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Author Topic: Unstrong [freeware|exploreything|windows]  (Read 809 times)
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« on: July 07, 2014, 10:07:13 PM »

As your precious base crashes to the ground, you can't help but wonder,
'WHY!', 'What went wrong this time?', and 'Where did all my cool stuff go?!'

Starting from nothing isn't new to you. You're Glasses, just some
nerdy bro with noble goals - as noble as an evil genius manages,
at least. What else can you do but pick up all the pieces and try again?

On your journey, you'll learn how to scientifically approach stuff like magnets,
robots, sticks and daddy issues. We'll all learn so much together
and have a super good time overall!

Gameplay video:

But Why!

One might argue that there are enough explorey platform games out there, and I suppose it's true. BUT I STILL MADE ANOTHER ONE ANYWAY. Favorite genre, misdirected passion, who knows. Embarrassed

This is the first time I've done pixel art for a higher resolution than 320x200. This also has original music by me, but it's pretty simple stuff.


  • High res graphics (if it were 1994)
  • Original bleep bloop music
  • Focus on searching stuff
  • Swinging, moving platforms, item throwing, bouncy blocks, springs, etc...
  • Additional, harder content if you seek it out
  • Little cutscene comics
  • Configurable keyboard keys

If all of that sounds good to you, feel free to...


HERE (Windows XP or higher, ~15 MB)

http://www.origamihero.com - freeware oldschool games |  gamedev twitter
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