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TIGSource ForumsCommunityTownhallMy experimental FPS ROTC: Ethernet has 5 days left on IndieGoGo ($407 to go)
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Author Topic: My experimental FPS ROTC: Ethernet has 5 days left on IndieGoGo ($407 to go)  (Read 2788 times)
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« on: January 26, 2014, 03:43:36 PM »

Hi everybody,
over the last 10 years or so I developed a small freeware FPS game called Revenge Of The Cats: Ethernet (www.desura.com/games/revenge-of-the-cats-ethernet). It has a totally unique (as far as I know) main game mode and a couple other interesting mechanics that set it apart from other FPSes (some of which are described in the video below). It's not easy for me to describe, so here's the description from its IndieDB page (written by a player):

Revenge Of The Cats: Ethernet is a free experimental online multiplayer FPS with unique gameplay: Alternate between the pure energy "ether form" and the physical manifestation called "CAT". Capture territory and defeat enemies using a multitude of weapons, grenades, and target-seeking discs that can be deflected and steered around corners. Thanks to the territory capturing and the fact that you can only change into CAT form on friendly territory, this game is much deeper than your usual abstract shooter.

I'd like to continue development of the game as an open-source project, so I've set up an IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign, hoping to get some funding to re-create the game using a modern open-source engine, set up dedicated servers around the world and create and run an independent player database.

The campaign has raised over $1000 so far. But with $407 to go and only 5 days left, I'd really appreciate it if people could help spread the word about the campaign.

Here's the pitch video and a couple of links:
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