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Author Topic: Manifold Garden  (Read 236393 times)
William Chyr
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« Reply #1220 on: December 11, 2018, 10:05:35 AM »

Devlog Update #357 - 12/11/2018

Latest development update video is now up!

This one ended up longer than usual, but there was a lot of ground to cover.


The save system and level loading system had been persistent problems for a long time, and getting the two to work together was especially challenging. A large part of the issue was due to the complexity of these systems. Manifold Garden has persistent save - you can carry objects between levels, save the game at any point and restore to that exact state. On top of that, we have dynamic level loading - once the game starts, there is no load screen of any kind. Instead, levels are loaded and unloaded automatically in the background.

Behind the scenes, there's a lot going on. Scenes need to be tracked and save data needs to be updated accordingly. If a particular scenario is overlooked, it's easy to end up with duplicate data, causing the game to not load or save. This was a major problem for playtesters as it prevented them from progressing very far. After spending quite a bit of time tackling this issue, we're happy to say that these issues are fixed. At least, we haven't seen observed them in the playtests for a while.

Otherwise, for tech, it’s been a lot of little bugs here and there. Object physics behaving weirdly in certain points, being able to noclip into the wall if you change gravity at just the right angle, stuff like that. We’ve been addressing these as they come up.


We were having a lot of issues with audio at one point. Sounds crackling, sounds getting delayed, sounds not playing at all.

In the end, a lot of it turned out to be the way we had things set up in FMOD. For the team, this was our first time using FMOD, and there’s a lot of nuance to the program. The number of active voices you can have, which sounds are streamed, etc. A lot of the problems didn’t come up when testing individual levels, but once you have the whole game running, and hundreds of objects loaded all emitting sound, that was when it became an issue. Fortunately, a lot of the problems have since been addressed.

We also added a custom audio occlusion system. While the basics of the system were straightforward, getting audio occlusion to work across portals proved to be much trickier.

In the video, starting a 5:55, you can check out a short preview of the audio design and an explanation of the audio occlusion system.


The art style of the game is pretty finalized. Most of the remaining tasks are polish.

There are minor things like the button here needing to be updated to match the style of the cube.

We still need to play around with color correction as well. This is especially evident in the green gravity.

All in all though, the art issues are fairly minor.


Design has undergone a massive and significant change in the last 6 months. It became clear with the most recent playtests that the layout of the world was too convoluted. Additionally, there was too much emphasis on large open areas. While these do provide stunning vistas, they were overused, which lead to a lot of pacing issues.

We've been focusing on streamlining the core experience, and adding more diversity in level size and design. There are now more mid-sized indoor levels in between the large outdoor spaces, which provide strong contrast and a better sense of progression through the game. Previously, we were seeing players getting to 90 minutes, and just stopping due to feeling overwhelmed or lost. Now, we’re seeing players go for 4, 5 or more hours.


Between the design changes, development, and overseeing the project, I haven’t really had much time left for anything else.

We’re on track to get the game out in early 2019. I know at the beginning of this year that I said 2018 was going to be the year. We didn’t quite make it, but we did make really significant progress. There are still several things that need to be sorted before we can announce a launch date, but we’re getting there.

I’m excited to be in this final stretch. It’s been a long journey, but there’s still ways to go, but I’m so happy to have made it this far. In the coming months, we’re going to be publishing a series of articles and videos explaining all the tech of the game in detail: how our graphics pipeline works, how we’re optimizing levels, and so on.

If you want to stay up-to-date, there are a couple of options:

And don’t forget, you can wishlist the game on Steam!

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William Chyr
Level 8

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« Reply #1221 on: December 13, 2018, 08:52:08 PM »

Devlog Update #358 - 12/13/2018

Started refining some placeholder areas in the game.

This area went from this:

to this:

Here's a timelapse video of the process:

We also added a "hint cube" to show where to place the cube to grow the tree

Got around to adding this as a few playtesters mentioned that after letting the water out the door, they had no idea how to advance, and ended up getting rather confused.


William Chyr
Level 8

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« Reply #1222 on: December 17, 2018, 10:36:21 PM »

Devlog Update #359 - 12/17/2018


In terms of design, there are a lot of areas in the game that are placeholder. They're just boxes.

And while they're perfectly fine in terms of getting player from A to B, they're not very interesting, and they look terrible.

One of the design tasks I'm doing is replacing them with better thought out areas.


We had a certain cube that showed up just fine in the editor, but in the build, it showed up as pink - which means either missing material or something wrong in the shader).

The issue turned out to be that we were changing the shader on the material at runtime. This works fine in the editor. Even if the shader has new variables, they get initialized properly.

However, in a build, new variables don't get properly initialized. The solution was to create a new material with the new shader to include with the build.

For audio, we've continued to make refinements and track down issues.

One bug I noticed was that when I walked indoor, a certain sound became louder. I wasn't sure what the exact cause was, but it didn't feel right. The issue turned out not to be the sound event's volume increasing, but the REVERB of the event increasing in volume.

As you can see, the event is part of a bus (which is basically a group of sounds), and is getting sent to the reverb twice. One directly to it, the other, through the bus.

The cause was that we were sending the signal to the reverb before the 3D location was taken into account, which meant that we were hearing the reverb of the signal in 2D. The solution was to not send the event to reverb directly, but instead through the bus.

Here's an update video:


William Chyr
Level 8

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« Reply #1223 on: January 09, 2019, 10:30:33 AM »

Devlog Update #360 - 01/09/2018

A Very Brief History of Development

Put together a short video summarizing the last several years of development:

If you want more details on the current state of the game, and what's still left to be done, here's a roadmap for development I put together: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1o4NcmTW7WuXoMasQbxSnv72rhR-GtX9xTN1EebKuERw/edit?usp=sharing

We also have a public trello board up, if you want to follow more closely the bugs we're working on: https://trello.com/b/DqStaye6/manifold-garden-community

William Chyr
Level 8

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« Reply #1224 on: January 13, 2019, 08:32:54 PM »

Devlog Update #361 - 01/13/2018

Made a video showing before vs after comparisons of various recent changes:


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