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Author Topic: Musician Looking For: Artists, and Programmers.  (Read 422 times)
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« on: March 30, 2013, 07:27:41 pm »

Hello everyone.

I've been kicking around a game idea for a while now, but have found myself at a dead end. I've been slowly learning Java these past two months, but having just moved, and changed jobs, I no longer have the ability to give it concentration I know it needs.

However, I am a very driven person. Instead of giving up, as some would, I've decided to instead look for help. Partners, actually.

What i am looking for, are people to help me with a Pre-Alpha Prototype, for Kickstarter. While this is being posted in the Unpaid section, I don't expect it to be, in the end. I expect this to turn into a full time job, after a successful Kickstarter. And do not doubt that we would succeed. If someone can pull $5000 to cover the cost of instruments to record their debut album on Kickstarter, based solely on their singing voice, then we could easily do the same with a good trailer, and a playable prototype.

A bit about me, for background purposes.

My name is Billy, and I am 23. I have an Advanced Technical Degree in Computer Sciences, graduated 4th from my class at Kaplan University. I play 6 Classical instruments, 5 of which are self taught. I can write music for any instrument that uses sheet music. I am an award winning, published Poet, having appeared in 2 magazines, and 1 book.

I currently live in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and work in a computer shop. I am Engaged.

For this project, I will need:

A Lead programmer. Can be any language, but Java is probably best, as there will be atleast an android port of this game.

Lead Concept/Pixel Artist.


What i bring:

I already have an Intro Song, http://vocaroo.com/i/s0DuY6qwQeSQ, Level up song, and am working on the Game Over song. I have based these compositions on just my mental image of how i wish the game could be. Once some actual art is set in front of me, it should be easier to churn music, and sound effects out.

I have just about every aspect of my game idea planned out. I am, however, perfectly willing to accept feedback on these. It's not set in stone.

I would rather not say what it is in open forum, as there are NO games like it on the market. And one of bigger pulls for the game is that no one has touched this facet of gameplay, and that will draw in potential backers.

If you're interested in joining me on this adventure, send me a PM, and introduce yourself! I look forward to hearing from you. ^_^
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« Reply #1 on: March 31, 2013, 09:54:37 pm »


Could you clarify what skills exactly do you need from the programmer?
Some things to keep in mind when answering this question:
- Is the game 2D or 3D?
- How complex are the game mechanics?
> - Singleplayer? Online? MMO?
> - Derived from an existing genre? (Shooter? Strategy? RPG?)
- How performence critical is it?
- What are the target platforms? (Just saying "Android port planned" is not enough)

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« Reply #2 on: April 01, 2013, 11:04:23 am »

Good Questions!

For the game:

2D Or 3D?

Seeing as how it's a first release, I'm aiming for Isometric. I've always been a fan, and it lends itself to my idea. However, i would love to use Unity, and have it be fully 3D. But, i doubt that will work at the current time.

How complex are the Game mechanics:

On a Scale from 1(Being a Text based adventure) to 10(Being a Full Aircraft Sim), I'd say a Solid 5. It's not too complex, but, it will have alot of depth.
The game will be Single Player; However, in my Kickstarter Plan, there is a Stretch Goal for 2 Person Co-Op.
The Genre would be RPG-Supernatural.

How performance Critical is it?

Hmm...This one is a bit tricky to answer. In order for the game to be fully fleshed out, a fair amount of stuff will need to be background simulated. Graphics wise, it won't be very taxing, as the game mechanics are pretty simple in the grand scheme.


Originally, Just PC. However, I would love for there to eventually be an Android Port, and there is a stretch Goal for that.

In List format!

1. PC
2. Android.
3. Linux?
4. iOS

Thanks for the questions. ^_^

Feel free to ask any others that come to mind. :]
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