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121  Community / Versus / Re: Networking Solutions or: How Do I Play Over The Tubes? on: January 31, 2011, 10:09:03 am
Here's the plan. I'll buy a cheap computer to act as a server. whats more important? RAM or speed? what harware should I emphasize?.
Then I'll put that computer in a corner, of around 90 degrees, I'll route it to the cable connection.

Should I install windows or special server OS? This will be the only type of thing i'll use this computer for, so what should I install?

Then hopefully the software installed would have the capability to run an instance of the game (ie: run exe files). then we can shoot packets all over the place all day, or all year. without bumbing with online files and php lookups and refresh.
clients would log directly to this dedicated server 'get hooked up' or find IPs to play directly or whatever else.

Is there anything i'm overlooking or over simplifying guys? or is it as feasible as it sounds??
122  Community / Versus / Re: RED SUN 【赤い太陽】 on: January 31, 2011, 02:58:06 am
For teaching me the secrets of network theory I have some tribute for you master
It is a little battle meddley I composed for another game, you can use it for this project..if its any good that is  Smiley.


Master, already the enemy throw down on their bellies before you!
This is gooood. yeas
Tis good my master.
123  Community / Versus / Re: Networking Solutions or: How Do I Play Over The Tubes? on: January 31, 2011, 01:41:45 am
Riley, The method I was thinking of was this;

uload a hidden text file on some free text hosting site. when a user creates a game, the program writes to the file appending the user's IP address and taking care not to alter the file in any other way. It checks the number of lines in the file and remember its line position as well as all the other IP addresses there. it saves(or updates) the file and forgets about it. so now when other users load that file they will find his IP address and can say "hey what are you up to?" so forget online, the user would thus be 'onfile' through out the game loop the clients would copydownload the file check it for any new IP's or missing ones, then delete it. this download step might be unnecessary
since when a user chooses to disconnect from ...'the file' it could first shoot a packet to all the IP's saying "go check the file im going to write to it" then go to its line number and deletes it or does this on the clients computer then upload and replace the file or all its content.
infact anytime a client affects 'the file' it sends a packet to all the on file IPs there found telling them to "hey, I touched the file, go check out the file"
This theory seems tantilizingly possible. I will call it the 'Wild West Theory' or 'Nomad Theory' or 'Wild West Nomad Topology' or.. anyway we just shoot packets around the web where ever we can pitch a 'file'.

most reasonably it would be best for sites that charge for per kb/month traffic, all we would need is a few kb to read write to the file  .
now that I'm finished writing I bet its too good to be true.  Cry

124  Community / Versus / Re: Fisticuffs: A Gentleman's Quarrel on: January 30, 2011, 09:24:07 pm
I didnt know gentlemen told each other about their mothers in hot air balloons.

unbecoming I say
125  Community / Versus / Re: Networking Solutions or: How Do I Play Over The Tubes? on: January 30, 2011, 09:10:39 pm
Is there any method to have a program find another program who is listning for it and who is on a seperate machine across the internet, without using a permanent server. The system I have in mind is to have the client spam all possible ip addresses. wait, there are too many possible ip addresses.. I guess I need some sort of permanent server. do I?

In any event there should be a quintillion kazillion possible IP addresses, so at spamming 100 of those per second It should take about 1.5 light years to connect to a game.
 Cry Cry If I were only a bit more smarterer, I could figure out a way.
126  Community / Versus / Re: Demipong on: January 26, 2011, 06:07:08 pm
I looks pretty done, you sure?
good luck, our games have 2 things in common: ping pong and something about vertigo.
127  Community / Versus / Re: A game about Espionage. on: January 24, 2011, 07:07:56 pm
Drink coffee for energy and speed

oh? really?
128  Community / Versus / Re: extreme tag on: January 24, 2011, 07:06:04 pm
My goodness I hope you aren't going to use those sprites.
129  Community / Versus / Re: - Quake - on: January 24, 2011, 06:55:49 pm
...will you implement rocket jumping?
sorry no spoilers. There are explosives, and a blaster. and a line.

