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TIGSource ForumsDeveloperPlaytesting(Knytt-Stories) Sohe and the rrokked. An episodic story about space exploration.
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Author Topic: (Knytt-Stories) Sohe and the rrokked. An episodic story about space exploration.  (Read 4424 times)
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« on: March 30, 2008, 03:19:58 AM »

Hi! (see bottom of post if you don't know Knytt-Stories)
A friend of mine (Old_Gil) and I have been working on this Knytt-Stories level since... quite a while now.
We try to set up a larger, open adventure by adding new episodes.
The game can be expanded with new episodes just by downloading them and overwriting the game-data in your Knytt-directory. Your savegames
won't be lost this way...

We use the level as a way to present our music. It's some kind of "playable music-video".  Anyway, we created most of the graphics aswell.
And the story of course.

Since Knytt(-Stories)'s style is very clean and minimalistic, we wanted to set ourselves apart a bit. Just for the sake of avoiding copying Knytt itself.
We focused on a high amount of detail. I really recommend you play it in fullscreen-mode!

It is not very long and not very challenging but we spent lots of time on the details and we do it as kind of a fun-project.

Anyway, we hope you like it! Please post a comment or two.  I'll inform you once we've finished episode 2.

You can download the level here: http://knyttlevels.com/levels/baroncid%20oldgil%20-%20Sohe%20and%20the%20rrokked.knytt.bin

BaronCid (and Old_Gil)

About Knytt-Stories: Most of you should know this famous platformer by Nifflas!
You can download it here:
How to install the level: download it, open the Knytt-Stories game, select "Install Level" and choose the file in the browser. (or drag it into the game-window) The level can now be selected and played. Smiley


I make (60s/70s) rock music. Listen to my band's new album here: www.speicher.bandcamp.com
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