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Author Topic: Grognardball  (Read 2169 times)
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« on: November 02, 2012, 06:24:20 AM »

I was always a fan of turn based strategy war games. For my first compo, I will attempt a turned based basketball game, with various unit types, strategies and (hopefully) AI. I've recently come across the term "Grognard" which means "War gamer", so I figured that this would be a decent name.

The idea as it stands so far:

  • Hexagonal grid for movement
  • Each player has three statistics, to keep it simple
  • Aggressiveness: This determines likelihood of getting the ball, or preventing another player from making a shot or getting the ball (both in rebounds and steals)
  • Free throw: This affects the chance of making a basket outside the 3-point zone
  • Dunkability: Effectiveness of making a shot from up close
  • Gameplay is standard turn based strategy games. On each turn, the game cycles through each member of each team. I may implement an "advantage" system where the players take turns based on who is closer to the action, but I'll probably just stay with a simple one turn each mechanic.
  • For each player, they can choose to do one of the following actions: Shoot, pass or move three spaces
  • Extra actions will be given to players in certain situations
  • If a player is between the ball and the basket, they can choose to block, which increases the chances of blocking an opposing team members shot
  • If a player is next to an opposing team member who is carrying the ball, they can choose to steal, in which case they gain possession of the ball if they are successful and there is a large chance that they won't be able to move until they pass or take a shot
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