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Author Topic: Forgotten Sky - Dream Build Play Entry looking for Sprite Artist  (Read 3173 times)
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« on: August 06, 2008, 11:04:53 PM »

Hey everyone!  As the thread titles mentions, I'm in need of a new pixel artist for my project that's quite far along.  I asked around in IRC and I was told that the best way to get help was to post a new thread here, so here goes.   Cave Story

Project name: Forgotten Sky
Brief description:
Forgotten Sky is a 2D physics based platformer designed in XNA.  Originally built as a class project for the spring semester game design class at Cornell University, we've decided to re-envision our game for entry into Dream Build Play.  The revised story is set in a dystopian future where a naive puppy, led by a conniving robot, work together to supposedly save what remains of humanity.  The game has a retro feel both in presentation and in game design, with gameplay focusing on platforming and aerial acrobatics.  The core gameplay centers around a fully simulated rope that the player may use to swing from one obstacle to another. 

You can find a demo of a very old build here.

Target aim: Contest Entry followed by Creative Club Release
Our two primary targets are Dream Build Play at the end of September and IGF at the start of November.  Following those two contests, it's our current intent to release the game over the creative club XBox Live distribution deal recently announced by XNA.

Any artist who joins our team will be entitled to an equivalent share of any prize money or revenue gained from either contests or Xbox Live distribution.  No upfront compensation will be provided, and the receipt of any monetary share will be contingent on remaining an active member on the project up to each publishing submittle.  So, for instance, if you participated up to Dream Build Play but did not assist in the polishing necessary for an XBox Live release, you would be entitled to any Dream Build Play prize share but not to the quarterly royalties for the Live release.  Exact specifics are negotiable on an individual basis.

The game engine is currently up and running in XNA and is being ported to the 360.  Entry into Dream Build Play provides us with access to the necessary Creative Club memberships to complete this work, and all tools necessary otherwise in our toolchain are free of charge.  As we have a local PC build of the game, it is not necessary for the artist to own a 360.

Talent needed: Pixel Artist
I am looking for a 2D pixel artist willing to redo the art assets associated with our game - both character and background.  Style wise we're looking for a restricted palette sprite style akin to early 90's artwork, with the overall tone being that of a dark comedy.  Most sprite work, both character and world, will be restricted to 48x48 pixels.  Environmental art should be quite easier than normal tiling work due to our engine's automatic terrain artifact generation.  Read this for details on what that means.

Team structure:
Dream Build Play restricts our team to seven members, and the addition of a new pixel artist will push us to that limit.  Our team is as follows:

Richard (me) - Team Leader, Gameplay Lead, Gameplay Programmer
Donald - Lead Coder, Engine programmer
Matt - AI programmer
Grayson - Level designer, Gameplay Designer
Michael - Music and sound design
Tina - Scripting and playtesting

It's worth pointing out that all of our team members are college students, either Ph.D. or undergraduate, and for us this is a labor of love.

You can download and play the PC build prototype of our game at our website, http://www.dynamitebananas.com/fs

If you're interested, please contact me at richard.r.hough at gmail.com

Additional Info:
What follows are screenshots pulled from our old version of the game using essentially programmer art.  However, they do serve to demonstrate general ideas.

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