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November 25, 2015, 06:17:25 am

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Author Topic: CHKN: Open-world sandbox game.  (Read 67 times)
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« on: November 24, 2015, 11:37:12 am »

CHKN is an open-world sandbox game where you create life block by block. You are the creator, explorer, and caretaker. Your creatures will have unique personalities and emotions that shape how you play the game. Learn to bond with them in order to explore new lands, find resources and survive. Will you play fetch with your cuddly dog or feed it to your uni-dog-ram-giraffe? Wonder what that looks like? Bring one to life! The combinations are endless. It’s survival of the strangest.

  • Emotions play a pivotal role in the game: In order to progress you must form bonds with creatures who will in turn help you discover new items and traverse newly discovered lands.
  • Empathic Intelligence System: Creatures have the ability to learn and adapt based on how you treat them, passing these traits and memories on to their offspring. Their reactions and personalities are unpredictable and chaotic, in the most interactive way possible.
  • Everyone’s experience is different. No two creatures are the same. You can use endless combinations of life blocks to create anything from a conventional creature to some crazy combination.
  • You build a reactive creature, not just an object. Understanding how your creature will react to you and your environment changes the entire concept of a sandbox game.
  • Creatures fart and burp. Enough said.

  • Multiplayer
  • Adventure Mode
  • Resource gathering and shelter building
  • New environments
  • New life blocks and combinations
  • Constant improvements on building and gameplay

Alpha Demo Download
Windows 64
Windows 32
Mac OS X

We love hearing feedback from fellow devs and the community! Thank you in advance.  Hand Metal Left Hand Metal Right
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