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Author Topic: board game-->app? (programmer wanted)  (Read 628 times)
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« on: May 06, 2013, 02:12:12 PM »

UPDATE:  I have trashed my beloved 3d6 initiative system due to it being hated by all who looked at it.  Also, further playtesting has made some changes necessary to the pieces.  Here are the new rules:



Hey all.  I posted the rules to a board game I made up here:


There's been a lot of criticism, mostly in the vein that it is too random to be seriously competitive.  Even if that is true (I've played it 20+ times and won every time), it should make a serviceable (single-player) app, should anyone be interested in developing it.  

I'm willing to pay cash to a pixel artist as soon as there's a prototype.  However, I'm not looking for a pixel artist ATM.  

As for revenue, I propose that whoever programs this receives 100% of the revenue for the first 5000 downloads, after which we split it 50/50.

If you're interested, shoot me a PM with some description of what you've done, especially concerning AI...I imagine a competent AI will be the most difficult task to be accomplished.

Thanks for reading.
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« Reply #1 on: May 08, 2013, 12:53:30 PM »

You think this idea is a good one. The dice rolling has been called too complicated by people who develop games as a hobby. In marketing terms, what you have here is a non-starter, since no matter how good you think the game is, it's clear that people's first impressions of reading the rules are that it is NOT a good game. Therefore what you must do is SHOW don't TELL. Get a version of your game up and running (or alter the rules to appear more newbie friendly, perhaps make two sets of rules: simple rules and Complex rules, and in the Simple rules players merely roll simultaneously to see who goes first every round (i realize that's EXCESSIVELY simple, but it would allow perhaps an easier gateway to people trying to figure out the chess side)) All that said, it seems sorta unoriginal, so maybe replace the 8x8 board with a hexagon or something that's just DIFFERENT. Perhaps instead of chess pieces you could come up with a theme that fits the game better, like aliens vs. humans or something silly. Just make sure you take it seriously, whatever the flavor is. Better to be accidentally cheesy than intentionally stupid with flavor.

Anyway, good luck to you from a fellow entrepeneur! If you ever need art and have some money for dev, hit me up. [email protected]
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