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Author Topic: Apple and Worm: Patching Holes In Spacetime  (Read 38410 times)
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« Reply #540 on: November 19, 2019, 08:47:26 AM »

(Just thought, is apple a cannibal? Or does the worm eat the small apples along the way?)
I remember an issue of Spider-Gwen wherein the title character was talking to (an imaginary) Spider-Ham, who was eating a corndog. She asked him if that was cannibalism, and his response (quoted from memory) was, "I'm a cartoon. Cannibalism would be if I was eating Porky Pig."

I assume the same principle applies to our dear Apple as well.

That's almost logical. If only spider-ham knew he is in fact a cartoon!

This apple pickable is starting to earn acknowledgment in the game now.

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