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Author Topic: Kamikaze Sea-Mammals: Dolphin Squadron!  (Read 1126 times)
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« on: May 31, 2013, 12:37:10 pm »

Dolphin Squadron

The game works great in portrait mode. Maybe one day it'll be on a tablet. Grin


Platform: PC (perhaps more in the future!)

Engine: Game Maker 8.1

Time Spent: Roughly 3.5 months


Ryan Huggins (myself http://siifour.blogspot.com/) - Design, Programming, Art
Brook Chipman (Revocare http://revocare.tumblr.com/) - Art
Jack Yeates (Blueskybleu https://soundcloud.com/blueskybleu) - Music and Sound

Premise: You are a dolphin hired by the US NAVY SEALS to intercept dangerous underwater mines that are being used to covertly destroy coastal cities around the world. The core game is a vertical scrolling shooter where you play as a weaponized dolphin fired out of a deep-sea submarine. Starting at the bottom of a trench and traveling up towards the surface, the goal of the game is to destroy a mine before it reaches the surface by first, catching up with and destroying a mechanized angler fish (a mecha) that's carrying it to the surface, and then destroying the mine with your dolphin. The hook is exploding dolphins. To destroy the mines, you have to destroy the mecha with your dolphin lasers and then slam your dolphin into the mine.


A few shots from the game. :D

PRESS UP to launch out of the trench
HOLD UP to accelerate up towards the surface
LEFT and RIGHT to turn your dolphin
S or Z to fire your secondary weapon when you get it (it appears on your back)
HOLD SHIFT to increase turn sensitivity if you want (I rarely use this, but some like it)
PRESS F4 to fullscreen the game

Notes: Dolphin Squadron is published under the ACPC Productions studio name. ACPCP is a student-run production based out of Burlington, Vermont and was founded by a few students from Champlain College’s Class of 2016. The team was founded on October 20th, 2012 during a game jam and has been working on a few different projects since. Dolphin Squadron will be the first official release, though the game was made by only three members of the 10+ member team. ACPCP focuses on smaller experiences with fun and occasionally radical concepts (gameplay or other). They plan to ultimately expand beyond games and work on films, web-comics and eventually make software for other aspiring and established developers.
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« Reply #1 on: June 03, 2013, 10:28:32 pm »

Hey, I thought a reasonable bump would be to say that my game got featured a few places. To be honest, I'm SO PUMPED AND EXCITED that people liked the game. I only wish people here did. xD Trying to impress actual game developers is hard I guess. :X

Indiegames.com featured the demo and the finished version (with a few other games) here: http://indiegames.com/2013/06/mutant_mudds_deluxe_toki_tori_.html

IndieStatik.com featured the game here: http://indiestatik.com/2013/06/01/dolphin-squadron/

Gamejolt featured/is featuring the game on their homepage: http://gamejolt.com/

Russian blog, True Indie Games featured the game here: http://trueindiegames.blogspot.com/2013/06/dolphin-squadron.html#more

A couple of Let's Plays have popped up too!

I can hope for more coverage, but I'm MORE than satisfied with the coverage my first released (polished) game has gotten. Very fortunate that people enjoyed my game and I am truly happy! Smiley

A lot of my friends have plugged the game in a few places as well at places like reddit, their personal blogs, facebook, twitter, etc. For such a small game, it's doing awesome! haha

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