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August 20, 2014, 04:22:26 PM
TIGSource ForumsCommunityTownhallThe Obligatory Introduce Yourself Thread
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Author Topic: The Obligatory Introduce Yourself Thread  (Read 918395 times)
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« Reply #2610 on: August 02, 2009, 06:58:38 AM »

Ok well... Hi, i'm ak. I'm 29, i live in Paris, France where i work as a freelance illustrator/cartoonist. I've been more and more interested in the indie games community for a few months now. This might not be a very original opinion, but i think there is more creativity there than in most commercial games i've played. Naturally, i've been developing a growing need to create my own games and i'm hoping to find inspiration and help on this forum (i've actually found the first one already).

Well, that's it Smiley Thanks for these great games and this forum .

We always need more frenchies here. Welcome! Smiley
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« Reply #2611 on: August 02, 2009, 01:32:05 PM »

Hiello everyone. I am Nitromatic,I live in Finland  Durr...?
When I played games,I was stunned. I was like "I want to become game developer" and when we finally got Internet,I just downloaded games and games. It was wonderful.

Then our Windows 98 died,so we bought Windows Vista. So begun my new season. I used Game Maker 4 to try make games,but it didn't work well,so..I downloaded Game Maker 7! And I own full version. I also use Sound Club to make musics to my games ^^ By the way,if you ask who is my favourite indie. Well,everyone who makes games are my favourite. And indie game I love? It's Spelunky! So I give BRAVO to Derek Yu.  Hand Thumbs Up LeftWell, hello there!Hand Thumbs Up Right
Hey Nitro! Glad to see you joined!
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« Reply #2612 on: August 02, 2009, 03:25:11 PM »

Hi TIGS Community!

I joined this Forum nearly a year ago (October 21, 2008) and now I think it is time to make my first post here Smiley
So you ask yourself who is this guy, why did he join, and why did it took him nearly a year to first post here? Read on! All this questions will be answered in this introduction.

- who am i -

My name is Christopher and I started coding on my C64. After I got my first 386 I started to learn pascal and wrote some small arcade remakes in it like pong and snake.

After some years of pascal I switched to C and started working on an RPG game. But it got never finished because my graphics designer left the team and I was totally demotivated that I stopped working on that game.
Shortly after I started learning C++ I got my first job which required me to learn java.

Since then (2006) my daily work is java related. It's not game development but application development though. Which I'm quite happy about so I can continue to write games as hobby in my free time.

At this point I didn't want to continue writing games with c or c++. So I searched a good lib for my newly learned language java... but to no avail I couldn't find anything that satisfied me.
On a journey through languages like Ruby, C#, and a lot of frameworks like xna, and the try to write games with c#/mono/gtk I was still at the point of having not found a library and laguage that was fun to write games with.
So recently I switched back to c++ and allegro. After some months of development I stumbled upon slick!
And it is FUN to write games with slick and java.

So since 1 month I rewrite a a game I started in C and it's coming along nicely.
So my search that lastet several years has now ended.
And I celebrate it with my first post here!  Beer!

- why did i join -

Back in the days when the site was still useable I hung around at greatgamesexperiment.
There I met skaldicpoet9. He was very interested and very informed about the indie games scene.

I think the indie game scene is an awesome community and it seemed that most of them were at gge.
Sadly gge died more more more. So I contacted skaldicpoet9 to see if he is still there and to tell him that its sad that this place died.
And he told me about TIG and that he is hanging around here.
So I instantly joined and never looked back! Wink

- why did it take so long to post -

It's just because I don't have much to say. I like to read about indie games, play them, and getting inspired by them.
I love it when I see a new game that just makes me WOW  Addicted
So I'm more of a reader and a watcher.
And a coder in my secret lair.  Ninja

So yeah! Thats a looooong introduction... maybe someone will read it Wink
Cheers to all the TIGS community and especially to skaldicpoet9!
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« Reply #2613 on: August 02, 2009, 08:44:42 PM »

'ello there, I'm error and I've been lurking this place for quite a while. I thought I'd join today out of boredom, and also because I want to become an indie game developer. I thought this forum would be a great place to start. anyway, cheers! Smiley

Cynicism isn't wisdom -- It's a lazy way to say that you've been burned

blankbox.net - twitter
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« Reply #2614 on: August 03, 2009, 06:32:53 AM »

'i introduce myself... TO TOTAL STRANGERS?Huh?'
 Hand Pencil :whome;

here's a HI, G'DAY, Pleasant Evening, and greeting.

pleased to meet y'all.

