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Author Topic: Tetris Fight Club [FINISHED-ish]  (Read 11076 times)
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« Reply #20 on: March 21, 2011, 04:14:07 PM »

Oooh, ok. I see how this works now. We tried it yesterday but couldn't get the hang of it. We didn't know what did what. It seemed as though holding ATTACK was unbeatable, (but really you just have to BLOCK and then ATTACK.)

First impressions: we really liked the presentation. Something about the visuals worked well. Loved how the piece pop into place when you lose. Unfortunately we didn't have any idea how to play!

We didn't know when you lost ground, why it happened. Was your attack blocked? Or did the opponent attack you?

Some ideas:
  • Simple in-game instruction screen. (What beats what?)
  • Maybe on option for a wider play area (or you lose less ground at a time) to make mistakes more forgiving?

Ideas for distinguishing the feedback:
  • Tinting or coloring the whole block, instead of just the border. (The border change is very subtle).
  • Try using more distinctive sounds. They all sound like "pops" to me.

Overall well done! I want to try this again now that I understand how to play.
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