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July 28, 2015, 11:45:52 am

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Author Topic: Pip Panic! (endless arcade survival for iOS, desktop)  (Read 143 times)
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« on: July 26, 2015, 07:40:16 am »

Title: Pip Panic!
Genre: casual / action / survival / endless
Platform: iOS / Android (pending)

In Pip Panic!, your goal is to survive for as long as you can from an endless wave of enemies. Purchase skill cards that are drawn randomly into your skill slots. Use the skills to improve your survival, and aim for the hi-score!

Backstory / Setting

Pip Panic! is set in an anthropomorphic world where Gladiators are celebrated as a common form of entertainment and as a path for fighters to gain glory, fame and fortune. Pip is a little flightless bird who seeks all of the aforementioned, but is oblivious of the hardship associated with it. Pip soon finds himself in the local arena where he is hunted by other gladiator wannabes, who gang up to show Pip that the world is not a fair place.


Promotional video coming soon!



  • Game Design - LWY & Mok
  • Programming - LWY
  • Art - LWY & Mok
  • Animation - Wilmer Lee
  • UI Art - Ashly Teoh
  • Background Art - Anson Tan
  • Skill Card Art - Nadirah Sakri


We came up with the original idea of having the player control a helpless avatar, where the theme "panic" was the focus. We made two prototypes up until December 2014, and we thought our idea was validated when we showcased it at two local comic cons.

We started our dev from January 2015. We were ambitious and planned to have a story/campaign mode that spanned 5 chapters, with 66 skills, 33 enemies, 100 stages in total. We had set our deadline (as this gamedev project is funded by the goverment) at July 2015.

Up til May 2015, we redesigned the game 2 times because we couldn't figure out the main "hook" for the game, until we went to Casual Connect Asia Singapore and got feedback from peers -- they suggested that given the amount of unfinished work and the little time that's left, we strip down all the features and go with endless mode. And that's exactly what we did.

This is the result; 26 (instead of 66) skills, 12 (instead of 33) enemies, and only one stage. It may not seem like much, considering it's a 7-month work, but we've went into this with zero gamedev experience.

Now we're beta testing and adding some finishing touches, and we would like to get as much feedback on the game (even though we most like won't be making much changes anymore) as possible, hopefully to get insight on things we missed out.


The game was designed and developed my partner (Mok) and I (WY). I did programming and Mok did the art. We hired freelancers to speed up on asset creation. We bought and used single-license sound packs and VFX packs from videohive and sonniss.com, with zero modification.


Engine: Unity 5
Art: Clip Paint Studio, Photoshop, Aseprite
Animation: Flash
SFX (cleanup): After Effects


(for desktop and touch-screen)
Tap or left mouseclick

(for desktop)
1,2,3,4,5,6 - hotkeys for skill slots 1 to 6
Arrow keys - move Pip

How To Play

  • Use coins to purchase skills.
  • Tap on a skill at the bottom card pane to use it.
  • Collect coins to gain score bonus and heal a little of your life.
  • Survive as long as possible to get a hi-score!
  • Hint: The more skills you unlock, the higher the score multiplier.


GameJolt (Mac, PC)
Itch.io (Mac, PC)
iOS - Release date: 31st August 2015

Version history

25 July 2015
  • Uploaded desktop version (mac, win) - v0.1.23

27 July 2015
  • Uploaded desktop version (mac, win) - v0.1.24
  • Fixed movement glitch when enemy is beartrapped
  • Added 1/2/3/4/5/6 hotkey for keyboard players
  • Added up/down/left/right hotkey for keyboard players
  • Removed leaderboard button for desktop version

Upcoming / TODO
  • Add achievements (for iOS)


Any feedback or questions are most welcome! We are trying to release the game on schedule so we may not work on any additional features, but we will still listen; We never know if any comment or advice will come in handy at some point. Smiley

  • hello [a] coinflipstudios.com (WY or Mok)


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