C is about as advances programming wise I have ever attempted. It's like looking into the dictionary of a post-modern deconstructionist who writes the weekly column for Words of Wits.

I'll polly edit once I read through some previous posts. Gentleman

(fact d' day: 9 years is the longest time I've spent in one place)

[footnote: for some proper stuff on who I am, I used to want to be a car designer, want to design my own website, be a painter, and also jazz pianist. So far, nothing yet. I also did a lot of math when in school,  so much so that I now try to not think about them too much. For the curious, specialty bachelor degrees don't roxrz as much as the name say. Who's an artist here?]
Dr Lecter
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Tally ho by jove

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« Reply #2615 on: August 03, 2009, 10:32:28 AM »

Tally ho old chaps Gentleman

I'm a programmer (C++/C# mostly)... Erm, my hobbies include... tennis, video games, and walking around pretending total strangers are secret agents, reading all kinds of meanings into every movement they make.

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gaming, coding, experimenting photo science party

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« Reply #2616 on: August 03, 2009, 02:32:04 PM »

You gotta teach me tennis!
I've tried a couple of times, but I'm lousy at being skilled enough for meaningful play.

Welcome to the forums!
Hi five for C++/C#

Havchr works at Tumbleweed Interactive, a Norwegian independent game developer and he likes pizza and football
« Reply #2617 on: August 03, 2009, 04:38:57 PM »

This is going to be weird...
JKD is what I go by. It predates to when I was eight and got on the high score board for galaga at my local barber shop. When the game requested my initials I believe it was then and there that I truly fell in love with video games. But my love was never a pure one, I played video games because the life I lived was one I hated, one where every day I had to wake up and deal with problems I was powerless to change because my life was ultimately owned by others. With books and movies I could escape to another world, but that was never what I wanted. I wanted control, the idea I was in command and that when bad things happened, I could take responsability for them, and do it all over again right. Like a lot of people I liked video games for the feelings they gave me and that was enough. I was a big sonic fan among other things. The games I was into, nothing surprising.  Overtime I became more interested in the odd and experimental games but it was a fleeting feeling that would go away as another problem in my life arose again.

It was not until I became a adult, my parents were forced to give me freedom and I moved out that I had a life changing revelation. I was living with a girlfriend and her mother, going to community college in the area that it happened. I was in total control of my life, actually happy with what I was doing and how I was spending my time. It was during this time, where I was totally satisfied with my life, happier than I had ever been, full of love, comfort and freedom that I started to find the video games I used to love as boring. Too easy, too simple, overall mediocre. I loved video games, I used to even want to be involved in the industry making them, and yet here I was finding myself loosing interest and getting bored. I was looking for something new, something different, something exciting. I found GOD HAND

Never in my life has a metaphorical kick in the balls felt so good. I enjoyed the hell out of the game and I could write pages on the many reasons why. Playing the game felt like being awake for the very first time. I had never in my life enjoyed a video game so much just for being a video game.  Since then I have played many a great game such as STALKER, OPERATION FLASHPOINT, Spelunky and more treasure games than I care to list. To say I like my games hard, fair and intense is a understatement.
I have dabbled in game design since the 8th grade, and while my philosophy on what I want in my games has changed drastically(from writing about games with epic stories and simple but catchy gameplay to now going into feverent detail about complex game mechanics that involve dynamic bosses and flexible but challenging gameplay)
I have yet to progress further than large word documents with writings of what I would do.
This changes today. I'm setting a far off goal, to complete my latest dream game with game maker some time in the future.  Until then I'm going to learn to program and do everything I can step by step to meet my goal.
I'll end this with a picture of myself, twisted grin and all. If things go as well as I hope I'll be making this face a lot.
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« Reply #2618 on: August 03, 2009, 05:01:59 PM »

Hey everybody, I'm an artist currently working on this over here.

