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February 11, 2016, 09:02:56 am

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 on: Today at 08:52:08 am 
Started by CoreGG - Last post by CoreGG
Hey, its CoreGG & ChaseOfBase. We would like to share with you guys our newest creation and sequel to the original IIVOX,
IIVOX Heroes!

-Explore the overworld and many other areas.
-Solve tons of unique puzzles, this time with amazing new iivoxes, each one equipped with amazing powerups!
-Beat time trails and race other players
-Dicover TONS of enemies and mechanics, and even some bosses!

Soon on steam!

Follow this topic to see new heroes and updates! its going to be really heroic Wizard
CoreGG Twitter: https://twitter.com/CoreGGT
CoreGG Site: http://coreggb.blogspot.co.il/
ChaseOfBase Twitter: https://twitter.com/chase_bass
ChaseOfBase Site: http://www.chaseofbass.com/

 on: Today at 08:50:54 am 
Started by DanielClarc - Last post by DanielClarc

      Hi guys! over the last years I started making games. Unfortunately, none of them got finished.

      In the last year, I was working on a bunch of projects. On the last 4 months I decided to drop them all for a while and focus on a single project. Recently, I finished it! yay! finally! Of course I'm still going to add more stages, but the game itself is finished.

      Enough of shenanigans! It's an arcade game about collecting coins, rushing against time and avoiding the iminent death.
      If you wanna check it out, the LINK: http://gamejolt.com/games/coinlectors/125142

      And some screenshots for those who don't wanna or can't click the link:

The difficulty will raise as you collect more coins

Have fun!

Oh, and if you're getting a blank screen, try switching browsers. sry for this little inconvenience  Embarrassed

 on: Today at 08:49:37 am 
Started by Shibusuke - Last post by Shibusuke
Wanted to post a run-down of how players are driving the story in our game:

Episode 1 has already revealed a crack in the alliance between Zem and Azura. Bound by pragmatism and a shared appreciation of the other’s ruthlessness, their unity has nonetheless been shaken by this theft. Zem, known for her capriciousness, must answer to a city that has judged her guilty - and as her allies flock to Azura and Navid, she must make new alliances, and fast. Meanwhile, as Navid gains power, he seeks to wreak vengeance on the woman he holds responsible for his city’s downfall. But Azura is a dangerous enemy to have…

Here's what that looks like:

All that from one week - now imagine how much more we can do in the full game.

When this campaign started, the three factions in the exclusive story were equal. Zem, Azura, and Navid had the same amount of influence in Iskendrun, and alliances were in place. Zem and Azura, being connected through trade and having similar personalities, got along well, while Navid despises both of them: Zem for her corrupting influence, and what he views to be a willful ignorance of Iskendrun’s needs, and Azura for what he views as greed and a lack of sympathy for those less fortunate. Navid, in turn, is disliked by Azura and Zem for his pretentiousness and his claims of piety while he acts without morals when no one is looking.

After saving the Hat Merchant from a loitering Brute and his Gunner friend, the players' choices ally began to ripple through the city. Some chose Navid, some chose Zem, and others chose Azura; this resulted in a change in the balance of power. If you play episode 2, you’ll see the effect this has on the city, and your quest...

This preview is a small sample of what we can do in the final game, but hopefully you see what sort of influence choices have on the city, no matter how small they may seem...

Back us on Kickstarter to get access to the backer-exclusive campaign!

And be sure to vote for us on Steam Greenlight!

 on: Today at 08:45:03 am 
Started by Prinsessa - Last post by Oats
@Polly, I think using an FBO is my current best bet, maybe render the sprites in a different target sharing the same depth buffer and camera perspective then use colour transitions? It's 3 in the morning in Australia so Imma sleep now but I think I'll try that tomorrow.

How are you outlining the walls, tho? They seem to have a consistent line width no matter where in the scene they are...
They are using a different technique, they're rendered as filled polygons, I then render a wireframe of them. The filled portions have their depth values slightly offset to avoid Z fighting with the lines. I thought of just generating a wireframe mesh for each sprite then using the same technique, which I'm quite sure would work but seems to be less then optimal for both performance and programming time.

 on: Today at 08:39:20 am 
Started by PaperBagCrusher - Last post by PaperBagCrusher
Hello everyone! I can't begin to explain how excited I am to show you guys what my friend and I have been working on. If you think our game is interesting I encourage you to join our forums and become part of the community. Beer! I had to post smaller versions of the screenshots you can see the full rez versions on the website.

Website : www.islesofarthanos.com

Isles Of Arthanos is a first-person medieval multiplayer fantasy game where players can design their own worlds and share them with the community. This is an indie game being developed with Unity5 by Peakway Software, a small independent company that currently consists of two people.

