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Author Topic: Switchcars - alien-escaping roguelite with 1,000 vehicles  (Read 11189 times)
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« Reply #20 on: June 26, 2014, 08:35:17 AM »

I read that Switchcars is actually your first time writing code. That's very impressive! What languages are you writing in? The game looks really great, I'll definitely be following the project!  Smiley
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« Reply #21 on: June 26, 2014, 09:11:36 AM »

this looks great! There aren't enough random gen driving games, so I am glad you are making one.

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« Reply #22 on: June 26, 2014, 12:36:55 PM »

I read that Switchcars is actually your first time writing code. That's very impressive! What languages are you writing in? The game looks really great, I'll definitely be following the project!  Smiley

Awesome! Indeed, Switchcars is the first, and it's written in Python. I use Pygame framework for it. Having started it as a prototype, I intended the game to be rewritten from scratch once proven as a concept. However, I haven't had an opportunity to team up with another programmer to do that with, and my experience in coding meanwhile improved, so there's plenty of room for improvement in the code that I'll be doing in the following period.

this looks great! There aren't enough random gen driving games, so I am glad you are making one.

True! General idea of controlling something that has it's own rules through unpredictable environments appeals to me. I aim to make this much more than a driving game though.

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« Reply #23 on: August 03, 2014, 01:57:32 PM »

It's been nearly five months since I started the dev blog, but I haven't written much (or, at all) about the development meanwhile. Today I decided to make a list of what's been done in the meantime, and show you guys a gameplay video of Switchcars, showing the most recent addition of Main Menu:

New Video:

Progress since March 17th (v0.8d to v0.94):
(I ordered it by category and then roughly by importance)


- Added Roguelike gamemode

  - This is the main (and possibly the only) gamemode in Switchcars Prototype
  - There are (currently) 10 levels of difficulty
  - Levels are referred to as Outposts
  - Probably obvious, but: every play-through is different, environments of levels are procedurally generated
  - Distance you need to make, and given time, are environment-dependent (meaning, procedurally generated too)
  - Terrain types are being unlocked, you start with only a handful of basic ones
  - Reaching a certain level unlocks terrain types one by one (e.g. every time you reach Outpost 6 you will unlock one new terrain type)
  - Beating a level unlocks a bundle of terrains (e.g. when you reach Outpost 7, all Outpost 6 unlocks will unlock at once)
  - After losing, player is brought two levels down (so if you lost at Outpost 7, you can continue from Outpost 5)
  - Next Outpost will be skipped if player reaches end with more than one minute of remaining time (so you can jump from 5 to 7 directly if you're very fast)

- Added Tutorial

  - Features 10 levels, tips, pointers, etc.

- Added refueling and repairing stations

  - They will appear when you need them, but aren't 100% predictable

- Major improvements to the suggested-vehicle-indicator

  - It no longer means "fastest", but the "most useful on given terrain" vehicle
  - Suggested vehicle has a little green light above it
  - Very fast ones have a turquoise light
  - Removed other redundant icons above traffic vehicles
  - Indicates if a vehicle is beyond the left edge of the screen, and how far

- Somewhat increased traffic/scenery density

  - There is a technical limitation preventing more density
  - Makes the game more challenging

- Added lightning strikes
- Timer will start running only once player begins to move

- Aircraft can now fly above any terrain, if over stall speed

  - Previously you could fly only in the upper "sky" lanes

- Realistic behavior of hovercrafts and ground effect vehicles
- Hanging vehicles can attach to a cable while falling
- Electric vehicles will stutter and take damage when soaked
- Magnetic tracks charge battery-powered vehicles
- Player character heals automatically over time
- Vehicles with tiny wheels going too fast get extra drag
- Being underwater causes extra drag
- Added junctions, causing trains to switch tracks or derail

- Player character is too afraid to go left now

  - It's still possible to go left for a limited distance
  - There's a technical reason/limitation for this "feature", but it goes inline with the ingame situation anyway (hint: alien)

