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TIGSource ForumsDeveloperPlaytestingSplit Fighters : a point & click - storytelling - fighting game (Windows)
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Author Topic: Split Fighters : a point & click - storytelling - fighting game (Windows)  (Read 2615 times)
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« on: June 25, 2012, 10:47:52 AM »

Skip the talking and download the game :

Hi there, I'm Pierrec, a french guy who loves weird indie games and even got a blog about it (http://oujevipo.fr). Last year, I took a big decision : to try to make my own games, and well...I did it.
I started with some LD games made on Adventure Game Studio(Never Alone Hotline, Crow and Foxy, OK...Now This Is Awkward) and I was surprised to see they were pretty well received (featured on IndieGames and all...). You can find them here: http://oujevipo.fr/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=670&Itemid=56 .

So naturally the next step was : make a bigger game, and here it is : Split Fighters.
I wondered a long time to know if I should post this in Feedback or Announcement, but even if I consider the game finished, I think that's feedback I'm looking for. I don't think I will work on this game again, but I want to improve for the next one  Wink

So: Was it fun ? What path did you take ? What bothered you ? What did you enjoy (if you did)?

From now, I'll just copy-paste the presentation I wrote on AGS forum. Sorry, don't believe I think Tigsource isn't worthy enough to have its own presentation, it's just that I'm not an english speaker and writing in english is not that easy to me (even if the game is in english and contains LOTS of dialogues)

It looks like a fighting game
It sounds like a fighting game
It kinda feels like a fighting game
But it's not much of a fighting game in the end, it's only Split Fighters.

It's the story of a girl, Severine, who just broke up with her boyfriend. But the most difficult part isn't the break-up, it's what comes after, when you have to confront all your friends and family. That's exactly what Split Fighters is about.

No wait ! Don't go ! It's not a depressing game or anything, I would rather call it silly, with some deeper aspects.

Split Fighters features :

 - Five rather complex characters
 - Some beginner's pixel-art
 - Thousands on dialog lines (in fact, two months on three were spent on these dialogues, but don't worry, you don't have and actually can't read them all)
 - Blood, hadokens, fatalities and all this fighting stuff
 - Three endings
 - Many paths

I would love to read some feedback about it. Oh and I almost forgot : I'm not a native english speaker so, even if I spent hours to read the dialogs again and again, there probably will be some mistakes/translation errors. So please excuse me and feel free to tell me if you spot some, I'll correct them in the next version.  

Instructions and credits in game.
Download it here

Additional screenshot :

Download the game : http://www.adventuregamestudio.co.uk/Games.aspx/Detail/1583
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