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Author Topic: Buccaneer Bombardment  (Read 8976 times)
« Reply #60 on: August 08, 2012, 05:40:13 am »

Here we are on the big screen.

And finally some photos and more info. As I said earlier, we didn't really succeed in the competition and ended up 12/16. Still was a great experience to meet some people from the industry and to get to promote the game. We are currently having some plans of the release, which we most likely will push to September for the full version, but release the free version end of this month. Our publishing deal has time till October, so it's good.

Some people asked about the shirts and we got a chance to talk about the game. We also had the game on the "Kajak Game Development Lab" Booth for people to try it, on the phone. For our surprise, some people found it too hard (but I guess that was mainly because of the lack of proper tutorial). So even game this simple was too hard for some, which is a good "reference" for us for the future.

We have noticed that the speaker on the phone isn't that good. While we have the music playing you can hardly hear the sound effects, which we are now also trying to solve. We heard that our friends who are in the Dare to be digital contest had this same problem. Not sure if it's just the Lumia, got to check it with other phones also.

More photos!

BB- shirt

Around 2500 computers + spectators

That's all for now. More updates later!
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« Reply #61 on: August 21, 2012, 12:22:32 am »

Been a while again. Not really much to update, most of us have been busy since school is starting next month, two of us are leaving as a exchange student and we are all currently on a Qt-programming course this week. So all this has quite drastically slowed us down. So we are now most likely to release the September.

Been reworking the Menu and above, there's a few menu icons we'll be using. Really clear and simple. Also we have been working on the spells and collectibles, which are coming, but quite slowly for now. We are going to crunch this weekend, so hopefully we'll get most done, without too much problems.

We are also participating on this game graphics "competition" that's held by a local videogame magazine. So sending couple still-images there and hope that we'd get some visibility. We'll have a interview with one of our teachers this thursday, she'll check our progress and hopefully we'll get marketing advices and possibly there will be a "meeting" in which we get to show the game to some companies and marketing agencies. Don't know much about that, but I guess it will be an experience.

Below some of the spell icons

Wish us guys luck that we'll have the strenght to crunch a bit and hope that we'll do well in the game graphics competition.

« Reply #62 on: August 30, 2012, 07:55:54 pm »

Hi again.
Some updates. We now have two of the spells working, they still need some work, but at least we have them now. We also made the tutorial for the game. and reworked the menus. So got something done during that weekend.

Our business/marketing guys are doing their job and they arranged a beta testing session for us. It will be held at our school so other students will also see the game. There will most likely be some competition and stuff like that to attract peoples interest. Their are also finding some funding for us and we got two possible angel funders already, but we'll need to make the game even better and show it to them once we are almost done. We'll also do our best to show the game at Northern Game Summit, but there's still time for that.

Still no more news from the graphics competition, but I guess they'll email something next month.

« Reply #63 on: September 10, 2012, 09:12:55 am »

Hey again,
So we are having the playtesting this week and we hope to have around 100 student from our school to test the game (hopefully even more). I'll tell how it went later this week.
We are thinking about having another game testing session after the game is released.

And about the graphics contest, the jury will pick the best ones 18.9. and the readers vote or something like that will be held at October. So got to wait for that. There are 54 games in the competition so we aren't expecting too much, since it's open for all companies and groups and there are no categories. And I think that all the games will be on the magazine, not sure though.

We are getting closer and closer to the end. Still some work to do, but we'll get there.

« Reply #64 on: September 17, 2012, 12:34:17 pm »

And we got the results from the game testing. We got around 90 testers, both people who don't play mobile games and people who play them. We got mainly positive feedback. Some of the players didn't quite understand what's going on or what to do in the game, so we got some negative feedback about that. So now we have fixed some issues according to the feedback. And It was real nice to read peoples comments of the game, since many actually put some effort to it.

Hopefully I'll hear something about the graphics competition tomorrow or during this week. But we'll now get the game out and start to plan our updates for it and so on. Work a press release and all that.

There are more screenshots at our facebook page
« Reply #65 on: October 11, 2012, 09:37:38 am »

hey, no much news. We are mainly just waiting for Microsoft to give us thumbs up. So the game is in our publisher's hand now. There was a screenshot of our game in the Finnish game magazine Pelit. I've attached a photo for you guys to see.

We were one of the games presented at the Northern Game Summit, so people from the industry (Microsoft, Wooga, Rovio etc) got to play our game and give us some feedback.

I'll give more updates once I know more.

« Reply #66 on: November 13, 2012, 08:41:24 am »

Buccaneer Bombardment is now released and can be found at


The game is FREE, so if you happen to have a windows phone, go try it out!

So now we'll be working/designing possible updates and fixes for the game and see how it will do. Most of us are working on another projects or are otherwise occupied currently, so we'll give it some time.

But I can say that we got a lot of experience from this and a fair amount of visibility for the game (at least here in Finland). So it will be a lot more easier to move on to a new projects in the future.
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