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December 19, 2014, 07:47:30 AM
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 on: Today at 07:40:20 AM 
Started by Hipshot - Last post by Myran
Myran, the coder is writing a completely new engine from scratch, using c++ instead of c#, we hope this move will give us a stronger and better engine for future use. Handling of assets in the editor is already much stronger than it ever was.
I'm curious, what do you mean by "stronger"?
I'm not exactly sure what he meant by stronger, but since the engine is redesigned with the stuff we learned from the development of Hammerwatch in mind most stuff is going to be better.
For example the asset loading in Hammerwatch had a number of weaknesses that were problematic for us, basically the way we handled resources that depended on other resources (like an actor that depends on a sprite) was by just loading everything in a determined order (first all sprites, then all actors, etc). That worked, but meant we couldn't have circular dependencies, it also meant we couldn't really do threaded loading of files. This has been solved by resolving dependencies in a separate step.
I also added a pre-processor to all text-based resources, which is really nice, so we can define a unit like this:

<unit slot="actor">
<behavior class="CompositeActorBehavior">
<int name="hp">5</int>
<int name="hp">10</int>

<int name="aggro-range">200</int>


It means we have to reload all the resources whenever things like difficulty gets changed, but with the threaded loading that's quite fast anyway.

 on: Today at 07:30:27 AM 
Started by solowebnv - Last post by solowebnv

Hi everybody

Since we just prepared a show case build of Aero's Quest (you may consider it an Alpha if you will) to use at the booth of the Pax South 2015 in San Antonio we thought to start to keep devlogs here and to keep you informed from now on to all the progresses of the game.

Just for info you may wanna check our development blog to see everything we've done (and posted) from the beginning of the development till now. You might as well check the timeline development for a quicker overview.

Aero’s Quest is a puzzle platformer where the main character (Aero) must rescue his beloved one (Ariella) who’s been kidnapped by the bad villain (Andraus) ... the most original plot ever seen, isn’t it? Smiley
Jokes apart you may find the story in details and the mechanics/gameplay of the game on the site-website and on our Steam Greenlight page (which is going pretty well so far).

No better story and gameplay can be explained by the following trailer:
Aero's Quest GamePlay Trailer

Here are the main stages we divided the development of the game so far:
-Concept stage
-Development of the main characters
-Start of the official development
Once we had something concrete:
-Website and social channels
-Announcement of the game to the press and announcement trailer
-Realization of a smaller online browser version
-Promotion around the main title and the browser version
Once we could showcase a demo:
-Production of the Alpha
-GamePlay Trailer
-Game on Steam GreenLight - Related marketing
-IndieGoGo campaign in support to GreenLight

Coming up there will be obviously more development of the game, always more marketing and once/if (hopefully) the title gets greenlit we will request Sony and Microsoft the license to self-publish on their consoles.

The online browser version has been a good hook to make understand people the kind of the game and the gameplay even if we are talking about something way smaller and more simple than the main version. Especially after Newgrounds published the game we noticed much more traffic and more feedback.

That being said The greenlight campaign is going well and at the moment and after 8 days we are 70% to the way with 60% yes votes so we can’t complain for now.

From January we will start to reach out the press more specifically and we hope that the Pax South will give us a nice exposure and we hope as well to meet a lot of people.

I hereby post some screenshots of Aero’s Quest and I will keep you up to date!

Any comment, feedback and reaction is more than welcome!

If you’d like to try the Alpha you may request it at our Facebook page.

Thank you all.

 on: Today at 07:13:41 AM 
Started by MinskWorks - Last post by MinskWorks

Quick update regarding Route Generation in Hac.

So, in order to understand where the fun lies with Rrute Generating, I should probably explain the game loop a little better.

In Hac, the player is given a weeks time in which to deliver their ailing uncle into the holy land.

The game loop consists of leaving one destination and arriving at the other, with the aim to make the best distance possible in each day.

At the start of each day, the player must pack their bags, load the car and then select one of the generated routes they can take to their next destination. Some of these routes will have prerequisite conditions in order for them to be available (enough reserve fuel, food, tools, time).

Each route is then generated from pre-baked segments. Once the basic route is built - from departure to destination), each segment then begins to do some random dice rolls for the variables contained within the routes - what props should be placed, what sign-age should appear, what stop-off points should appear, etc.