I don't know much about making games, but I've had fun with this so far at least. Nice to meet you all!
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« Reply #2619 on: August 03, 2009, 05:55:11 PM »

Um um. Hello.

I am a console gamer who's dabbling a bit in indie games. I love Cortex Command, Spelunky, and Battle for Wesnoth. I've been playing Bonesaw but I don't really like it. Cave Story is cool, but I'm stuck D:<.

I've done a bit of spriting for CC and I want to see if I can get better at it.

Edit: I'm from Vancouver, Canada an my all-time favourite games are Suikoden, Soul Calibur 4, Elite Beat Agents, The World Ends With You, and probably some others. Throw in Jumping Flash 2 or something.

Also, I'm kind of dick, so look out for that.
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« Reply #2620 on: August 04, 2009, 02:50:32 AM »

Hey there. My name is Jimp, Im a Flash game artist. This looks like just the place ive been looking for Smiley

My most successful release so far has been Penguinz (http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/489777), a collaboration with LongAnimals.

Im currently working on a couple of projects, both of which im pretty excited about. The biggest is Redneck Downhill Challenge, in which you build a cart out of various parts then race it down a hill (some art: http://img194.imageshack.us/img194/8378/redneck.jpg).

Anyway, good to find a cool new place, hope us Flash game makers are welcome here Smiley
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« Reply #2621 on: August 04, 2009, 05:36:53 AM »

This introduction is a little overdue from me - apologies for that!

I'm Andy, I live in London and currently work for a VFX company working on lots of awesome movies, but as of next month I'll be moving to a part time web developer role for a small charity to free up more time to work on my game development project.

I'm the guy behind the Bible-teaching computer games thread, and you can see a tiny screenshot of what I've been working on recently here. I'm using the Unity games engine for cross-platform awesomeness!

My favourite games are any of the old LucasArts games like Day of the Tentacle or Monkey Island, and though I don't play so many games recently, I played and absolutely loved a few of the recent big indie games like Braid and World of Goo.

Dr Lecter
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Tally ho by jove

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« Reply #2622 on: August 04, 2009, 11:04:10 AM »

*Returns high five* My Word!
Vlad Shadeu
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« Reply #2623 on: August 05, 2009, 05:14:14 AM »

I go by Vlad Shadeu (The last bit is pronounced "Shadow") and i'm an active member over at Charas forums. I decided i needed to go forum shopping so i decided i'd give this place a trial run. I do some stuff on Game Maker, but my only project suffers from lack of a team and i suffer from a lack of skills. But yeah, nice meeting you all.
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« Reply #2624 on: August 05, 2009, 05:31:36 PM »

Hi everyone, I'm Quicksand-T, of the two person Quicksand Games dev team. I share the concept, art, and story duties (can't program worth a damn).

My "manifesto", or inspiration, in game design comes from watching my brother play games when I was too young to play myself. Watching him play classics like Commander Keen 4, Duke Nukem 1 & 2, Cosmo, Jill of the Jungle, Amazing Spiderman, etc was like watching a cartoon to me, and it made me think of a game as a story being told (rather than a challenge to be overcome). For example, take this background object from Commander Keen 4:

When I saw that as a kid it fired up my imagination. This simple prop hints at a story; the story of a proud race of sentient slugs, worshipping their king as a God, forced underground by forces outside their control.

This idea of "implied storytelling" in games has resonated with me over time. As a result, I like games like Half Life 2 that use the game medium to tell the story rather than stopping the game for cut-scenes. I see games primarily as a vehicle for storytelling (or just screwing around), rather than for challenge or competition.

Quicksand Games is currently working on "We Want You", a procedural 2D war game with a hint of satire. Hopefully we will be releasing the first public version for feedback in the next couple of weeks. Hooray.
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