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Author Topic: Sburb: An online tactical RPG  (Read 24742 times)
Dr. Weird
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« on: August 22, 2010, 11:05:55 am »

Apologies if this board is for works already functionally underway.

First off, this is Homestuck: http://mspaintadventures.com/
It is very long, but very entertaining. Even if you don't want to take part in this project, I highly recommend it.

Key points summary:
Game based on Homestuck
Tactical RPG-oriented play focused primarily around the main character, with other units being optional or nonexistant.
Alchemy system with a lot of simple theme/colour-changing options.
Basic operation of the game mostly mapped out, but up for debate.
Meant to be quirky and fun, and preferably an online game by the end.
Music should be more artificial-sounding, but fairly upbeat. SNES-style, more or less. MSPA has a music section for quick studying.
So far, team is one concept designer, the original visionary, and a sporadically appearing spriter.
Would probably be best done as a bare-bones game, then patched into the grand vision over time.

If you are interested in joining our team, you should know that while I'm not the one who started it, I seem to be the sole driving force behind it now, the originator being more or less AWOL and the coder having apparently ditched the project.

Here is the originator's original post from MSPA Forums:

The whole thing: http://www.mspaforums.com/showthread.php?30464-A-Homestuck-Game-Concept

The still-relevant part:
"I recently brainstormed up a Homestuck game in which you create a character, a house, and receive some random chums on your chumroll*. You also receive a timer. Some part of your screen has a timer, which gives you 20 minutes to escape via SBURB. At some area of your house is the SBURB client and server disks. Upon locating them, you can lounge around and explore all you like, but you MUST enter the medium before your twenty minutes are up. The idea behind this is if there's a time limit that gives you a so-so amount of time, you should have enough time to daisy chain around 50 people, if you're efficient, but it is easier in terms of most things to simply chain with a few people.
The way the game 'connects' people is that it creates a Pesterchum chatroom in which all of the SBURB players in a session can converse.

* - Your CHUMROLL is how you will connect with other users, and will hopefully end up BEING NOT DEAD. The Chumroll automatically locates people with <5 people in their chumroll with one to two similar interests, and connects them. Of course, if noone online shares your interests at all, which is somewhat unlikely, it just drops a need for similar interests altogether. Of course, if some set of cool dudes already has a daisy chain going down and you literally have everyone from said daisy chain on your list, you can either hook to that one or let the game hook you up with another dude.

The advantages to having more people:
A greater amount of grist types availible, allowing for much higher 'quality' weapons.
A greater amount of interests, allowing for more creativity and weapon-building.
A greater amount of helping hands. As has been previously seen, people in the Medium are able to travel to others' planets. This allows you to assist others in growth. This brings me to my next concept: combat.

It isn't and will never be easy to find a combat style that fits Homestuck perfectly. The best style, however, is a Final Fantasy Tactics style combat. The way this works is that the character is plopped upon a grid as soon as coming into 'contact' with an enemy. The background fails to change, and anything considered by the game to be 'walk' territory can be walked onto. It works very simply: whoever has the highest SPEED goes first. When attacking, it checks which direction the enemy (or you) are facing, and then gives multipliers depending on what side you're attacking. Weapons supply your SKILLS, and as you continue to use the specific WEAPON, it gains more SKILLS. This's just so you don't have to ALCHEMIZE every two seconds and have your WEAPON become obsolete."

At this point, he puzzled over how Interests would function, but I helped him to the conclusion in a later post, along with another helping of ideas I've more-or-less ironed out.

So far, the game is all concept, but spriting should be fairly easy due to Homestuck's simplistic style, and music design should hopefully be simple and fun. Coding and organizing the alchemy options is -I assume, knowing nothing about coding- the hard part.

I'd like to note here that while people on MSPA forums have likened this game to another project, Housetrapped, the final product we're aiming for is exceptionally different.

As a reward for sitting through all of this, enjoy some of the titles I have made for characters as they become more skilled with their damage type of choice (there are too many weaponkinds for a ladder for each one to be reasonable or fun). Hopefully, they're also provide a sense of general tone for the game.