The conflict in the game comes in the form of the stop-off points within each route. There should usually be 1-2 stop off points generated in each route. These stop off points, whilst consuming time as a resource, offer unique character interactions, supply collections, car upgrades, collectables and easter-egg opportunities.

I'm trying to catch that "far-out" sense of being on the road. Sort of like when some of the random encounters happened during Fallout 2.

Anyway, media below.

 on: Today at 07:12:40 AM 
Started by Bombini - Last post by Bombini
Happy Christmas!

I am very proud to share a new game play demo with you:
Passwort for zip is "galao"

This is PC download "not full screen" build 0.272

What is in?
  • It contains all features and content i have been working on in the last months
  • You have 4 bigger levels which appear in a linear way with new themes and also puzzles
  • 2 Planets to visit
  • There are several random encounters that you can attack
  • You have a crew member that you can rescue and he will give you updates
  • A basic mood system which affects various parts of the game
  • Added a lot of sounds
  • A lot of polish in general

What is missing and needs work:
  • Story is missing in general
  • Mood system needs to be advanced
  • Star map, space traffic and encounter system needs to be advanced

This is not an Alpha yet.
What i plan next:

  • finishing all features
  • balancing & playtesting & bug testing
  • find a final name, build a website and start PR
  • finetuning & polish
  • translating it to German, French, Spanish

Btw, could someone move this thread to "Flash, Windows & Mac"?
Please send me your impression!

 on: Today at 07:04:57 AM 
Started by Sean Hogan (seagaia) - Last post by Sean Hogan (seagaia)
so yesterday, I uh...figured out problems with my computer (the fan vent was blocked by 27 months of dust so i had to disassemble the computer to clean it..ughhh) but then fixed them...i also played a lot of fantasy life as stress relief.....

 on: Today at 07:00:32 AM 
Started by AndrewKennedy3D - Last post by AndrewKennedy3D
Update day!

We've moved the progress bar to 80% and updated the first post with a few tutorial screencaps!

What's left? Only a few things really! A couple touch-ups on the programming (mostly has to do with the difficulty scaling and introducing new enemies properly).

Also, we still have a couple animations left to put in (implemented in the code, so it's all ready to go).

Thanks everyone for following our development process!

 on: Today at 06:33:24 AM 
Started by yeahjim - Last post by yeahjim
I love Awesomenauts - logged about 400 hours that I'll never get back. While it's a lot simpler than the likes of DotA, it's still pretty grueling for new players to climb the learning curve... and I wouldn't want to subject my wife to the abuse of a bunch of anonymous 13-year-olds. Had no idea that we could do local split-screen though! Maybe we'll give it a shot! Thank you, and thanks to everyone who suggested something.

 on: Today at 06:19:24 AM 
Started by CoderGamesStrikesBack - Last post by CoderGamesStrikesBack
I resumed development after a longer break, so here are few more screenshots from the game. I'm at the point of implementing different bullet hell patterns. It might not get as hellish as Japanese Cave shmups, but I managed to make an original mechanics in the game allowing me to implement strategy elements giving something not ever seen before in the shmups to the players.

 on: Today at 06:15:19 AM 
Started by spritewrench - Last post by spritewrench
    Update Feedback Friday #14

    Build Version: 0.24
    Grab it Here

    DPAD - directional movement (double tap a direction to dash)
    ABXY - attack in that direction
    Right/Left bumper - use active ability if available(changes depending on 'class')
    Right Trigger - switch weapons​
    Left Trigger - fuse/seperate weapons​

    WASD - directional movement (double tap a direction to dash)
    Arrow Keys - attack in that direction
    Space - use active ability if available(chang​es depending on 'class')
    E - switch weapons
    Q - fuse/separate weapons​

    Patch Notes
    Added 7 gold rings:
    • Red Ring - Ring of Attack
    • Blue Ring - Ring of Defense
    • Green Ring - Ring of Featherweight
    • Purple Ring - Vampire Ring
    • Orange Ring - Ring of Charity
    • Yellow Ring - Ring of Greed
    • Gray Ring - Ring of Undeath​
    Tweaked a mage's teleport , and monster collision
    fixed a number of smaller bugs


     on: Today at 05:43:37 AM 
    Started by primaerfunktion - Last post by bornander
    This looks so cool, especially the art-style.
    Well done!

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