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Author Topic: [Squad-based Tactical RTS] HIVE21  (Read 2232 times)
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« on: October 15, 2014, 08:29:09 am »

HIVE21 is a squad-based real-time strategy game set in the near future where intelligent extraterrestrial life forms have invaded earth. The intruders quickly set up organic bases, the HIVEs, from where they launch and coordinate their operations. During the first weeks of contact, human counter operations were quite effective, but then HIVE21 emerged, apparently the most powerful one, and things quickly went south. Now, most of human population is eradicated or scattered. As a special unit of the global defense association you have to seek out and exterminate HIVE21 to ensure survival of the human race.

Coordinate your team, manage your energy supply and protect your base from incoming alien invaders. Find the right time to move out and explore your surroundings, but be careful where you tread and make sure your base doesn't get overrun! Complete mission objectives as fast and careful as possible to continue your way to HIVE21 and finally eliminate humanities biggest threat.

Hi fellow gamedevs!

We are a group of undergrads and, as for now, we've been working for about 4 months on our game HIVE21. We already rolled out a playable alpha build, which we were luckily able to exhibit at a local gamedev expo. We got some quite nice feedback and therefore we are even more excited to push it to the next level!

Implemented features

  • Tactical energy management: Manage a limited supply of power to activate turrets and lights and defend your base.

  • Lighting influenced combat: Darkness engulfs each level. Use static floodlights and your soldiers flashlights to light up the scene. Your enemies don’t rely on visual perception but your soldiers can’t attack what they can’t see.

  • Four different classes: Commando, Spotter, Sniper and Supporter: Each class has its strengths and weaknesses but combined they make a great zombie-alien-killing team!

  • Several enemy types: Standard zombie, lightning fast gecko, the mind-controller and others. These creatures from hell give your team a hard time, while you try to reach your objective.

Upcoming features

  • Tactical planning mode: Pause the game at any moment and plan your teams actions ahead of time. Our biggest new feature will increase player control and enable tactical decision making.

  • Skills for every class: There will be abilities for every class member. The different abilities will be combinable to further enhance effectiveness.

  • New enemy types: Poisoning zombie, light consuming shadow lord and hulking tank. More challenging enemy types will be introduced in the upcoming months.

  • Improved AI: We aim to make enemies seem more intelligent, try to flank the player and even cooperate with one another.

  • Level randomization: Objectives, pickups and indoor areas will be randomly generated and placed to enhance re-playability.

  • Further additions: Story driving NPCs, squad upgrades, base upgrades and many more.

Expect more information in future posts. We will be posting about upcoming features, in-depth technical explanations, art and more!

Update 1 - Tactical planning mode
Update 2 - Graphics workflow
Update 3 - Dash skill and improvements

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« Reply #1 on: October 22, 2014, 06:24:56 am »

Hi guys,

there's a lot going on behind the scenes these days.

Tactical Planning Mode

Stresstest for the actions queue/pathfinding

Actual ingame action

We are proud that our idea to spice up the gameplay turned out pretty well. From now on, you can pause the game and plan your next actions.
These can be queued and right after returning to live mode, they will be executed in the correct order.

Live playing and evaluation at GameStage Event

We were working like madmen during the last two weeks in order to show our new prototype.
The presentation build was finished just in time and we had two computers on location. During the evening 53 visitors played our game.
Their ingame behaviour got tracked and they answered 14 questions afterwards. It was a great experience to gather live feedback.

Two skills for Commando

Our first character is fully implemented. The commando now has 2 skills: The cluster rocket and a stun ray.
Of course, balancing is not yet finished, but it is already a lot of fun to kill hordes of zombies with multiple rockets!


As we plan to attend more expos in the near future, we printed 1000 business cards to hand them out.
We think that they look great!

See you soon.
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« Reply #2 on: October 23, 2014, 07:18:34 am »

Looks great (creepy). Just the kind of game I am interested in.
What platforms will you be releasing on?

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« Reply #3 on: October 24, 2014, 12:02:00 pm »

Hi, I am one of the programmers.

We hope we'll achieve some sort of combination of creepiness and tactic Wink
Targeted platforms are Windows, Linux and Mac.

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask anything Smiley

HIVE21 [Squad-based Tactic]
Devlog | Website | Twitter
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« Reply #4 on: November 01, 2014, 08:01:14 am »

Hey! Smiley

I'm part of the Art team for HIVE21. Over the last months I've been working on concepts and sprites for our game.
Our style has been continuously evolving and I wanted to share some of the process.

During early development it was important to create an easy to understand distinction between the players'
base and the surrounding area.
The base had to feel like a safe place whereas the other zones should invoke a feeling of danger and loneliness.
To achieve this we used a combination of color coding and lighting.

Blue and green colors are used for friendly units and environments.
In addition we decided to define a certain blue to express energy. This blue (more likely cyan) is
used in all characters as well as in interface and environment.
Enemies usually have red and brown colors.

During Development we slowly found a style that was suitable for the atmosphere we were trying to achieve.
Here's some of the first sketches we did to develop the overall look of the game:

Usually our graphic assets consist of multiple parts which interact differently with their environment.
Some parts throw shadows, others are used for ground textures. The excavator, for exampe consists of four
different sprites which are layered on top of each other in unity.

Currently I'm working on a new NPC. Here is what he looks like at the moment:

It's been quite the experience for me so far, and I am learning a lot in the process.
If you have any questions regarding the artstyle and process please bombard me! Wink
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« Reply #5 on: November 04, 2014, 02:55:06 am »

Hi there!

We've been busily working on our game. Here's what we've done during the last week.

Dash skill
The brand new evasion skill for the commando. When the action get's too frenzy, use your dash to escape!


In combat usage

The alpha/debug view of our planned waymarks. They'll show you your next steps in real time.

Alpha footage

Multicolor Feedback
In order to improve the management and predictability of your command queue, there are now different colors for different actions (move, shoot, skill,...). Still in ugly alpha stage Wink

Alpha footage

See you soon!
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