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TIGSource ForumsDeveloperDesignLevel Design Workshop - #3 Structural Atmosphere
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Author Topic: Level Design Workshop - #3 Structural Atmosphere  (Read 65228 times)
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« Reply #240 on: January 23, 2013, 06:32:45 AM »

Loving the workshop Smiley

Sorry I was a little half-assed today, so I only did some  Shrug

Exercise 1:
The puzzles are fairly easy.
Because I wanted to teach each step slowly, where the previous puzzle will teach you about the next. The "theme" (whatever it is) continues along each puzzle. I was aiming for a kind of "this is easy" -if- you go through it step by step, but the player would still feel "smart" as if the designer was trying to be tricky, but you caught on.

Puzzle 1

Puzzle 2

Puzzle 3

Puzzle 4

Puzzle 5

Exercise 4:
Trying to teach everything in such a limited space was challenging. I wanted to avoid the top of the screen too, so it wouldn't have that "warping" effect once you reach it.


I tried to make the "rooms" at the beginning of the level give the player the idea they need to be moving upwards. But when they realise they cant jump up then they would work their way down towards the "bad guy".

I think a problem is that the player might think they "messed up" once the bad guy is dead, but I am hopping they will play around enough to "accidently" shoot themselves up a level. Then use this new found knowledge for the rest of the level.

(I found it hard to teach the player to shoot, since they wouldn't know the controls unless I tell them. And I never really found a reason to need to shoot faster. Soooo I never really taught these two things)

*edit... I didn't see this was from 2010.. sorry for the necro
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