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Author Topic: Looking for a 2D Artist for collaboration on a MultiplayerRPG  (Read 1077 times)
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« on: July 10, 2013, 02:42:44 AM »

Hey folks,

We are Jonathan and Stefan, looking for an artist who's interested to work with us. We've dealt with a number of failed online-collaborations on our own, and just want to make a game, so we're looking for someone honest and dependable.
Jon is the designer behind the game idea. It's been worked on for many month and finally starts to see the light of day. He picked me up on gpwiki.org looking for a programmer. Since then we're working on a sort of demo for it, but there is one thing we desperately need: Art!

Your role would be to lay down an art style for the game, so even if you decide to not stick with us after a while, we'd be building on top of your work.
This project is unpaid for either of us, but has a commercial goal. Since this hasn't been completely worked out yet, just regard it as unpaid collaboration for the time being.

The game is a sort of JRPG with a touch of modern CRPGs and a multiplayer focus. The dungeons and challenges are also designed with cooperation in mind, so it emphasizes on teamplay. The design is influenced by games such as Zelda, Secret of Mana, Terranigma, and similar titles from that era but it also takes hints from GuildWars and World of WarCraft (This Is Not An MMO!)
The world is a medieval/fantasy-world sporting anomalies like antropomorphism, magical doodads, chimeras, demons, all sorts of nice and nasty creatures.
We're currently working out the story, so if you have a hand for that, that would help too.

A core feature in the game is the darkness-mechanic which is implemented by using dynamic lights. This also means for you to be able to adjust to some technical guidelines regarding this.

The art in these screenshots are placeholders and in no way associated with the final looks of the game. The design we have in mind shouldn't be too chibi/cutsy style. We will have a certain amount of depth and maturity in the game, so we'd like the artstyle to illustrate that, otherwise you have a good amount of freedom on the direction you want to go (except we will be prodding you with sticks if we think something wouldn't work). Dimensions we work in are 32x32 for human-size characters and 16x16 as basic tile size.

The engine is being built off a framework i've been working on for several month. Over the past few weeks i've been working on implementing 2D game capabilities like mass sprite rendering and tile-map setups, also basic gameplay components, as well as the dynamic lighting. So the grunt work is mainly done and things will be progressing pretty fast from this point on.

In short, we're not just looking for straight execution, but collaboration and conversation. You will be a part of the team and you will have a say in the decisions made.

If you'd be interested to get to know us and the project a little more you can hit me up on skype (teh_weezl) or mail me at schwarzien (at) gmail.com

Thanks for your time :D

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