- Improved choice logic when spawning a totally random vehicle
- Explosive scenery objects (e.g. mines) now react to just being touched
- Track types now have speed limit for traffic (e.g. traffic SUV can't go 150 kmh over rocks anymore)
- Traffic no longer spawns in front of railed player vehicle (but scenery objects do)
- Fuel consumption is now speed dependent

  - Being stationary doesn't consume any

- Vehicles will no longer sink if going over 100 kmh on liquid
- Blowing horn at traffic now stuns it, making it slow down

  - Traffic changing lanes to move out of the way is currently not possible

- Vehicles moving faster than player are now likely to spawn behind
- Traffic going in opposing direction is slowed down if player is really fast, to make it easier to avoid
- No longer possible to accidentally switch vehicles while underwater
- Improved agility of player character

- It's no longer possible to keep controlling the player character/vehicle after game over

  - After game over, fuel is no longer consumed and damage no longer taken
  - Also, timer stops ticking

- Player is slowed down when going through clouds or lilly pads

  - By going through a cloud you also slightly pull it
  - Player visually now goes through, and not in front of clouds


- Improved world generator to realistically combine terrains and backgrounds

  - Meaning: Snow forests won't mix with deserts, if there's trams there's probably city background, etc.

- Player can see incoming track terrains before switching to the new segment
- all used vehicles are juicily listed on end-screen
- Added rain

  - Has a lot of storm clouds
  - Also makes smooth surfaces reflective

- Remade segment transition

  - Now represents "environment switching", similar to "vehicle switching"
  - Environments you switch to can be most different, like instantly go from humid warm swamps to barren arctic plains, (it's getting closer to the original idea from 2012)
  - Transition pushes/launches player forward

- Timer will make ticking sound when close to zero
- Some scenery objects and vehicles have ambient sounds (e.g. music, birds)
- Vehicles reflect in water
- Broken vehicles now catch fire
- Particle effects from surface interaction (e.g. mud, sparks), now smoothly appear and disappear
- Added Company Colors

  - This means that, e.g. most trams on the same street will have the same colors, instead of all having random paintjobs. Same for trucks on parking lots, etc.

- Balloon festival
- Added animations for dust of collapsing buildings or breaking of smaller objects
- Electrificated scenery makes electricity sparks to warn player it's dangerous

  - It also produces electricity hum sound

- Right screen edge turns more red as the player nears end of the segment
- Rails are now reflective

- Vehicles produce a tire-screech sound when landing
- Thrusters visually produce thrust now
- Player character slides on ice
- Explosion/Watersplash animations made non-linear, appear more natural
- Explosions generate particles
- Driving through water ponds makes water splash
- Electric vehicles will produce an electricity spark when blown up
- Wire-powered vehicles can sometimes produce an electricity spark
- Entering a weapon-equipped vehicle will play reload sound of that weapon
- Sunk player will make bubbles on the liquid surface
- VTOL vehicles that run out of fuel midair will hop before falling
- Explosions and lightnings make the screen softly flash white
- Traffic vehicles with siren will turn it on and stop if player dies


- 104 new vehicles
- 9 new scenery objects
- 9 new track types
- 58 new sound effects

  - 21 are horns/sirens

- 3 new backgrounds


- Added Main Menu

  - Redesigned the way many other things used to work in the past
  - Demo is being played in the background (useful for exhibitions)

- Suitable terrain type icons for the player's vehicle will now jump if vehicle is driven on non-suitable terrain

  - This means if you're driving a car in the mud, but there is a road, the road icon will wiggle to let you know you should drive there

- Added a top bar, showing the goal description

  - It will move out of the way when player is flying

- Added status-alerts under the player

  - This informs player if their vehicle is refueling, struggling, etc.

- Keys Z,X,C are now flashing in the HUD as player character approaches a vehicle
- Timer now looks like a proper timer

- Updated help screen
- Added preloader image
- Added pause indicator
- Level progress is now shown on the HUD
- More visible inventory selection

- Music can be switched on/off ingame and in the main menu
- HUD can be switched on/off ingame


- 32-bit and 64-bit system support

  - Windows, Mac, Linux

- Automatic screen-resolution adaptation (WIP)

  - Game still works best on 1280x800, but will run on other resolutions too
  - It will try to find the most optimal screen size
  - It will issue a warning if resolution is not 1280x800

- FPS-animation dependency (thanks to @peacegiverman!)

