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Author Topic: Let's Fight Monsters! Dungeon Crawler Looking for Artists/Composers  (Read 904 times)
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« on: June 08, 2013, 09:33:40 AM »

Hello, Tigsource community! I represent, currently, a two man team that consists of myself and a very good friend of mine who I have known over the years. We are both very experienced with game development (~8 years each) and programming in a multitude of styles and languages, however we are lacking in the graphical and music department. We are here on Tigsource looking to find talent that could assist us in our latest game development venture, "Let's Fight Monsters!"
About the game
Let's Fight Monsters is a 2d sidescrolling HTML5-based dungeon crawling game that focuses on group exploration, combat, and looting items. I'm sure a great deal of you have played a dungeon crawler before, but for those of you who have not, Let's Fight Monsters is basically a game in which you connect with 3 other people to form a dungeon crawling group to explore randomly generated dungeons, cave systems, and more. Within these dungeons, there will be randomly generated missions, objectives, chests, traps, enemies, traders, and more to give you the thrill of finding new things and always having something to do. Very much of the game is focused around taking down enemies, finding chests, and looting items from either to get as much swag as you can, craft items with materials, and even use materials and found items to both build and decorate your lair/home! Players will be able to get in to groups of four to explore an infinite amount of randomly generated dungeons, challenge maps, and upgrade their houses and pimp them out to show off to their friends.
Where to play
The game is utilizing HTML5 Canvas and websockets, and has been tested on all modern browsers (even IE), tablets, and phones, and they all work flawlessly so far. We plan on getting this game on as many platforms as we possibly can, there's always dungeon crawling to do no matter where you are and what you're playing on!
Where we are
Currently (as this post is being made) we have taken the domain http://www.letsfightmonsters.com, we have the necessary dedicated server space to get the game started up, and we just finished the networking and physics systems and have server clustering, networked entities, and map chunks all working between clients and servers. Along with this we of course have our own proprietary game engine (which we call Rox) done, which is to say we have drawing to the canvas, input handling, object management, and resource management all working.
What's left
I'll go ahead and list our main objectives for our Alpha:
  • Get actor animations and equipment rendering
  • Finish client UI library
  • Build item, NPC, and resource editors
  • Finish level generator
  • Get basic set of character, loot, and tileset graphics
  • Polish for alpha!
Who we need
We're fully capable of bringing the programming side of this project to life, however, we very much need artists who are experienced in both 2d art and animation, as well as any decent music composers.
If this looks like a project that interests you, we're certainly interested in building a team. Right now we don't have a limit exactly, the more artists the merrier! In the later stages of the game, we plan on adding insane amounts of loot and NPC types, as well as a plethora of tilesets for more and more dungeon generating possibilities.

Contact through either of these:
Skype: cameron5906
Email: [email protected]
Here on Tigsource
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