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October 25, 2014, 07:39:06 PM
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 on: Today at 07:28:51 PM 
Started by NeomerArcana - Last post by ugabuga
3D art is less satisfying for rtses

Why do you think that? Just curious.

 on: Today at 07:25:50 PM 
Started by Timo Vihola - Last post by Impmaster

 on: Today at 07:22:33 PM 
Started by baconman - Last post by rj™
it's really not....cutting off access, so much, though

the 3DS version barely fucking holds together as it is. i had my first ever system crash on my 3DS due to processor overload with smash bros. and i've had the game since launch.

the fact that it runs at all is a miracle. the amount of content that it has in addition is pretty amazing.

it's literally as much as it could probably be, i think; i'm not an expert, but from the amount of sticks-and-glue-and-tape ingenuity that's seemingly necessary to make it even work, i'd wager that the 3DS simply can't even handle the modes exclusive to the wii u edition

plus they gave us smash run, at least

if there's one smash bros. 4 complaint i have above all else, it's that there's no kind of target break mode like melee or even brawl's. target blast is...really not very fun.


 on: Today at 07:22:26 PM 
Started by Franklins Ghost - Last post by Impmaster
added an in-game tileset collision editor by holding down shift on launch. also, some basic parallax mapping. GM:S' tile room editor sucks though, there's no way to hide layers of tiles, so I can't easily add background tiles under foreground tiles to prevent the gaps seen at the end of the gif.


Love the background but god do you need some animations for that character.

 on: Today at 07:18:33 PM 
Started by Glaiel-Gamer - Last post by hexdie
A little something new

That looks fantastic! I love the art style and the doors remind me of Super Mario Bros. 2.

 on: Today at 07:14:20 PM 
Started by Glaiel-Gamer - Last post by hexdie

 on: Today at 07:13:26 PM 
Started by baconman - Last post by Jono
On launch day I ended up getting a copy at a games store instead of a general retailer because they were sold out.

I'm kind of annoyed about all the extra stuff in the Wii-U version, makes me feel like I bought a severely cut down version for the 3DS. I knew there was going to be more stages, music, trophies etc. but I didn't think they would cut off access to a lot of the fighting modes and stage creation.

 on: Today at 07:10:08 PM 
Started by Derek - Last post by hexdie
Hello! My name is Adam and I'm a relatively new game developer. I've made a couple of small games which you can find here: hexdie.itch.io

I've been a musician for about the last ten years and I've been into drawing for as long as I can remember. I got into programming in college and I actually graduated with a CS degree. I have been playing games as long as I can remember. I love games that offer exploration, fantastic aesthetics, a good sense of humor, or strange mechanics or subject matter. With those three hobbies combined with a love of gaming, I felt I definitely needed to get into game development.

Currently I'm working on a platformer called Dfragmente. It's a platformer inspired a little bit by Megaman and Mario. Here's a screenshot:

 on: Today at 07:08:48 PM 
Started by ithamore - Last post by SolarLune
^ Yeah, that's kinda what's stopping me from buying it, haha. Seems like it'd be fun in multiplayer, but with only singleplayer mode, not sure if I'd get too much enjoyment out of it.

 on: Today at 07:03:02 PM 
Started by Fermenter - Last post by Christian
Might want to talk to the devs of Rain World, Heart & Slash, Scraps, and Four Sided Fantasy. They all had successful campaigns, might have have advice

Here's a good link with a lot of good KS mortems

Also, just from an outsider perspecte, IOS games don't usually get a very favorable reception. I mean, Crescent Moon did a Kickstarter for The Deer God and didn't even mention that the game was coming to mobile (and this was while the game had a thread on Toucharcade)

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