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Author Topic: The A.Typical RPG  (Read 1083 times)
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« on: June 05, 2010, 11:09:05 AM »

Hey members of the TigSource forums,

I've been around the forums a lot, looking at/downloading games etc, but I decided to register in order to hear your comments and criticism about my work-in-progress game, The A.Typical RPG . I intend to update this DevLog quite often as I make progress. I hope you find my project promising to stay around and offer your views!

My inspiration for making this RPG was to make a fun game while trying and creating a different system than the current D&D derived leveling system for an RPG. The game has a new battle system that is custom made for a new type of role-playing experience.

Currently a team of two are working on the project - me doing the game design and programming, while Henri (the person who made the mod Flesh for HL2) does the art. His artwork can be seen on http://acherontiadomus.deviantart.com/

A few paragraph(s) summarizing what the game is all about :

The A.Typical RPG is not your average RPG.
The setting may the present day, in the present universe. Our mundane boring universe. However,both the plot and the battle system are far from traditional.

Every event is a battle.
The A.typical system features a single coherent set of attributes in situations ranging from conversations to fights to sports to exams. Moreover, the same battle system is used in all of these situations, making choices a lot more than simple selection options.

Face situations unlike any other in games.

This game makes an exam feel like an epic battle. Beat that, Call of Duty!

I could go rambling on and on, but the game's blog at ModDB has about 4 posts, with new news around the corner soon ( boo slow authorization of posts! ). Please take a look and tell me your thoughts about the game, it's potential, shortcomings, tips on publicity, art direction, anything. Feedback!

The moddb page of the game : http://www.moddb.com/games/atypical-rpg

My blog (has a copy of every post above, but also has my history of projects worked on) :

A few images to (hopefully) pique your interest :

You can also follow the game on Twitter or Facebook (please).

DISCLAIMER : These images represent work in progress material. You can expect art and other stuff to improve as the game nears completion, this isn't the final product.

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