  - Game-speed is no longer CPU-speed dependent, but time dependent
  - CPU-speed dependency happened for many reasons, but mainly due to me learning to code and thinking the prototype was going to be remade
  - There are weird things happening when FPS drops below 10 or so, and a warning pops out. Currently it remains unknown if I'll be able to fix that

- Worlds are now pregenerated

  - Allows possibility for entire level sets to be shared between players in the future

- Major performance improvement on segment transition
- Music now supports multi-layered tracks

  - It's planned to have music dynamically blend between ambient and beat depending on player speed

- File encryption of assets (again, thanks to @peacegiverman for the help!)

  - This is temporary-ish, I do want to open the game to modders eventually


- Millions of code/game improvements, balancing, bug fixes, tweaks etc.

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« Reply #24 on: September 05, 2014, 05:58:07 AM »

Picture time! I've just added Mechs to the game yesterday. This is kind of a milestone - Mechs were some of the first things I envisioned when I started thinking about Switchcars more thoroughly (sometime 2011), and until now I could only dream about having them ingame.

Support for animated vehicles now also opens the possibility for long-planned rideable animals (e.g. horses, elephants..), as well as addition of animations on already existing vehicles (row boats, helicopters, etc.).

These are just some of the new vehicles added to the game (high-res here):

I also added 17 new screenshots to the gallery.

Switchcars now also features dynamic music. There are three cross-compatible layers playing simultaneously (ambient, action and hardcore). Their volumes change continually depending on how fast the player is moving, which really adds to the look & feel of the whole thing.

Slowly, the todo list is nearing its end. My aim is to reach beta by the end of October. That's not taking external factors into account, so it may happen I have to move the deadline, but - there's some kind of a date to hold on to now.

edit: fixed a typo
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« Reply #25 on: October 12, 2014, 10:41:23 AM »

Just bumping this, as I've updated the first post with some new information. Smiley

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« Reply #26 on: October 12, 2014, 12:50:06 PM »

Hey, I saw your game at the AMAZE festival in Berlin. I didn't get to play there, but I'm looking forward to playing it once its realeased. Any info on price point? The game looked already pretty good months ago. Have you thought about doing a early-access release?

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« Reply #27 on: October 13, 2014, 02:21:25 AM »

Hey, that's great! Considering I'm yet to start releasing (and potentially partner up with a publisher) the price is unknown yet, but it'll be something reasonable for this type of game. I'm planning to release a reduced version of the game, as I'm out of budget and can't afford working much longer on it, so early-access was in the plans for a couple of months now, yes. Actually since AMAZE Smiley Still, I want to make it feel as complete as I possibly can before releasing, and being alone on it it takes some extra time, so that's why it will take at least a few more months.

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« Reply #28 on: October 13, 2014, 04:09:22 AM »

It looks nice, original and very fun to play!
Be sure I'll try this! Wink
Good luck!

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« Reply #29 on: October 13, 2014, 06:20:22 AM »

Wow, this looks freaking awesome! :O At first I was sceptical like - car racing from the side? 0.o And a rogue-like? Dafuq maaan? But after watching the trailer - Congratulations dude, on an epic game idea! I really want to try this one out..

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« Reply #30 on: October 13, 2014, 11:54:28 AM »

Thanks guys, really appreciate that!

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« Reply #31 on: October 28, 2014, 07:13:24 AM »

1000 Vehicles:

As some may have noticed in the OP update, I've recently surpassed the 1000 vehicles mark. I think it'd be interesting to tell a bit about how all those vehicles came to be, particularly those drawn in the last batch.

The first 800 was easy:

Many months ago, prior to starting code development of Switchcars, I made a list of all unique vehicle types I could think of. It counted ~250, soon all to be drawn in one go (in about two weeks). At the time I had this idea to have 2000 vehicles in the game, so to achieve that I would just make 8 variations of those 250 vehicles.

