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Author Topic: Flea [FINISHED!]  (Read 1949 times)
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« on: January 06, 2010, 11:44:45 PM »

You gonna jump around like a flea on crack in this game. Quadratic equations will be involved. We'll probably give it a name eventually.

I'm working with Chris Lobay (Paper Moon) and I've committed to a class deadline at Full Sail (yeah, laugh it up) for this thing, so it's hitting the submission date come hell or high water. And I'm posting publicly about it so now I'm all in.

Building it in Win32 with the help of a few DirectX wrappers my instructor was kind enough to lend, provided the source code doesn't end up anywhere.

LET'S DO THIS. Hand Any KeyCrazyHand Joystick


Framework and wrapper classes in the bag. Now to get things on screen and find the fun.

Had a breakthrough while trying to get a parabola rendering to the screen. Always satisfying to discover that a problem is simpler than you thought. Gonna try to get a few screens up over the weekend.

Okay, that didn't happen, but I've been rewriting some basic stuff so I can meet the guidelines for both Gamma and the class I've snuck this project into to make sure I'll finish it.

Rather than use an equation to draw an arc, I'm using an iterative approach with a vector of point sprites. Right now I'm just getting the proper world space / camera space conversion going, and hopefully Chris and I can start testing and adding art soon.

O hai thar, event handlers. Thanks for keepin' me up late, ya bastiches.

Class requirements are a moving target. I'm getting the distinct feeling that this game, like just about everything else I've ever made, is going to miraculously come together about two days before the deadline. Until then, CODECODECODESLEEPCODECODE.

We figured out most of our object interactions today. I intend to have a playable build with placeholder assets by tomorrow so we can focus on tuning the gameplay. It's a lot more work, but I gotta say I'm finding it more rewarding to write all the code from the ground up than to use a rapid development tool like Game Maker. The fact that this is the first game I've made this way and I'm still entering a competition with it is doing wonders for my already-considerable ego. Cool


The game state is in and entities are interacting properly, but no more screenies so as not to disrupt the air of secrecy we got goin' on 'round these parts. This is shaping up far better than anything I've done before, so Kokoromi and Tigersauce (old joke?) have my deepest thanks for inspiring me to dedicate myself to this.

Follow camera and parallax backgrounds are in the bag. Next up, random enemy generators.

We have a sexy intro screen now. And the game officially no longer bears any resemblance to the above screenshot. Current level of rockage: 11.

Oops, I let this post sit unattended while we finished the game. But yes, we did finish it!  Cool This was a lot of fun. Best of luck to all entries! Looking forward to playin' them at GDC.
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