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Author Topic: Game Project - 3D Rogue (Azure Dreams like)  (Read 787 times)
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« on: May 25, 2013, 09:48:22 AM »

Hello Smiley


There's this game I have wanted to make for years : An Azure Dreams like. What is Azure Dreams, you say ?
Well, Azure Dreams is a 3D sort of rogue-like, but it's actually way more than that :
  • A 3D monster tower, that you can explore and climb (the rogue part)
  • Monsters you can fight on the tower, and get eggs to raise them and fight with them on the tower (pok√©mon style : You get to raise/collect your pets)
  • A living town with a lot of stories, and interactive buildings (casino, theater, restaurant...) which you will improve over time
  • A little bit of date sim : You can manage your relations with the girls in town
Some videos of the original game :

So my project is a game in the spirit of that one, but improved, and adapted to nowadays' standards (Azure Dreams is old !). I am a game designer and programmer, so I am looking for folks to join me on the journey Smiley

What I've done

Before going into writing a long GDD, I wanted to make sure I can code this game. As I trained my skills for a few years now I think I can handle the production of this game. I have started using Unity to prototype the basic game system before going into real production. Here's what I've already done :

  • Basic room generation as a testing scene
  • 3D Camera showing 3D assets for the map / town, and 2D assets for things like player (see Azure Dreams, you'll see most of the gameObjects are sprites). I'm using 2D toolkit for the 2D assets btw
  • Basic unit class to manage a common display animation and movement system
  • Sprite's animations and rotation to the camera, changing depending on the unit angle / camera (see the camera rotating on Azure Dreams, you'll understand what I mean)
  • Basic movement : Free movement in the camera's direction (for in town) and absolute case movement (for in the tower)
Now that I've done this, I feel confident enough to start the real project. That's why I post here, to see if anyone is interested in this - I need any sort of people, as long as you want this game to happen and can find any way of being usefull, we can probably work together (btw I use git) Smiley

Main objectives

  • Adding new mechanics to the dungeons : Procedurally generated puzzles like key + doors, etc.
  • Improving the original town system : Creating a town which has real impact on the game. For exemple in Azure Dreams the monster's seller is useless, and so is the blacksmith. I think the original developers went out of time and didn't get the chance to make the town what it should be.
  • Improving the player relations system : There is a strong date-sim component on Azure Dreams, but there is not a lot of feedback on what is happening. A good thing would be to manage the player's reputation and have strong feedback about it.
  • Tower events : As you can see in the game, there is very few tower events in the game. I think it is for the same reason as the blacksmith's utility and other stuff, they didn't have time to put enough. What I'd like to do is to make more special floors (like the second floor in which you fight with your rival). Also more sidequests, and a real interface for them.
  • Procedural stuff : Weapons and armors should be procedural too. That means creating qualities (white, green, blue) and statistics bonuses. This way you can loot rare items and have a strong high-level objective
Bonus objectives (yay, seems fun. but kinda hard)
  • coop mode : Playing with a friend could be really fun..
  • Tactical mode : A versus mode in which you have 5/6 monsters VS 5/6 monsters of someone else (AI / Player) and you fight in some sort of tactical game
  • If multiplayer, trading
About teamworking

I consider the organisation of teamworking being a very important part of the creation. So here are the list of things I want to prepare for working together before going too deep in the creation process :

  • A git server storing the project
  • Some place like a forum to manage discussions about the game
  • Creation of a game concept and GDD soon in the project so everyone knows the direction
  • Precise definition of the production pipeline (assets integration, scripting conventions...)
  • Full documentation of the codeso people can join in and easily learn how everything works
  • Research on what tools are needed, and if we need to create them, use free tools, or whatever.
Oh and here's my mail if you want to contact me directly Wink
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