I added another ~250 a couple of months later, some of which were simply color variations to the first batch. However, as my coding abilities improved, eventually I had a system that would randomly paint vehicles, which added huge variety to already existing ones. The paint job stuff required significantly more work per vehicle, as I would have to draw a couple of additional masks for each (RGB channels represent placement and brightness of three possible paints, and every vehicle has its unique palette of what colors those paints can be). So, I dropped the goal down to 1000, which, now with all the color variations actually represents well over 100000 different looking vehicles.

This is what Hot Air Balloon sprites look like:

And how many variations they can produce:

Eventually I added the third variation batch, although it only had some 150 vehicles, summing up to ~650. For almost a whole year this number didn't change, but a new wishlist grow bigger and bigger with all the crazy new vehicles I would remember or discover in the meantime. From the start I had this desire to have every possible vehicle type in the game, perhaps being the most detailed list in existence. This resulted in adding a lot of exotic and rare things such as Pushback Tractors, Forwarders, Military Hovercrafts, which didn't need many variations - thus even though I had thought of 100 of them, I still had only ~750 vehicles.

I thought I could add more variations of cars (there's never too many cars, right?), but even after making all I could think of, and not be repetitive, I had just reached the number 800 (btw there are 184 cars in Switchcars right now).

The remaining 200 were treated in a special way:

And there I figured, since all of the vehicles had years of manufacture (e.g. 1973-1995), that I could just go from the past into the future, year by year and see what's missing. I knew I was missing a lot of vehicles from the future, but it was difficult to work out which ones to include. At that point the game was based in the present day (-ish), and I didn't know how exactly to make future vehicles not be too prominent in the game, if I were to make plenty of them.

So, finally I built a tool, something that felt very familiar to Vehicle Ordering screen from Transport Tycoon, or Train Fever. It allowed me to select a year and then it would draw all the vehicles that are currently being manufactured in that year. Suddenly, I saw amazing realistic scenes I didn't think of before: I would go to 1940 and there would be only old cars, tanks, steam locomotives. In contrast, the future was filled with hovercars, maglevs and VTOLs. But it didn't have everything - there was this interesting peak at 1970's, where vehicles exploded with specializations (suddenly you have all these Graders, Grapple Trucks, Car Carriers, Combine Harvesters, etc) which didn't continue to exist in the future.

Buses being built in 1957 and 1999:

Rail vehicles being built in 1915 and 1960:

There I knew exactly what to do next. I went year after year, thinking about what people really needed and had at the time. For example I had no Firetrucks produced before 1965, so I added some. I also didn't have any being made after 2019, and I added those too. How will people transport garbage in the future? Will motorcycles continue to be used, as they are unsafe? It became quite an interesting task of going through people's needs from vehicles, and looking at how they evolved in the past, and extrapolating that into how they might continue evolving in the future (which is something I loved doing as a kid too).

Doing this I discovered that, though this may be not true in real life, even though specialization exploded in the 1970's, it actually no longer grows. In fact, it shrinks. So many vehicles are becoming multipurpose that suddenly number of their types is being reduced. The peak in Switchcars now seems to be at 1998, and already by 2025 the number of different vehicles being produced drops significantly.

Even though a significant factor to that is that future vehicles don't have many variations drawn, as do vehicles produced 1970-2010, still there is no need to have Jet Skis, Quad Bikes and Dirtbikes anymore, if you can just have a single amphibious fast lightweight vehicle that can go on any terrain. People also don't need as many different cars anymore, when everyone can travel in cheap flying glass bubbles going over 100 km/h.

