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Author Topic: The Thirteenth Year [Visual Novel]  (Read 1875 times)
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« on: November 12, 2011, 11:51:46 pm »

Regardless of the debate whether visual novels are really games, or whether games should be stripped of stories down to their essentials(gameplay), fact of the matter is the lowest budget Japanese game developers use the medium (called 'Adventure' to them) to jump-start their portfolio.

I'm posting this as the artist/musician of this project, by a good friend of mine who in my humble opinion is almost as good as George R.R. Martin. (He's a published author of German children's stories).  I would love nothing more than for him to get a foothold as a video game writer.  Right now, we're both hobbyists with day jobs.

We would just want to know your thoughts/feelings after reading this work.  I can't really do much about production quality though since the rough anti-anime style was purposeful and the whole project took us only about two weeks.

Plot: An episodic tale about a journey through the world, though not our world. The tale isn't told by the one who travels, a child named Astelli, but by the people Astelli meets during that journey. Yet why is it that these people remember Astelli so vividly? Only the end of the story will explain that.

Playtime: ~1-2 hrs
Length: ~30,000 words
Game type: NVL-type visual novel
Themes: Fantasy, steampunk, philosophy, religion
Endings: 3

Windows Build
Mac Build
Linux Build

Known issues so far:
If you have a built-in video card (i.e. Intel Graphics), Ren'Py 6.13 may hang after a few mouseclicks so you may have to force-quit, then hold down the SHIFT key upon starting up to select an alternate driver (OpenGL or DirectX).  Then restart the game again and it will remember the setting.
Mac / Linux builds were untested, let us know in case we can do something about it.
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