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Author Topic: [FILLED] Need artist for defense style game  (Read 1804 times)
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« on: June 01, 2012, 01:39:23 AM »

Hey all! Longtime lurker, I finally feel like I've got enough to start posting so here goes...

I started working on a 'defend the base on the right from enemies that spawn on the left' type game with an artist, but he started disappearing and stopped sending assets... you know how it goes. But I still want to finish it so I replaced all his assets with placeholder programmer art and made quite a few changes to the design that I wanted to make.

Here's a screen recording of the current build. If you have a flashgamelicense account I can send you a playable link.


So you know I don't suck, here's a quick 6 minute recording of me playing 3 games I did 100% of the programming on. PM me if you want playable links, contracts prevent me from posting them publicly.


So now I need a new artist to finish the defense game! Is it you? Here's what I expect:

  • I'm not trying to reinvent the wheel, I want the mechanics to feel familiar.
  • BUT at the same time I want to set myself apart by adding some nice unique touches like the kill streak bonus effects or air strike.
  • I consider the programming ~50% done with most of the basic systems in place. I don't want to make massive changes to the core gameplay anymore.
  • Instead I want to focus on a adding your art, a couple small features, adding content (enemies, weapons, levels are really easy to make), and just generally polishing the whole thing and making the player feel awesome.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY I'm looking for someone who works fast. I'm willing to give it 2 weeks fulltime, or 4 weeks halftime, but I don't want it turning into a multi-month project. Who knows, if the collaboration goes well maybe we can try something more ambitious afterwards.
  • You can have creative freedom once we agree on a theme. Kids attacking a treehouse, or military realism, or cats attacking dogfort, or zombie ninjas, whatever inspires you I'm open to ideas.
  • Pixel or vector art, up to you.
  • It runs on flash player 10.
  • I'll sell the game through flashgamelicense.com (have done it before) and split the revenue 46% programmer, 46% artist, 8% audio (already have someone for audio). If you had been the artist on a previous game in my video, you could have made over $2000 for just 1 game. Hand Money Right

Still interested? Post here or send me a pm!  Smiley
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