This could very well not be a realistic depiction of what the future will bring, but it was sure fun to explore. In my design, I followed this timeline of (pretty compressed) key technology advancements:

  • 2020 - Efficient supersonic airliners become a norm
  • 2024 - Most road vehicles invented from this point on are purely electric
  • 2024 - Propeller-based, electric flying cars (Flycars) become mass produced, but expensive
  • 2040 - Superfast magnet roads appear, zero-emission magnet cars prevail
  • 2043 - Expensive force field VTOL technology appears
  • 2047 - Cheap force field flying (Plasma) cars become reality
  • 2050 - Interplanetary spaceships begin mass production


Based on some of my original ideas, I decided I would go up to the year 2055. So I simply went from as early as 1527 (that's when the first Galleon appears), and tried to think of ways people would transport themselves, personally or in in bulks, transport their wood, stone, the ways they would fight wars, or transport wounded, over seas or land, or sand etc, all the way to 2055. In the end I came up with a detailed list of what's missing, finally summing up to 1037 vehicles. It took 4 painful (and joyful at the same time) days to draw them, and a few more to get them ingame.

Just to illustrate how many is 1000, here are all of them zoomed out (no spoilers Wink):

By making the last batch of vehicles, I came up with a new mechanic:

In the meantime, while working on the list, I had realized how to solve the problem with having too many future vehicles - by introducing a Current Year to Switchcars. This did not only open a new way for unlocking vehicles (as you'd travel from 1970 to 2055), but also the game would increasingly grow faster as the vehicles would, allowing it to be quite easy to pick up but difficult to reach the end.

The way years work right now is still being experimented with, but essentially they define the difficulty of the game. Having once reached year 1988, you will stay in that year until you outreach your previous best distance, meaning that the player will always spontaneously be thrown into the difficulty level that is challenging for them, and never have a game be too easy or too difficult.

Finally, to conclude the story about the vehicles, while I wanted to include every possible kind of vehicle out there, possibly more than any other game in the world, sadly there will be a couple that cannot be included because of technical reasons, such as Funiculars, Tailsitters, long Articulated Buses and Landers. But, perhaps they will be in a sequel Smiley

Another milestone reached:

On another note, I have just recently added the Alien to the game. I will probably write more about that soon, but for now, here's a teaser gif:


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« Reply #32 on: October 28, 2014, 11:49:16 PM »

Wow, this is so cool. And the alien looks totally kick ass! :O Weird how thinking of 1000 sounds like it's so much, but looking at a picture of 1000 tiny vehicles, seems like there's not so much. But damn, 1000 vehicles. 0.o Crazy, I want to play this!

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« Reply #33 on: November 28, 2014, 06:46:45 AM »

New changelog incoming. Here's what's been done since July, a few posts up. Nearing beta guys!

Progress since August 3rd till November 28th (v0.94 to v0.97):
(I ordered it by category and then roughly by importance)


- Added Alien

  - Alien shows up when time runs out
  - It's big, versatile and player-hungry
  - Alien is difficult not to eventually die from, but escaping to the Safe Zone is possible
  - It's not an easy task, but Alien can be killed
  - There can be more than one Alien pursuing player, if unlucky
  - Includes animated graphics, sound effects

- Roguelite game mode is now continual (thanks to @demruth for the feedback!)

  - There are no longer individual stages, now all being part of a continual run
  - Stages are separated by Safe Zones in which player is protected against the Aliens

- Starting Year is a permanent score

  - Default Starting Year is 1988
  - Beating a stage will permanently increase the Starting Year by 1
  - Dying will permanently reduce it by 2
  - It can go as low as to 1950, or as high as to 2055

- With every stage, player now progresses through years, starting from the Starting Year, going up to 2055

  - Difficulty increases with the current year (By reducing Starting Year when dying, players will auto-adjust difficulty to whatever fits them most)
  - Vehicles have their years of manufacture, and traffic will significantly change depending on current year
  - Newer vehicles are increasingly faster than the old ones

- Added Flat Tires

  - A tire can go flat at random rarely, but it will mostly do so when driving on unsuitable material types
  - Suggested-vehicle-indicator won't suggest a vehicle with flat tire

- Added Warp Gates

  - When passed through they will teleport the player a couple dozens of meters ahead
  - Their density, while unpredictable, is driven by how much player needs them
  - Particularly useful when escaping Aliens

- Added a secret new biome Smiley
- Added Abyss track type

  - Player (or Alien) can fall in the abyss

- 23 formerly passive objects can now be entered

   - Railcars, cannons, wheelbarrows, etc.

