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TIGSource ForumsCommunityJams & EventsCompetitionsVersus (Moderator: Melly)Parachute Forbidden Love [FINISHED]
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Author Topic: Parachute Forbidden Love [FINISHED]  (Read 6865 times)
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« on: February 27, 2011, 07:48:53 PM »


    Parachute Forbidden Love originally started out as Comblafurate; intended to mimic an Amiga CD32 Cover Disk and contain a few smaller games. After two weeks I'm still working on the first of those, which is coincidentally also the smallest (or was intended to be).

    Parachute Forbidden Love is a remake or reimagining of the Amiga game Parachute Joust (http://www.lemonamiga.com/?game_id=3052) in which 2 players must battle each other for survival as they plummet from a faulting plane, desperately trying to snag a parachute (or what they think is a parachute) before rocketing into the ground.

Quote from: GameJolt Description
You're pitted against a fellow endangered passenger in a quest to sieze for yourself a working parachute and escape an assuredly painful landing. Your hate grows for this man as you tussle your way downwards, throwing and snatching parachutes and relieving him of his. Should you both manage to secure a working parachute...

DOWNLOAD (8.14 MB Zipped / 13.7 MB Uncompressed)

Quote from: readme
  Player One
    W - Up; D - Right; S - Down; A - Left;
    Q - Grab Chute/Pull Cord; E - Throw Chute/Punch
  Player Two
    Up Arrow - Up; Right Arrow - Right; Down Arrow - Down; Left Arrow - Left;
    , - Grab Chute/Pull Cord; . - Throw Chute/Punch

  Keymapping is not in game nor is joystick support, though you can remap the keys manually by editing para.conf in "res/sys/para".
  Keycodes are standard ASCII codes.

  Menus are worked using Player One's Up and Down keys to navigate and Pull Cord key to select.
  ESC will go back a screen (from Options and In-game) at anytime, and quit if in the menu.
  The goal of the game is to nab yourself a parachute before the time runs out. After your altitude drops to a certain point, you will be prompted to pull the cord (if you have a parachute)
  You can also punch your opponent which will temporarily stun them and launch their parachute away, however you can't punch if you have a parachute yourself and must first throw it.
  After your altitude reaches the lowest point, the game will go to the results screen irrespective of whether you have successfully owned a parachute and pulled the cord.
  Game settings can be changed in "res/sys/para":
    numChutes specifies the number of parachutes that will fall from the plane (1 is the minimum, 7 is the max).
    fallSpeed is how fast your altimeter will decrease, and consequently how long a round will last (5.0 is the minimum, 17.0 is the maximum).

  If you are lucky enough to both successfully choose a real parachute, you will be taken to the fight screen.
  In this screen, Up key will block high, Down key will block low and no key will block middle.
    Up and Punch key will punch high, Down and Punch low, and Punch by itself will punch middle.
  You must decrease your opponents health (top-left) to 0 to succeed.

Music Credits:
  Rumba Fish (Rumba Fish.ogg)
  NES Tune #1 (nes1.ogg)
  NES Tune #2 (nes2.ogg)
  Genesis #2 (genesis2.ogg)
      by atuun

  Tipple's First Day (telemarketingisnotokay.ogg)
  Oops, dropped the eggs. (smallerportionsizes.ogg)
  Snake in the Studio (givetoget.ogg)
      by KinokoFry (Rebecca Clements)

Game created by Iain M. Crawford

There are things that I never got finished for this build, some more important than others; joystick support and the options screen (which would have game settings and key mapping) are not functional, though you can remap and change settings manually by editing the file (as described in the readme). I never got any obstacles in the game, and never managed to complete the end screen(s). I also want to add AI and the option for more players.


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Hayden Scott-Baron
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« Reply #1 on: March 19, 2011, 02:13:46 AM »

Increpare, Terry Cavanagh, Sophie H and I tried this game for a while. Here's what we thought.

- You need to read all of the readme before this is playable
- Not enough feedback for whether the player has a parachute, etc.
- Nice sound, etc. 
- We played a few times, but never really got into it.

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« Reply #2 on: March 24, 2011, 03:39:55 PM »

This is a great concept for a game, but I had a really hard time figuring it out. Agreed with Hayden that there needs to be better feedback when you have a real parachute.

Is this meant to be a guessing game? Or a fighting game? A combo? Something else? Couldn't really figure it out.
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