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Author Topic: Looking for programmer to quickly take advantage of unique opportunity  (Read 411 times)
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« on: April 18, 2013, 12:41:08 PM »

I know this site is normally used for indie game making but I have found a lot of success advertising on this site before, so I thought I would try using it for something different.
Basically what I’m looking for is a programmer to help me create an app tailored towards the severely disabled.

For my fulltime job I work in a house supporting disabled people and as part of the companies new funding set up they’ve allocated some money to trial iPads as a support tool.
My particular house was chosen for the trial run and I was put in charge of exploring its uses with the guys I support.

Having looked around for apps for the disabled I found very little suited to the guys I support, and the things I did find are so overly priced it’s not worth investing in them. So I thought I would take the time to design some of my own.
What I’m looking for is someone to work with me to put together a few basically designed apps that I think will help improve some lives by offering new tools for them to use.

Unfortunately I don’t have it in my budget to outright pay someone to make these apps but I also know no one is likely to work for free, so I’m looking for a partnership. I'm hoping that we can come up with an app and I can prove that it works as a support tool, then I can pitch it to my boss.
Know profit shares aren’t ideal but I’m hoping that because I’m on the ground floor when it comes to what we trial it could be fairly profitable if I can convince the people in charge to decide to go with what we come up with, although it’s still a bit of a risk.

The apps themselves wouldn’t require particularly impressive UI’s but things would have to be bold and clear. The main requirement of the app is the ability to capture photos and assign recorded messages to them, then have the option to pick and choose photos to make a slide show from the database of photos the user has taken.
There is a little more to it than that but I can explain in greater detail if someone is interested? I also have a few other ideas if we have the time.

The only other problem is that I’m not entirely sure how long the trial lasts, so if this is something you wanted to take advantage of then we would probably have to move on it sooner rather than later.

If anyone is interested then feel free to ask questions or email me at [email protected]

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