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Author Topic: Doctor Who : A Brilliant Game [Final-Released]  (Read 22234 times)
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« Reply #60 on: February 27, 2015, 08:18:35 AM »

Last news is good news. There's currently a composer that is currently doing a test on one of the music track, so we can see if he can get them to a retro look, if not, I will keep the original music from the series (but I'm always concern about that, a fangame is legally...tolerated, and using directly existing material is not really great so, it would be really better with retro adapted versions)

The game is mostly finished now. So I'm mostly fixing stuff that I might miss in the translations, stuff like that. And in the meantime, the composer can do his tests.

NINTH NINTH NINTH ! Original scene. Whovians might understand why I create that scene.

...Oh, and yes, I'm definitely working on a teaser trailer for the game :3 (well, the teasing part...hard to do, since it's a small game). But anyway :3
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« Reply #61 on: July 19, 2015, 03:00:23 AM »

The final version is now out, you can play the game on newgrounds, as the previous versions!

There's better transitions, many scenes have been added, dialogs have been improved. All the maps graphics have been polished, there's new particles effects, better lighting and so on !

Looking back at all the work, I wouldn't have think this would be that long. Of course this was a idea we get while being at a GameJam, while the movie was being released on the theaters screens at the same time. It was a great challenge, which has its hard times, but, on the overall, it was a great experience, making 'real' pixel art for the first time, making a 'complete' game, trying to work together, fighting with flash limitations...

In the meantime we all finished our studies, got a work in the videogame industry, time passes like a flash, that's for sure. Anyway, when you put all your efforts into something, it always pays, no matter what!

Final '8bit' soundtrack is still being done by the former musician who offers his talents for the game. So the game shall be edited with that new soundtrack in the future (apparently not this year), and then will be able to be released with standalone versions.

Anyway, let's stop talking, you might want to watch the trailer :

And you can play to the final version here :

Hope you will like it, don't forget to review it, talk about it to your friends etc... Thanks Wink

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