you don't like it. Wink Want to make this the best it can be so I need all the play-testing I can get.

More screenies:

Thanks for playing/reading and any feedback!

 on: Today at 03:41:27 am 
Started by LucasMaxBros - Last post by Cobralad
It always struck me as kinda wrong when people refer to jrpgs as classic rpgs.
They are weird simplified inbred offshoots of Ultima 1, that became popular among asian and american kids in 90s, while the rest of the world seen them as really-really weird and simplified compared to crpgs.
jRpgs are largely completely linear, have no dialog systems and have no worlbuilding narrative at all. You just go from a village to a city to see a cutscene plot dump. At the end you fight God.

 on: Today at 03:39:40 am 
Started by stilghar - Last post by stilghar
Thanks a lot James, the game is already on Kickstarter now in case you want to check it up  Smiley

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