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TIGSource ForumsCommunityTownhallMoth Master, a sort of roguelike, minus the map
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Author Topic: Moth Master, a sort of roguelike, minus the map  (Read 2431 times)
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« on: December 27, 2008, 08:57:57 AM »

(well, at least... it's been described like that)

Moth Master

Ok.  So, I like to make games & gifts for my friend.  So this Christmas, I remembered on the... 19th (Friday before Christmas) and got to work on this project.  The engine / combat system is heavily inspired by Baldo's Gate 2 (javascript game).

I've only made a few minor improvements to the game since I gave it as a gift on Christmas (balancing a few things, making the epic sword not so game-breaking, etc)

There is no included readme, I didn't need to explain the rules, so there is no included readme.  Thus, I'll post some info here:

[Search] is your friend, and it is how you "continue" through the game, per se.  It will lead you to monster encounters, shops, sanctuaries, etc.  You can run from most monsters, but you can also hit traps which will eventually kill you.

Some combat mechanics are inspired by D&D.  High AC is a good thing, and DR will reduce the damage you take from attacks.  Experience & levels work exactly like in D&D.  2nd level at 1,000 exp, 3rd level at 3,000 exp, etc.

You will die if you hit 0 life, or if you hit 0 willpower.

Silence!  This game is mostly silent, until the very end, when the credits song plays.  This game was intended to use the ZSync system that me and the intended recipient both have setup.  (This lets our games play music without having to include the music with our games, since the music is already on our computers)  Since you probably don't have the system (we invented it) you will have a very quiet adventure.  Pull out some mood music and listen to it while you play, lol.

Also, the Purge Darkness was a sort of incompleted feature.  It'l destroy all of your dark items, at a small life penalty.  It was intended to play some important roles in the storyline, but that never ended up happening, so this button is largely unused.  As in, I've had to use it once, in all the times I've played.

Anyways, this game isn't for everybody, but of anyone, programmers such as are in this community would probably enjoy it most, so I'm releasing it here.


Oh, and don't read storyline.txt.  It's an unencrypted data file that will ruin the storyline for you. (not for player's eyes)

Enjoy, and don't die!
 - Natso

edit: ach!  You'll need .Net to be able to play this.  VB.Net just rains the incompatabilities down like rain.
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