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Author Topic: Looking for 8-Bit Music? Look no Further!  (Read 1508 times)
J.W. Hendricks
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« on: June 19, 2010, 05:52:39 PM »

Hello, many here know me by Javet. Some know me by my real name, J.W. Hendricks.

I am an experienced 8-Bit composer. I use PXTone, which was created by the mastermind behind Cave Story. I put out quality tracks that can match the mood and atmosphere of whatever you like! I have played piano for about 12 years and I have played percussion in an award-winning marching band for 3 years.

I have worked on 2 games in the Action 52 event (Bubblegum Rosy and Storm Over The Desert), 2 full games (Nano, a Mega Man-esque platformer, and Moonchild, a Metroidvania; both which were cancelled before their release), I have composed two tracks for Indie Brawl, and I have written two pieces for Songs for the Cure for the past two years (one of which can be heard here).

I am currently working on a website to house my works, but as of now the only viewable works of mine online are here:

(Note: That is only a small fraction of the work I've done, PM me or shoot me an email if you'd like to hear more)

I can compose in just about any style, from emotional to creepy to epic to mysterious. I can make music sound NES-like, or I can make them more contemporary 8Bit-sounding, along the lines of Cave Story, Tower of Heaven, and The Underside. I can get tracks out pretty quickly, so time isn't a big issue for me.

Now, on to money.

Listen (read) closely
I only charge for a soundtrack if the title will be made shareware. I do not charge for a freeware soundtrack. If you are making a freeware game and would like me to compose for you, look here. If you're not making a profit, I'm not.

Ok, now that that's overwith, here we go.

I charge $50 dollars for a complete soundtrack. Now, if you only need me to make a few tracks, I charge $7 each. I will revise and edit each track to your liking free of charge.

Contact Information:
AIM: TehVenezuelan
Windows Live Messenger: TehVenezuelan
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 727-417-0940
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