The goal of this game is to provide a fun RPG experience with optional cooperative gameplay and a massive amount of replay value. Isles Of Arthanos has two levels of "mod support." The first level is the world editor that comes as part of the game itself and not additional software. These are the same tools we use to build the game, so players will be able to design their own wolds without knowing game development techniques by using the tools and assets we provide them. The second level is more traditional mod support where players can add their own custom art and gameplay functionality via scripting.

We believe in the power of creative players and understand the importance of a multiplayer community. Because of this, we are going to be very open with our community about the development of Isles Of Arthanos and very active with our fanbase. Every week we will be streaming the game's development on twitch and you can get in touch with us through our forums and social media pages. Please feel free to join our forums and community, we want to hear your feedback!

These are just a few of the screenshots, there are many more on the website. (www.islesofarthanos.com)


World Editor

The world editor is a robust toolset that allows players to design their own worlds and game experiences. These worlds can be shared and downloaded among the community. Players don't need to download any additional software in order to create levels, the world editor is part of the game itself. Seamlessly drop in and play a level while you are building it at the push of a button.

Mod Support

With mod support players can create their own unique art assets and gameplay with third-party tools and scripting.

Cooperative Multiplayer

Isles Of Arthanos allows for many different cooperative experiences that depend on how the level is designed. Some levels can resemble an open world coop experience with many quests, a smaller horde style coop experience with side-quests, or even large raid style content. The scale of the coop experience depends on the level design.

Skill Based Gameplay

Gear and stats are not the sole determining factor of success in Isles Of Arthanos. Players will have to use strategy and skill based battle tactics in order to defeat enemies. A simple example of this would be blocking just before an enemy strikes to negate the damage.

No Insane Grinding

We don't believe in forcing players to do tedious tasks in order to progress their character. Characters will level up and reach their maximum stats fast, the main form of progression comes from learning new skills and abilities in the world and combining them into unique strategies that may or may not prove to be effective.

Enhanced Skill Progression

When a player learns a new skill or ability they will not automatically be an expert in that skill. Each skill will have its own skill tree that can be leveled up with skill points and used in different ways. For example, a fire spell may have 5 different categories to pour skill points into. Common categories for a fireball spell would be projectile range, area of effect damage, burn damage over time, regular damage, and reduced mana costs. You could spend a lot of skill points on a fireball spell and cast the ultimate fireball, or you could spend less and cast a very specific type of fireball useful for a specific type of situation. Players do not have an infinite amount of skill points, this prevents a character from being an expert in all skills. Players will be able to forget skills they do not want anymore and will then have to earn more skill points to invest in something else. Skill points are independent from a characters level and can be earned after a player reaches max level. They can no longer be earned once a character has reached the maximum amount of points allowed. Everyone has their limits.

Enhanced Smithing

Weapons are divided into components that players will have to smith individually and then combine together to form a complete weapon. These components will have different effects and will not always be considered a linear upgrade from other components. For example, in order to create a sword you must create the hilt and blade separately before the sword can be made. One type of blade might do more damage than a different type but that other type might be more durable and have more enchantment slots. These two types aren't necessarily better than the other option but might perform better with specific play styles and character builds.

 on: Today at 08:38:29 am 
Started by Fervir - Last post by Arethrid
I love it. Hand Thumbs Up Right

 on: Today at 08:37:10 am 
Started by Danton - Last post by Danton
Thanks @lobstersteve. You're profile pic just made my week Grin!

 on: Today at 08:17:08 am 
Started by Skeledork - Last post by Prinsessa
the scariest part of making a game is the threat of dwelling on questions like this instead of actually making something
I'm fairly sure taking breaks and not spending every waking hour working on your game works wonder for your productivity as well as your quality of life. Wink

 on: Today at 08:12:23 am 
Started by Prinsessa - Last post by Prinsessa
For some reason I hadn't thought that you do all the art in 3D, but I guess drawing normal maps manually could be, uh, impossible/super hard. Tongue
Yeah... WTF I have manually added completely flat (facing the camera) normal maps in some places, tho, since that's just a manner of copying the colour from a corresponding normal in an existing normal map, heh. There are probably little things that don't have to be done in 3D... And not all textures need to be renders, at least.

Btw, what are you writing this game in?
Modern C++ (i.e. using features defined in C++11 and C++14). Making my own engine using SDL2 for windowing and input and OpenGL 3.1+ and GLSL for graphics. The engine supports AngelScript, so there's some of that as well. Levels and stuff are XML. I don't have a visual editor yet.

 on: Today at 08:06:12 am 
Started by purenickery - Last post by Prinsessa
Maybe plain white could work too.

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