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Author Topic: Triverse  (Read 14727 times)
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« Reply #40 on: July 03, 2013, 03:16:21 AM »

Very nice!  I look forward to seeing further updates.
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« Reply #41 on: January 20, 2014, 04:55:49 PM »

Sorry for the lack of updates! Lots of interruptions, but I've generally kept on track. I've spent considerable time on bigger changes related to networked multiplayer and large worlds, but more recently I've turned my attention back to UI and gameplay. I just posted some details on a recent revamp of the parts/blueprints bar:

Blog post

As far as visuals, it's looking like the triangular buttons for the parts/action bars may be going away. I liked that they matched the whole triangle theme, but I'm not sure they hold up against the power of usability and minimalist appearance I'm seeing in other designs.

I've had gameplay features locked down until the existing features make sense and are playable. I'm currently rethinking the Subspace energy mechanic, where energy == health. I'd like there to be longer term gameplay that rewards pacing/planning, and that might take the form of permanent (or slow regenerating) damage to parts. I've also fleshed out ideas on the thermal system (to limit density of energy expenditure), but will need to prototype it.

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