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Author Topic: DANGER! Energy - release  (Read 1637 times)
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« on: December 18, 2011, 03:59:50 AM »

Hello! This is my 8-month indie freeware project and I hope you'll like it.

Game engine: GameMaker+shader.dll+FMOD.dll+ultracrypt.dll
Genre:: Logic arcade
Developer: Digital-Synthesis
Release: Full (16.12.11)
License: Freeware
Player count: one
Puzzles count: 80
The Average Time to Complete the Game: 3-4 hours
Localizations:  Russian, English
Autosave: after each level and at the exit to the main menu.



(not good because of tears. I don't know why)

Game page:
DANGER! Energy homepage
DANGER! Energy on IndieDB


The world is corrupt and completely abandoned...
...Only small group of people is huddled in strange place...
...between reality and digital world.
The only daily aim...
...is to sustain yourself...
...feeding the energy to digital media...
...on which the rest of humanity lives.

Santermonia is the leading virtual city in the global network. Faust is the new captain of the Santermonia’s team for integration in “real world”. And now Santermonia has the chance to get independence from global network, that is controlled by Main Virtual Controller (MVC).So, captain Faust is drawn into the struggle and now Santermonia’s fate in his own hands. Will he follow in the footsteps of previous captain and realize his plans?

This game has puzzle gameplay. The goal of each level is to activate all the generators, using a given set of lines. Also there is exists extra objects like prizms, doors and substations.

Mouse and keyboard.

More information you can get durning the game or in "readme" file

I'am not professional gamedeveloper, but this is not my first project.
Also thanks to RobertMenus for English language =)
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« Reply #1 on: December 19, 2011, 12:23:24 AM »

Nice game!
Well presented, decent levels, good gfx, sorted.

(Slow storyline, though.  Would prefer a "Don't care, move on, get to the game!" option. Sorry, I'm very impatient!)

I write AGameAWeek, and I've got over 350 games to prove it!!
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