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April 21, 2014, 04:10:29 AM
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 on: Today at 04:09:32 AM 
Started by ToyTree - Last post by dawid w. mika
Bass and drums are made with hardware synth Waldorf Rocket, for pads I used Alchemy by Camel Audio (this flut-like sound playing mostly 9th's and 10th's as far as I remember). There is also real glockenspiel (stretched a little) and pieces of Jenga game.

For daw I'm using Reaper by Cockos - very flexible, cpu friendly and cheap program which everyone should try Wink

 on: Today at 04:08:55 AM 
Started by Schilcote - Last post by Graham.
Oh, I disagree. You can put that on my tombstone. *guffaw, guffaw*

The story bit is true, obviously. I mean I read once that there are only 32 types of movies, that have only 8 super-types, or something. Cool. So classifying mechanics, sure, maybe we've covered our "types." But fleshing them out??

So we're kind of talking about depth in battle-systems now. I don't know if that is off-topic or not. But it does strike at the heart of JRPG trope problems. I mean, the number 1 reason people give to me when they choose not to play JRPGs is "the grind." They don't know you are supposed to put up with the grind to get the story, and the two magically combine.

I want deeper combat! I think we're barely scratching the surface in terms of depth. Go is a billion times deeper than Final Fantasy, but has an atrocious learning curve, and isn't in a video game. The Go master in Japan was a member of the Emperors court for like a thousand years. Can you imagine being so good at Final Fantasy that the President meets with you to get advice? .... That felt good to say.

Baconman, you are talking about combat right, or leveling, or what? I'm not sure I totally understood what you meant. Maybe I'm just ranting. I love ranting... obviously.

 on: Today at 04:01:50 AM 
Started by Alec - Last post by Graham.
Schoq, you have a point.

Udderdude, if only.

 on: Today at 03:49:32 AM 
Started by Strife - Last post by Graham.
As a tangent I prefer randomization in speed-runs. Maybe to watch non-random runs is pretty good too, but I definitely prefer to play the random ones.

One of the most important parts of a speed-run community, for me personally I mean, is the ability for a player to watch a run and get better at the game as a result. One of the things that makes something like Starcraft enjoyable to watch is that after having done so I can go play myself and do a lot of the things the pros do, or at least try to.

Glitches, pushing mechanics to the point where you don't need to be good at many of the things that the regular players need to be good at (in proportion to the fact you are better because you are a speed-runner)... all of this stuff separates normal play from speed-running. All of that is cool, to be sure. "Oh my god, he just skipped all that shit I had to do!" That statement is fun to exclaim. But I think a game that produces those kinds of runs are weaker for it.

I watched a shield-only run of Dark Souls. He avoided almost all of the monsters. And his tactics when fighting bosses was linear. Instead of learning to play the game by watching him I'm learning how to skip it. Speed-running would be more prevalent, a more critical part of a game community's eco-system, if speed-runners had to master core mechanics, not border cases of them, as is often the case.

You just need to make your game in such a way so that an excellent player can beat it blazingly fast without exploits.

 on: Today at 03:43:47 AM 
Started by ithamore - Last post by C.A. Sinner
the weirdest thing about dragons dogma is how the npcs can't shut upm, break boxes for you and also say the word "aught" all the time.

 on: Today at 03:38:39 AM 
Started by Red_Demitry - Last post by Red_Demitry

Rogue Stars it's a Rogue-like Metroidvania with platform shoot 'em up dynamics.

The story

In may '45, while the allied troops are reaching Berlin, the Nazi party flees Earth aboard a fleet of experimental flying saucers, leaving only an handful of clones and doubles to withstand the allies wrath. As a group of elite secret agents from various nations, you have to fly a captured nazi spaceship around the galaxy, in the quest destroy the nazi colonies and their corrupt leaders. The ultimate goal is tto find and eliminate Hitler himself.


Over 100 abilities to choose from to make your unique character build
The more you play the more you unlock
Spectaculars low res graphics rendered in glorious 384 x 216 resolution
Procedural generated levels, not two runs are the same
Dozens of different enemies, each one with cunning tactics to kill you
Dozens of weapons, from realistic ww2 machine guns to fantastic dieselpunk ray guns
Unleash awesome and destructive psy powers
Master drone warfare
Fight over a huge variety of planets ecosystems, inside massive spaceships or in the bowels of secret nazi bases
Epic giant boss fights against the evil nazi hierarchs

Teaser video at:

 on: Today at 03:36:26 AM 
Started by Tumetsu - Last post by C.A. Sinner
pvp is amazing compared to dks1 because it actually works. in dks1 if you live in a region without a lot of players, have fun being invaded once in a playthrough (if youre lucky) and have 90% of your summons fail.

also good luck getting summoned in under 15 minutes in dks1. i was in the sun covenant for my last build and wanted to legitimately get sunlight medals through co-op. i gave up after a few hours.

so yeah, thank you based fromsoft for returning to servers for dks2 and making multiplayer viable for the rest of us.

(p.s. did i mention how cool it is to actually have the message system work as intended again?)

 on: Today at 03:34:11 AM 
Started by matwek - Last post by matwek
Nice. I like that you're using a higher resolution for more elaborate pixel art. Smiley

The vines you have on the bricks could also be a bit thicker to make them more visible. They're a nice way to add some color variation to the tiles, but they're drowning a bit in the orange at the moment. They also look a little out of place since they're the only element on the screen which are composed of thin, curving lines like that. Something with bigger leaves will better match the ground tiles.

I would recommend adding an additional tile for the bush, seeing as mirroring in organic objects tends to look out of place. Organic things are generally more random.

Thanks for the feedback.
New vines are already on my todo list, I was thinking of making something that can extend beyond the sides of the wall and sprout upwards. This should hopefully break up the straight edges of the temple tiles and also tie in with the grass a bit more. The plan is to have some areas that have less vegetation and other that look fully overgrown, that way we can build maps with varying feels to them whilst using the same tileset.

We’re probably going to remove the bush completely as it feels more ‘managed’ than an over grown temple would do.

I really like those dirt tiles in the bottom center. They have a low level of detail, which contrasts nicely with the foreground tiles. I think the same approach for the brick tiles in the background would help separate them from the foreground.

Yeah that was the plan, the foreground tiles have a higher level of detail so you can easily tell which parts of the game are the solid areas. All the things that can be interacted with have a slightly lower level of detail.

 on: Today at 03:27:43 AM 
Started by Impmaster - Last post by indietom
I'm going to take part in a real world gathering.

 on: Today at 03:13:47 AM 
Started by Strife - Last post by SirNiko
Yeah, elemental shields sound like they could really add some variety to the game! You might want to look at Sonic 3 / Sonic and Knuckles speedruns. They use elemental shields to gain movement advantages (fire shield allows for huge horizontal bursts, while the electric shield grants immunity to electrical hazards and improves mobility, and the water shield is used sparingly because its special ability kills horizontal momentum but is useful for quickly falling).

Ultimately there will always be one optimal sequence that is better than all the rest. Your goal isn't to make there be more than one optimal path, but to try and make it so that players can go back and forth between a handful of choices for a while before they find that path and settle into it. Just be wary not to make the shield too optimal - if the player can use the shield to walk through a powerful monster than normally would take them a minute to defeat, then it becomes obvious the shield is the best choice.

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