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TIGSource ForumsJobsCollaborationsInteractive fiction "Surreal Blind Collab" with Inform 6
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Author Topic: Interactive fiction "Surreal Blind Collab" with Inform 6  (Read 1603 times)
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« on: March 27, 2010, 04:48:00 PM »

Hey, guys.  So I had this possibly cool idea about a "blind collab" interactive fiction game.  The idea is simple: A bunch of people each write a section of an interactive fiction game, then we put it all together and compile it into one single TIGSource text adventure.

The language I was thinking of using is Inform 6.  It's more "programmatic" than Inform 7, with a very C-like syntax.  I chose Inform 6 because I've used it a lot, and because it has a clear syntax which, I think, lends itself well to this kind of project.  (However, if there are a whole bunch of people here who would rather use Inform 7...)

I've actually taken the time to write a framework that would make the whole collab thing simple.

The Stone Base framework, with all sorts of useful links and explanation

The idea of the framework is that each section of the game has one or more "Stone" objects (literally, objects of class "Stone").  When all the Stones from the entire game are taken back to the hub and placed on the pedestal, YOU WIN!  (It's not much of a plot, but that's also a strength. Tongue )  There are two "example sections", and new ones are easy to make if you follow them.

Play it here!  Yes, right in your web browser!  Unless you're using some sort of browser that can't run Flash...

So, basically, everything is there for anyone to download and start writing.  Inform is free to download and play with, and I'm saying the "Stone Base" framework is public domain because, well, why not.  If this project appeals to you, just start writing code.

The one weakness of this project (besides nobody caring) is...Since the sections are made completely separately, there's no connection between them.  They truly would be a collection of random areas.  This is unlike, say, the Comic Compo, where each artist saw the single page before them.  If there's interest, I could help organize something to create more connections between the areas. Wink

By the way, I ran this by Melly before posting in this forum, and he gave me a tentative thumbs up.  Just so you guys don't think I'm completely irresponsible. Wink

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