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TIGSource ForumsCommunityDevLogsA Dungeon Versus (asymmetric, two players, virtual boardgame) - road to alpha
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Author Topic: A Dungeon Versus (asymmetric, two players, virtual boardgame) - road to alpha  (Read 1641 times)
Caran Elmoth
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« on: February 18, 2013, 11:57:06 AM »

* ok... take a deep breath... aaaand,* my first devlog on TigSource!


A Dungeon Versus is a virtual boardgame for two players with a roguelike atmosphere. You can be the bold Adventurer, venturing into the dungeon to escape alive with as much loot as he can, or you can be the merciless Keeper, moving his Beasts to put an end to the intruder before he steals his treasures.


As the Adventurer you can choose your Hero as one of four classes (Knight, Thief, Barbarian and Wizard) and two Traits among six for every class. As the Keeper you can choose four Beasts in a group of sixteen, each one with a fixed Trait.

The game board is a grid of 10x10 hexagonal tiles. Neighboring tiles can be connected, blocked by a Wall or by a Door. Every character can see his tile and the directly connected ones, all the other ones are hidden.

Every turn is made up of two actions, and possible actions are:
  • Movement
  • Attack
  • Trait use
The Adventurer uses both actions on his Hero, while the Keeper can distribute them among the Beasts at will.

The victory condition for the Adventurer is to find the exit tile. The victory condition for the Keeper is to kill the Adventurer.

There is a total amount of Loot distributed among a number of Treasures: the Adventurer's score is the amount of Loot stolen, while the Keeper's score is the amount of Loot remaining.

On every tile there can be a Treasure, a Potion or a Key.
  • A Treasure subtracts Loot from the Keeper and gives it to the Adventurer
  • A Potion restores some of the Adventurer's Life
  • A Key opens one Door
All of them are taken automatically, the Treasure if there is no Beast on the same Tile and the Potion only if it's needed.

On every tile there can be also a Trap, which springs as soon as the Adventurer enters the tile. Some Traits let the Adventurer locate Traps or even set his own.

Every character has four stats:
  • Attack, which is the basic value to add to a random roll when attacking
  • Defence, which is the value an attacker must beat to successfully land a blow
  • Damage, which is the basic amount of damage dealt with every successful attack
  • Life, which is the total amount of damage a character can suffer before being defeated

What I have so far

  • A main menu with game connection and character selection
  • Movement, basic attack, walls, doors, treasures and potions working
  • Victory conditions implemented and a temporary endgame screen

In my intentions this should be a relatively short devlog, ‘cause in a month or so I hope to reach alpha or pre-alpha stage, with basic features, two classes and eight or four beasts, and move to a feedback phase. Also, I know very well that Oryx’s sprites are far too abused and I was planning to hire an artist to redo the illustrations, yet I’m growing fond of how they look now, so still don’t know.

A playable link will spawn here as soon as the build is decent Smiley

Caran Elmoth
Level 0

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« Reply #1 on: February 20, 2013, 08:41:46 AM »

Here we go with the first update: worked mostly on character stats and bugfixing, so nothing to show about that Shrug. I also implemented a flipping turn marker and a timer:


Caran Elmoth
Level 0

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« Reply #2 on: February 26, 2013, 03:40:52 AM »

While working on traps, a new 2d artist joined this gamedev effort. Here is a sample of the new graphic course we're trying to give to the game:


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