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TIGSource ForumsDeveloperPlaytestingffflood (alpha v1.01)
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Author Topic: ffflood (alpha v1.01)  (Read 18610 times)
Level 9


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« Reply #20 on: November 03, 2011, 04:00:03 AM »

r = quick restart I think


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« Reply #21 on: November 06, 2011, 03:48:29 AM »

My step to winning... err getting a high level
step 1: place 1 cannon and put your mouse over it to get a win against a hardcore part, useful for level 1
place 2 cannons at the same spot and win

step 2: invest in the following:

 don't do the money upgrades e.g. friends in washington, and i personally don't do the bomb upgrades first.

step 3: spend turrets equally, don't place them all at the beginning at the level and hope for cash, place 2 at each hardcore point and  place 3-4 at the grey ones

step 4:don't make walls at first make bomb factories
abusing them and getting the triple bomb upgrade makes for a win and no need for turrets... except to beat the wave

that example just shows the bombs at work, in that wave i didn't stop clicking, no turrets were damaged, i wasn't able to remove the turrets easily though so....

step 5:
fill it in, make those things wish they didn't mess with you!

step 6:

live, and don't press escape... that's how i lost Sad then i did it again and pressed escape again Sad

What i want to be changed
bombs are overpowered... actually they aren't bomb factories are overpowered
the droid thing is under-powered, for 2 points i expected at lease a bomb equivalent!
A saving feature, when i got to level 20 for a third time i got bored and quit, when i came back i realized there was no save feature... but there was a cool end of game screenshot thing
the army guy isn't glados, he doesn't have to say something once in a level, at the beginning and the end... if there is an end he should gently discourage players, well not gently, for example you wrote I see they stopped recruiting apes, i think yah, they hired you.
he says on death:
i'm voted on them to win, 20 to 1 on your battles.
he says next level:
If you lose your base, you lose your job, you lose your life, i make you lose your face.
the screen is to small
the lag is NICE especially on a 1.66 ghz processor (net book)
it actually helps!
i think walls should be able to be built, i'm tired of using bomb factories
i think there should be a tool tip describing components
i just don't like some of the textures
I think there should be a freeze gun that fires multiple shots and a research bio tool that analyses some organisms and gives you some dirt on them, that is if your mouse is on them for along time.
And i think most of all...
and one last thing...
<trollface>(yah i know it doesn't work)
Level 0

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« Reply #22 on: November 07, 2011, 01:47:35 PM »

Trying to get started with making games (Despite zero knowledge), what engine/language/whatever did you write this in?

I played it for half my school day today. Beats world studies and business, and I cant wait to see the full game with all the features and balance changes. For what it was, it was fun.

My issues:

Became easymode when I had enough turrets. Which you mentioned you are aware of.

Half the upgrades didnt ever seem to unlock. Rank 15 upgrades didnt ever appear and I was up to wave 23. Maybe it's bugged or not implemented.

« Reply #23 on: November 07, 2011, 04:45:43 PM »

Trying to get started with making games (Despite zero knowledge), what engine/language/whatever did you write this in?

game maker
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