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TIGSource ForumsDeveloperPlaytestingDoppler - Fast paced action for mobile
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Author Topic: Doppler - Fast paced action for mobile  (Read 518 times)
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« on: July 15, 2014, 06:51:49 AM »

Hi All!

We'd love to get some feedback on our new (and first) game, Doppler! It's a fast and difficult action game for touch screens. Using two fingers you make a connection across a twisting turning line and avoid it. Making mistakes costs you charge. Staying close gets you some back. That's it!

You can see it in action

Here are some pictures:

You can download the game via google play as a tester - Go here to join the google community. Then use the prototype download link on the right of that page.

The game is inspired by old wire loop puzzles but we wanted to make something more action packed! Currently we have one endless mode that increases in difficulty in stages. We're looking at expanding this with an extra difficult mode and a race mode. We also plan to introduce various obstacles forcing changes in behaviour.

We're looking for feedback primarily on how people find the core gameplay, too easy/hard fast/slow etc. A couple more specific questions are:

- Does the charging mechanic need more explanation or is something that you can work or through play?
- what do you think of the levelling? Would it make more sense to run at a consistent speed in each mode?
- We've opted for a very simple scoring mechanic - how long you survive. Another option would be points for time, good play, pickups etc... but we're reluctant as we feel time is a nice easily remembered stat. What do you think?
- The first ten seconds can feel quite slow once you're used to it, would that make more sense as a skippable tutorial?

Thanks everyone!

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« Reply #1 on: July 22, 2014, 02:53:58 AM »

nice game that can drive you nuts! very hard and very fun!

By the way, the installed app icon is called 'The Line'. Maybe the old name ?

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« Reply #2 on: July 28, 2014, 01:35:03 AM »

Hey thanks for the feedback! Glad you liked it. Sorry about the slow reply - I assumed i'd be emailed if I got a response!

The line is indeed the old name.

We're gearing up to release fairly soon. The release version will feature 3 modes - An even tougher instant fail challenge and a set of levels where mistakes cost you speed and you have to perfect it to get three stars!




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