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Author Topic: Pipe Animus - A puzzle/RPG  (Read 647 times)
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« on: October 01, 2014, 05:30:29 AM »

Pipe Animus is a full-length, Japanese style RPG at heart, but it's not just an appeal to Final Fantasy and Earthbound based nostalgia. Besides a unique story and many interesting characters, the typical turn-based combat system has been replaced with a pipe game style puzzle. But I haven't removed the incentive for exploration and upgrading. Instead of weapons and armor, you'll find wrenches and suits that will affect how fast you can move puzzle pieces, how resistant to water and how fast your player will move. Puzzle Combat will have many different types of enemies, traps and even bosses.

This game is a solo project with original story, art, music and code! I've made a lot of progress, that you can see for yourself. Try the web-based demo here: http://pipeanimus.falldeaf.com/

On the dev side, my tool-chain consists of:
MelonJS for the engine.

Tiled for level building, scripting/events, puzzle creation. At this point, my game engine allows for almost everything to be done through tiled.

jsonEvent, a json editing tool that I built that reads in XML .tmx Tiled files and allows editing of json objects in Object fields. I use this tool to write dialogue for characters and script in-game events. This tool is in a very alpha-ish state right now, but possibly useful for other folks, too. Before my game is done I'll be smoothing it out and adding support for json formatted maps, too.

Sunvox for the OST.


Gimp for all the pixel art.

Finally, I'm on Steam Greenlight, too.
Though the comments are fairly negative so far :/ People there don't seem to be digging the pipe/puzzle combat and they seem to have somewhat mixed feelings about my art. And after about 12 hours or so of being up, the yes/no split is 26% yes, 74% no. With about 84 votes for yes.

Still, I'm looking forward to posting updates here about my game. It'll be fun to have more of a focus on the development side of things than purely PR. Which I'm pretty new to, anyway.
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