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October 04, 2015, 04:44:13 am

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 on: Today at 04:34:38 am 
Started by SeanNoonan - Last post by SeanNoonan
Now that the full cast list is completed, I've been working on the menu. I've added a theme selection screen and have started work on an options screen.

Currently the options are only available mid level - this must change!

 on: Today at 04:32:09 am 
Started by ithamore - Last post by JWK5
I'd bought Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires the other day and while I really wasn't expecting much given the series' stigma but somehow it turned it to be one of the best games I've played in a while and prompted me to buy Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires, which I am enjoying even more.

I did get lucky in that I bought the "Empires" version of Dynasty Warriors 6, I have a feeling if I'd just got Dynasty Warriors 6 or Dynasty Warriors 6: Xtreme Legends (which is just basically added characters, stages, etc.) I probably wouldn't have liked the game as much if at all.

The "Empires" version of the Dynasty Warriors games basically adds in streamlined kingdom management elements along the lines of Nobunaga's Ambition or the Romance of the Three Kingdoms games but paired down enough to allow for much faster play. The way the action gameplay and kingdom management aspects intertwine is pretty awesome and keeps the battles from breaking down into mindless mashing.

I like that you can create your own character and you start of as just a wanderer taking odd jobs or jumping into wars as a mercenary but you can form a troupe of mercenaries, join another kingdom as an officer serving it, have your troupe take over a territory and form a kingdom, etc. and with each option you do not have to go beyond it, if for example you want to stay a solo mercenary you can, if you just want to stay an officer serving a lord you can, etc.

There is a lot to do between the conflicts. You are juggling relationships with other characters (improving friendships, forming pacts, getting married, having a child, etc.), managing the happiness of the populace, building various facilities (to get access to different items, weapons, tactical actions, etc.), negotiating, forming alliances, sabotaging, etc.

I am on my 3rd run through the Empires mode (each run is completed when 50 game years has passed or all the territories are united), this time around I am attempting a win strictly through negotiation, threat, and deception (i.e. without any actual conflict). It is pretty crazy that you can do that given it is a DW game (rather than a RotTK game), and the way the game rewards your character with titles (that add up to a final title that impacts the character's AI) for the different feats you accomplish makes trying different play styles feel pretty rewarding.

The online play is a mixed bag, it is a bit roundabout but I like that you can pick and choose which battles you want other players to be able to drop into (as a mercenary on your side). I also like that (optionally) random create-a-characters that you or other people have made can appear all throughout the kingdoms, sometimes as mercenaries and sometimes forming their own kingdoms (crushing a rebellion of CAW mutants is pretty amusing). When you have a child, your child's looks are a fusion of the two characters it descends from and at the end of the "game" you can save it as a create-a-character too so that it can live on in other games.

All in all, as rough as the DW games can be quality-wise I am pretty satisfied with DW6:E and especially DW8:E. I was definitely pleasantly surprised.

 on: Today at 04:27:08 am 
Started by Glaiel-Gamer - Last post by SeanNoonan

I feel like your character needs a white outline - the background is incredibly noisy.

 on: Today at 04:24:15 am 
Started by Franklins Ghost - Last post by SeanNoonan
Metal Gear, it can't be!?

 on: Today at 04:00:14 am 
Started by Zizka - Last post by Zizka

- Fixed horizontal transitions.
- Fixed wall jump animation.
- Fixed shooting timing and animation.
- Changed charging animation.
- Fixed transition health & battery. again.
- Added tutorial signs.
- Added stun when enemies damaged.
- Increased bin catapult power.
- Decreased movement response time.
- Removed energy drain on wall jump.
- Added wall slide.
- Reduced hair dryer blowback.


Trev is done until the KickStarter (well, almost).

So, for the most part, this week has been about trashing the animations I didn’t like in order to replace them with what I think to be good ones.
The fridge had to go first. It was always meant for Pan enter it anyway. So I added a lot more frames to make the thing smoother and was more daring in the animation itself as far as shapes are concerned. I’m happy with the result:

I also redid the game start animation:

As for the rest, I kept going on the tileset. Greg will need as much variety as possible once he’s done with fixing the bugs in order to structure the level so I want to make sure there’s nothing missing.

Work has finally picked up (which is good) so I’m managing my time differently, spending less time on hobbies and more on the game whenever I have free time available.

Greg is in charge of level design

 on: Today at 03:59:43 am 
Started by Canned Turkey - Last post by ghosted
I absolutely love the look of this. The Gameboy stylings don't feel like a gimmick (as they so easily could) because you've nailed that crunchy videogame feel with the effects and art (I love that little jump particle). Is it somewhat inspired by the old game Jump n Bump? I used to love that.

 on: Today at 03:54:23 am 
Started by JLJac - Last post by ghosted
I've always thought some of the best animation I've seen in a game was in Little Big Planet simply because it was physics joints rather than actual animation (not sackboy, but the world characters). This is superseding that now because it's also physics animations but on more realistic characters and I've no idea how you're managing to make it look so bloody lovely. Bravo.

 on: Today at 03:53:12 am 
Started by MrAwolf - Last post by Schrompf
Agreed. It still looks impressive in the trailer, but the GIFs here display a whole other level.

 on: Today at 03:51:40 am 
Started by Ishi - Last post by ghosted
Love the clean look, love the lead character and it's reminiscent of classic platformers without sacrificing it's own identity. Great stuff.

 on: Today at 03:43:24 am 
Started by BitmenStudios - Last post by BitmenStudios
The Trailer is out:
Watch the Trailer:

Don't forget to vote for us on Steam:

Thanks a lot, every vote counts!

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