I suggest you get familiar with ttyquake
Jan Hubicka is quite something. It's always good to see fellow ascologists. scholarly ascologists.
130  Community / Versus / Re: - Quake - on: January 24, 2011, 07:02:51 am
Sorry folks, I've decided to make quake instead.

Specifically, Quake Pong
I hope you'll enjoy. It will still be ascii mode so not to worry (all my games have been).

The thing is I always make extravagant plans then run out of time.. so I've decided Quake should fit the time slot and allow completion. I noticed Derek emphasized that word. which to me was a bit hilarious.
Anyway, Best of luck.
131  Community / Versus / RE: Ascii Kombat on: January 21, 2011, 05:46:11 pm
Text Your Might
..I might use that
132  Community / Versus / Re: Ascii Kombat on: January 20, 2011, 11:00:01 pm
I'm intrigued by the Asciiness.
Good, you'll like it. by the way your in it just for saying that.
I'm always intrigued by the asciiness. Maybe I should follow in the footsteps of RaD Man and become a devout Asciiologist. studying the premise and theory

This sounds like a game I wrote when I first started college...
Nice, I was big into these games as well. It wont exclusively be pure ascii as yours. do you still have a copy of your old game?

I wonder how detailed it'll be.
well like I said it wont only be the first 128 ascii chars, I'll use all 256 so I'll have a little wiggle room to be creative... #219 #176,177,178. plus all sorts of buttons and whatever else.
-Its full color with every color under the sun.
-Over 20 Fighters
-80W x 50H screen
-Rear wheel drive
-It wont be Quake

I should tell you it probably wont contain a single Mortal Kombat character just people I know or some randoms.
133  Community / Versus / Re: Versus Competition: Rules on: January 20, 2011, 07:38:16 pm
Bluh, I have two excellent ideas, and I don't know which to choose! And no, I will NOT make two games >.<

A monk said to Yueh-shan, "I have a problem. Will you solve it for me?"
Yueh-shan said, "I will solve it for you tonight."
That evening, Yueh-shan ascended the high seat, and said, "Will the monk who has the problem step forward?"
The monk stepped forward. Yueh-shan descended from his seat, grasped the monk by the lapels of his robe, and called out, "Oh, monk, this fellow has a problem!" Then he pushed him away and walked out.
- Zen mondo

Well I'm almost done with my game so I think I might have a go at another one. I might do a local multiplayer game so that I have the online and local crowds covered.
Didnt the competition start yesterday?
134  Community / Versus / Quake - [FINISHED] on: January 20, 2011, 07:15:19 pm
Hope you Enjoy, alot of features are missing.
The aim is to have network/lobby support some time.

Download: http://meganetstudios.com/dl/110228qpng/Quake_Pong.rar
Requirements: Windows XP (vista or WIN7 might be buggy)

Mising Features (for this build)
  - Control listing/Tutorial
  - Ingame and Main Menu 'Settings' (Main menu only Audio and Speed)
  - Smooth loopback to main menu
  - Smooth Game end events
  - In game <Bonus> aquisition (eg: hitting a falling bonus thing / w/e)
  - checking if its window is the active window
  - Complete crowd_AI and use of ambience audio

 - When the ball impacts the top while heading ENE its deflected WSW! instead of
   ESE sorry, I guess this will only affect TEAM A so watch out!
 - 2 player Teams each option
 - Lobby Server
 - Observers
 - Display Menu to list/edit observers
 - Single Player AI
 - Quake Mode, which will be a type of adventure pong mode

Intended Features for future build   
 - Network (LAN/IP)