- Added Chillout game mode

   - No time, no Alien, no HUD, no switching. Just enjoy the ride.
   - Road (of many kinds and sizes) is always present in the middle lanes
   - Greatly reduced fuel consumption
   - Current year in Chillout is defined by your Starting Year from Roguelite

- Added Self-driving vehicles

  - Mostly present in the future

- Realistic behavior of Hybrid vehicles

  - They will change powersource from battery to fuel depending on moving speed
  - Their engine sound will change accordingly

- Refueling and Repairing is now instantaneous (again, thanks to @demruth!)

  - Allows more quick-thinking and less interrupted gameplay

- Improved logic of vehicle entering range, to attempt make less switching accidents
- Police siren now stops heavy vehicles too
- Airplanes consume much less fuel while grounded, than if they are airborne
- Electric vehicles now recharge only when braking

   - Also, they can now recharge even if the battery was fully emptied

- Added potholes

   - They can blow your tire

- Player can go more to the left before being pushed back
- Lightning can no longer hit a human while moving fast
- Improved object/traffic spawning in front of non-steering vehicles (trains, zipliners...)
- Player can enter broken vehicles


- Added dynamic multi-layered music

   - Features ambient, action and hardcore layers
   - Blends seamlessly between them based on the overall action

- Added Dirt

   - Many different types of dirt can collect on vehicles
   - Dirt gets washed off by all kinds of water

- Complex track types with water (such as Stream or Sea Ice) now have reflection
- Tire-braking sounds are now different based on the vehicle's mass
- Added a new sound effect for very heavy crashes
- Scenery and vehicles no longer spawn out of reach (beyond segment's end)
- Objects will no longer appear immediately after destroying the previous ones
- Vehicles hit by lightning in midair will hop before falling
- Exhaust blast effect on sport cars
- Updated musical ambient sounds (car radio, icecream van) to clash less with ingame music
- Shortened weapon reload sound when equipping an armed vehicle
- Going over a manhole will make a specific sound
- Slightly improved falling


- 248 new vehicles
- 8 new track types
- A bunch of new sound effects

   - Utility and electric vehicles now have their own engine sounds

- 9 new scenery objects
- 2 new backgrounds


- Completely redesigned HUD

   - Stage progress bar shows years player is progressing through, per stage
   - Stage progress intuitively shows what types of terrain are incoming and when
   - Stage progress visually represents time left before the Alien comes
   - There is now also a total progress bar (there are 12 stages)
   - Suggested inventory vehicles now flash with a green background, as opposed to a small square
   - Suggested track type is no longer an icon, but a marker drawn over the actual suggested track

- Improved appearance of Main Menu
- Improved appearance of Notifications

   - Now informs of current year and Starting Year when progressing through stages

- When equipped, vehicle's name, age and type will smoothly pop up and disappear
- Game modes can now be picked in the Main Menu

   - There are Roguelite and Chillout at the moment

- Delivery Form shows at the beginning of each run

   - Informs player about their goal
   - Informs player about starting and destination years (e.g. from 1988 to 2055)

- Incoming track type icons will blink if they are dangerous

   - This includes liquids when in a non-floating vehicle


- Added support for animated vehicles


- As previously, there have been TONS of other code/game improvements, balancing, bug fixes, tweaks etc.


I've also just updated the webpage with the latest status/info, for those interested.


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« Reply #34 on: November 28, 2014, 08:40:29 AM »

This looks really good! The animations are excellent.

Its definitely an intriguing concept.

Keeping my fingers crossed that its still coming to Mac  Wink

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« Reply #35 on: November 28, 2014, 11:50:00 AM »

It still is. Smiley In all likeliness I will complete the game in Pygame, which supports it. I haven't made builds for Mac though (don't have one at hand), so can't "officially" confirm it yet.

