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Author Topic: Balding's Quest: M3 Enemies  (Read 5065 times)
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« on: December 24, 2008, 03:41:37 PM »

Quote from: Arne's original design doc

The different themes are marked here. Read below for more ideas.

A1: Forest & temple gate
Enemies: Dragonfly, temple gargoyle.
Scenery: Temple gate left and forest right. Exit in temple. gate.

A2: Forest
Enemies: Bird, Armadillo.
Scenery: Branches, vines, grass.

A3: Forest and house lawn
Enemies: Ant, mole.
Scenery: Picket fence, mailbox, garden tree, house entry.

A4: House kitchen
Enemies: Toaster, knife, mixer.
Scenery: Owen, sink, microwave, fridge, drawers, table, pet food.

B4: House livingroom
Enemies: Cat/dog.
Scenery: TV, NES, sofa, paintings, lamp, bookshelfs.

B5: House office
Enemies: Stapler.
Scenery: Computer, drawer, desk.

A5: Barn
Enemies: Chicken/Cock, buzz saw.
Scenery: Hayloft, 'hay cubes', logs.

C3: Cellar
Enemies: Rat.
Scenery, Cellar junk.

C4-C5: Sewers
Enemies: Slimes, steam leaks, wrench.
Scenery: Pipes.

B5: Laboratory
Enemies: Sparks, Acid, mutant.
Scenery: Tubes, potions, wierd lab machinery.

A6-B6-B7: Factory
Enemies: Manufacture robot, cleaning robot, guardian robot, stomp/print pistons, grab arms.
Scenery: Tracks, elevators, parts, assembled parts, finished goods.

A7: Power generator
Enemies: Spark wisps, elec beams.
Scenery: Generators.

C6-D7: Storage
Enemies: Loader robots.
Scenery: Elevators, crates.

B1-B2: Temple
Enemies: Spike traps, Crush traps, ancient robot.
Scenery: Pillars, buttons, roots.

C1-D2: Ice caves
Enemies: Falling ice, yeti, penguin.
Scenery: Slippery.

D3-D5: Caves
Enemies: Bats, beetles.
Scenery: Brown rock.

E4-E3-F3: Lava caves
Enemies: Lava balls, fire bursts.
Scenery: Brown rock, lava.

F4-F5-E5: Alien lair
Enemies: Alien, floaty alien, tentacles.
Scenery: Giger'ish.

E1-F2: Boss area
Enemies: Skull, skeleton, ghost, zombie, reaper, spikes.
Scenery: Chains, gothic, heavy metal stuff.

E6-F7: Bonus screens
Enemies: various stuff that got left over.
Scenery: ditto, like... desart, junkyard...

There are a bunch of possible enemies we can create, the above is provided as inspiration.
Please feel free to create animations for any of the above enemies (or any enemies you might imagine). I'm sure that if you do so somebody (maybe me) will create a script for them so they can be in game.  Wizard

Some things to keep in mind are palette consistency, and art direction/style.
I believe Arne may still be working on the palette, but if you keep to the same colors as in the original, you should be fine (color conversion can happen later with ease as long as the original colors are adhered to).

I'm not a great pixel artist, nor am I a good animator - I'm sure there are others like me reading this. So for you guys, I suggest we take dibs on scripting enemies as they are posted.
If it seems to be taking too long, I guess someone will post here and ask you to respond. If you don't respond, that person can take dibs... I guess?  Shrug

Any suggestions or other info, please go ahead and post!  Beer!
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« Reply #1 on: December 24, 2008, 04:48:34 PM »


With the generalized objects, though, we'll only need one script for a lot of these things.

Like, "thwomp traps," falling ice, guillotines, etc. are all the same object, with the child script just altering things like the sprite, speed, and such.

If anyone makes a new enemy, though, I could easily adapt it to work in this way as well.  For the finished game, I think there should be a number of standard enemies apart from the theme-specific ones.  Like this, the child script could just change the animation file and pow -- Ice Enemy, Fire Enemy, etc.

It's gonna be rad.

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« Reply #2 on: December 24, 2008, 09:19:09 PM »

Awesome!   Hand Metal LeftGrin:handmetalR:
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