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Author Topic: Into Beyond  (Read 561 times)
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« on: November 24, 2011, 03:01:45 PM »

Into Beyond is a shoot'em up space-exploration game with a rocking attitude.

Your journey will take you to different locations, with each having their distinctive properties. Depending on the location you are in some gameplay elements, like your ship's behavior, might change. You need to consider your vessel's equipment to successfully get through a stage.

Your missions include destroying or infiltrating planetary bases, orbiting space stations or satellites, annihilating entire fleets, gathering resources and exploring mysterious places such as space nebulae or deep ocean planets.

Here's the latest change log, which probably gives the best insight on the current state

I have created a page on indiedb aswell which you might want to check it out, or head to my blog or youtube channel directly :D

I started working on this in early october, initially for the Ludumdare October Challenge.
Needless to say, this project is far from finished, so now i am going all in and actually try succeeding with this project.

I am currently trying to get some feedback and generating some publicity to see if these kind of games are actually still loved and played. So what do you think?

If you'd like to support this, i would appreciate if you could contribute at 8bitfunding.
Thanks a lot Smiley



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