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« Reply #36 on: December 03, 2014, 11:03:34 AM »

I just updated the website with some new gifs:


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« Reply #37 on: January 10, 2015, 02:33:47 PM »

Had an interview recently regarding things that lead to making Switchcars. Part one (out of two) was published today:


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« Reply #38 on: February 16, 2015, 07:24:53 AM »

It's time for another progress post:

Progress since November 28th till February 14th (v0.97 to v0.98b):
(I ordered it by category and then roughly by importance)


- Added new Tutorial

  - No longer a game mode
  - Gives tips as player plays through
  - Includes custom graphics for controls, pointers, etc.

- Added Fire

  - Objects get ignited when broken down
  - Fire can spread
  - Fire can be caused by electrical discharge or atmospheric burn
  - Fire gets extinguished by going through water, or by rain

- Objects producing lightnings now take time to charge up before striking

  - Gives chance to avoid lightnings
  - Stop charging if damaged

- Added Drill special ability

  - Makes it possible to go under scenery objects by drilling
  - Includes custom drilling sounds
  - Drilling makes a vehicle dirty
  - Only found on rare mining vehicles

- Added Radar special ability

  - Shows yellow brackets around all objects
  - Makes it easier to see obstacles when moving fast
  - Featured by military, future or self-driven vehicles

- Added Fog weather

  - Makes it difficult to see

- Removed speed limit in Space
- Solar vehicles no longer work in caves
- Crossing a refuel/repair station with one vehicle will auto-refill all vehicles in your inventory
- Sinking no longer causes vehicle to break down and lose fuel
- Slightly improved vehicle entering logic
- Cannon can no longer shoot repeatedly, but must reload first
- All explosive scenery objects are now marked with bright red color

  - They also no longer explode if hit by human body

- Objects will no longer appear immediately after entering a vehicle


- Added Exhaust Smoke

  - Only gasoline-based vehicles have it
  - Doesn't show on parked vehicles

- Helicopters and hovercraft now make dust clouds when hovering
- Added bite and hurt particles to alien
- Vehicles cast water particles when it's raining
- Friction on grainy surfaces has a new sound


- Added 25 new track types

  - And slightly improved appearance of a few existing track types

- Added 6 new vehicles

  - And improved graphics of one

- Added 7 new scenery objects
- Added new Utility engine sounds
- Improved 4 horns


- Added ingame menu interface
- More visible recommendation of vehicles and track types

  - Game is now actively helping players to use the best vehicles on the best terrain
  - Recommended vehicles and lanes provide a gentle sound cue, along with blinking graphics
  - Green light now shows vehicles beyond right edge of the screen too

- Segment end proximity indicator improvements

  - Players can now easily tell from color if oncoming lanes should be avoided or are recommended to be on

- Added a new loading screen

  - Loading screens are now picked at random

- Player character now has its own slot

  - Just like vehicles, player character now has its own key (Space), fuel bar, hitpoints bar, and place on the HUD.

- When player dies, an animated bar with instructions scrolls down
- Total progress bar now also shows best progress
- Current environments now have a name displayed in the lower right corner
- If approaching segment's track types are unknown, they will be indicated as question marks
- Slightly improved GUI look and usability


- Camera shake power is now a variable
- Millions of code/game improvements, balancing, bug fixes, tweaks etc.

That's it for now! For more news about how's the game going, check out my latest blog post.

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« Reply #39 on: February 16, 2015, 04:01:54 PM »

This looks great.  I feel like there could be enemies, or something to make it more interesting. Something that you could crash into, to get some sort of bonus.  The idea of "move to the right before the clock runs out" seems like the easiest way of making a game out of something that's just a toy.
That sounds so mean... but I hope you understand what I'm talking about.  There should be more goals/objectives. And the game looks really awesome, btw. Like, I'd buy it right now, cause it looks fun, but I just feel like it could be drastically better if there was more purpose.
Also, if there already are enemies/other things to do besides move right, I'm sorry.  I haven't played it, so I can't really tell  Cheesy
Keep up the good work  Gentleman

Roguelike platformer: RogueWorld
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