Proficiency Ladder titles
Bludgeon: Rattletot, Thumpchild, Bludgeonwhelp, Bonkmite, Bluntbairn, Crushmoppet,  Strikeruffian, Pummelchamp, Smashmeister, Meteoric Compressionator

Pierce: Poke-imp, Jab-Lad/Lass, Thrustkiddie, Puncturesquirt, Twingetot, Stabmite, Gashurchin, Pierce-Prince/ss, Saberking/queen, Penetratacular Professional

Slash: Cutkiddie, Incisesquirt, Gashnipper, Rendurchin, Slicestripling, Evicermite, Carvemoppet, Woundmeister, Slashpro, Vorpal Fissurecrafter

Entangle: Snarecherub, Anklewrapper, Tangletot, Traptyke, Trammelscamp, Bindbrat, Grapplebairn, Enmeshmite, Corralchamp, Efficacious Constrictor

Spray: Sprinkletot, Drizzlenipper, Misturchin, Spritzwhelp, Pressureimp, Foglad/lass, Sparge-chap, Sprayking/queen, Aspersionslayer, Torrential Atomizer
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Landshark RAWR
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« Reply #1 on: August 22, 2010, 12:16:21 pm »

How would turns work? everyone takes their turns at the same time then they execute simultaneously(or at least if their in the same planet), then all teh non player characters move at once? as much as I would love a game like Homestuck(action/tactical rpg + sims + multiplayer + roguelike) it might be a good idea to think is this is a dungeon crawling game(with less dungeons, and more building houses)

Level 10

This is how being from "da hood" is like, right?

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« Reply #2 on: August 22, 2010, 12:24:03 pm »

Considering the structure and themes of the story, I think everybody that's a fan tried to think of his own version of SBURB.

The smart ones probably realized that unless you have a full, reliable team, doing the comic justice with a real game based on it is either madness or it would take a fuckton of time.

Feel free to disregard the above.
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Dr. Weird
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« Reply #3 on: August 22, 2010, 12:49:29 pm »

Players would have a speed attribute that charges their turn meter (a la Final Fantasy). Turns are executed as soon as they're implemented when other players are around, but if you're in an area as the only player, you have unlimited planning time. Basically, catching up to allies and interacting with the dream worlds would be the only times in which you need to make snap decisions.

It's true, people love their Sburb, but so far the only other attempt to recreate it I've seen has been Housetrapped. It's beyond any doubt possible to make this game, but I came to this board because I recognize that it will take a fairly dedicated team.
Conveniently, the game Sburb itself isn't nearly as complex as Homestuck, which is heavily engrossed in personal plots. This project doesn't have to worry about Trolls, Outcasts, and maybe not even Guardians.
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Dr. Weird
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« Reply #4 on: August 24, 2010, 02:03:26 pm »

For the sake of clarity as to what I'm going for (and drawing interest), here are some of the notes I've taken (and with minimal formality My Word!)

INTERESTS decide which unique (and slightly higher-grade) items are in the player's room. Items in the interest pool have values that go towards the character's "personality" value, which in turn affects their Strife theme, First Gate planet, Prospit/Derse affinity, etc.

ITEMS can be WEAPONS, CLOTHING (armour), or JUST ITEMS. Weapons and clothing have their own offensive and defensive attributes and make good alchemy bases, while regular items have modifier values they apply to bases they're alchemized with. Most items can also be weaponized with sylladexes, but damage from them would probably be easier to base on which fetch modus is being used and the player's Echeladder position (we don't use "levels"), with the special case items just having damage modifiers.
On a related note, all players start with Array modus and 12 cards, and more modii and cards can be found over their adventures.

SKILLS come with weapon proficiency, and may not require you to go up by a whole ladder title to gain one. There may also be always-usable character SKILLS, either linked to personality or Guardian choice (if we have Guardians/if it's a choice). Character skills would be family traits, like John's strength or Dave's "speed". They'd be most useful for keeping Dream Selves from being underpowered.

KERNELSPRITES assist you very rarely at first, unless specifically instructed to do otherwise, so as to act as a safety net to prevent game overs. If you are KOed in an area with your SPRITE, it will take you back to your bedroom, fully healed, but with all of your unequipped inventory items stolen and made into drops from IMPS in the area (possibly visibly being held by them) you were KOed. As you get stronger, your SPRITE will have less power proportionally to you (Its power is directly scaling with the player's own), and so will fight more and more freely. Damage inflicted by the SPRITE doesn't contribute to your ECHELADDER.

Going to BED initially only allows you to save, but later allows you to enter Prospit/Derse. Dream Selves would be used for optional sidequests that can alter the path of your Sburb campaign. Help Jack Noir overthrow the Black Queen, for example. These sidequests are co-op oriented.
Dream Selves would have no weapons, but flight (the same as would be applied to rocket items), higher damage, and can still use family SKILLS.
Despite Dave's hijinks, BEDs and probably all items would be made impossible to throw outside of the house, but still be movable to help in climbing towards the Gates.

All of these are just guidelines and up for debate.
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« Reply #5 on: January 20, 2013, 12:08:45 pm »

I could help come up with ideas. Ex. Knifekind or Birdkind.
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