Team A -----> 1,2,3,4 keys   R=UP, D=Down, S=Forward, A=Back

Team B -----> >,?,:," keys   --------- Arrow Keys ----------

Bonuses are the 1,2,3,4 OR >,?,:," keys

Bonus1: [Blaster] : When a ball is incoming press this key and when the ball
                    impacts you it will be rebounded at a high speed in a
                    straight line at your Y position.
                    if the ball changes heading (no longer towards you) the move
                    is canceled at no cost
Bonus2: [  Run  ] : Increase player speed for 2 seconds
                    Cost: 1B

Bonus3: [ Bombs ] : Place 4-5 bombs at random positions on the screen.
                    Ball deflected on impact.
                    Bombs auto-destruct after 10 seconds

                    There are 2 kinds: [SMART_Bombs] && [DUMB_Bombs]

                    - Press and hold the Bonus3 button for more than 2 seconds to
                      activate SMART_Bombs, which will only explode if the
                      resulting vector will be away from you

                    - Press and release the Bonus3 button before 2 seconds to
                      activate DUMB_Bombs, which will go off on any impact.
                    If you dont have 3 Bonuses and try to use SMART_Bombs:
                       - If you have enough for DUMB_Bombs, They will be
                         activated when you release the key.
                       - If you have nothing then nothing will happen when you
                         release the key 

Bonus4: [Goalie ] : Summon your Goalie for 17 seconds
                    Cost: 1B

                    Goal Keeper kicks ASS!

Non Bonus Spec Moves:

[  Control  ] : When the ball impacts you and you are holding the 'Back_btn'
                then you'll control the ball.
                Control ends if you release the 'Back_btn'

[  Tackle   ] : While controlling the ball you can move up or down to Tackle

[  Throw    ] : While releasing Control if you are pressing Up_btn or Down_btn
                The ball will will be kicked off north or south

[  Aim      ] : When the ball impacts you:

                   - if(you're pressing Up_btn AND Back_btn)
                     The ball will be deflected at a steep angle northerly
                   - if(you're pressing Up_btn AND Forward_btn)
                     The ball will be deflected at a shallow angle northerly

                   - if(you're pressing only Up_btn)
                     The ball will be deflected at 45 degrees to the x and y
                     axis northerly

                   - vice versa for Down_btn and southerly

                   - if(you're pressing NOTHING)
                     The ball will be deflected at its default angle for its
                     current heading
                     axis northerly



I'm new to this site, and joined for the purpose of entering 'this' competition.
Without much ado, The Game:
Test Your Might with Ascii Kombat
Kick ^$$ with Ascii Kombat
WINS! with Ascii Kombat
C code, ascii graphics, windows.

Sorry folks, I've decided to make quake instead.

Specifically, Quake Pong
I hope you'll enjoy. It will still be ascii mode so not to worry (all my games have been).

The thing is I always make extravagant plans then run out of time.. so I've decided Quake should fit the time slot and allow completion. I noticed Derek emphasized that word. which to me was a bit hilarious.
Anyway, Best of luck.     

135  Community / Versus / Re: Versus Competition: Rules on: January 20, 2011, 05:54:00 pm
Wholy jumpin bezeezus. I tried forever to sign up here!!!The registration proccess is ambiguos. maybe some of you who've been here since 1999 wouldnt know but let me inform you what I went through, I registered ---> email was sent ---> link was clicked from email ---> sent to a screen that had a menu titled'RESEND Activation email' . so I'm thinking "what the hell went wrong? resend?" so I fill out all fields and it Resends me a new code!! I had to do this about 3 times before I figured out that I must only enter the username field and ignore the next two feilds then enter the last field requesting the code. anyway, maybe I'm exceedingly stupid but the fact that I had to deal with this means we need to redo this entire site ..properly.

I'm from the Game Institute (.com) and a friend forwarded me here, we have a competition every month and this month's challenge happened to be about 'multiplayer' so someone musingly (if thats a word) post a link to your compo here. we agreed that you guys must have spies at GI but nevermind that. I'll cut to the chase, I've come to take the first prize.
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