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Author Topic: What are you playing?  (Read 746891 times)
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« Reply #9680 on: June 03, 2021, 05:05:35 PM »

I'm currently playing the expansion to CrossCode (A New Home) that came out a little while ago. The base game already had SO MUCH STUFF in it, and the expansion is packed just as full as ever.

I've had a really complicated relationship with CrossCode as a whole. At first impression, I kind of hated it in a lot of ways. The early parts of the story didn't give me anything to latch onto, and I had a lot of trouble with a few particular overbearing characters and their exaggerated personality traits. In terms of gameplay, there were so many systems thrown at me at once that I was never able to keep up and feel like I understood what I was doing. The puzzle dungeons were always real enjoyable though, and the moments of good times (and some sheer stubbornness on my part) were just enough to keep me going.

Then, around the halfway point of the game, a major story event happened. The entire extended sequence of Vermillion Wasteland was SO GOOD that I'd say it's one of my very favorite story beats I've experienced in any game. Having actual investment in the story and characters carried me happily through the rest of the main game. Having put it down and waited a couple of years for the expansion turned out to be just the right thing - my bad times with the game faded away, and I realized just how much there was in it that I loved.

The combat system is deep enough that I'm still constantly learning new things about it with 80 hours on my save file. The experience I have is often just trying not to get overwhelmed by the huge amount of information there is to parse at all times, but whenever I feel like I'm riding the wave of chaos successfully, it's great. There are still other systems and playstyles I could be using that I barely know anything about. Just like all other aspects of the game, it's packed full of so much stuff.

So, I don't think I've ever had my opinion of a game shift from being so negative to so positive. Once I finish the expansion, I'm seriously thinking I'll do another full playthrough to see what the experience will be like now that I know the story goes somewhere and I have some idea of which buttons to press in combat. My only real complaints at this point are that the story takes a while to get going, while game mechanics are piled on a little bit too quickly to keep up with them. The game's sense of humor still isn't quite my jam, but it's really perfectly tolerable. There's so much to love in here that these negatives feel insignificant. I'm glad to have had my worldview expanded by this game.

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