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Author Topic: Kripperz 2  (Read 1509 times)
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« on: November 09, 2014, 02:34:10 AM »

Kripperz is a shoot-em-up game with 3/4 perspective pixel art graphics.
Actually, this project was previously named as Kripperz, and basic version was developed by another programmer (*looked at credits image*) - Naram, and written in Actionscript 3.0. Currently, this project is now rebased into Haxe because engine made by Naram was very limited. And, in my opinion, the version that he made is very boring. But whatever, I never even talked to him, and don't know anything about him, exclude nick, email and his code style.

After moving this project from previous programmer, the game name is changed to Kripperz 2, because it'll have more feauters than old released version.

Winged Doom (aka 08--n7.r6-79.84) - Artist, game designer, project founder.
Yanrishatum - Programmer, game designer (actually I mostly tell something like "this thing is a piece of crap, and I want to make it behave differently", and not invent new game mechanics, but change the existing one).
Naram - Previous programmer, game basis, SFX.
Vortex Dveller - Music.
Daniel Swearengin - (Maybe) SFX.

* [ 80%] Porting to new language and engine.
* [ 95%] Perk shop. Don't have a Rush perk (just not added in perk list) and requires price rebalancing.
* [ 62%] Cheat codes (yep, most of them are just for fun)
* [ 50%] Quest system (requires maps, side-quest texts, main quests, spawn-patterns, etc.)
* [ 50%] Fix the sound system and make music timescale-related (making all of the sounds timescale-related is too expensive),
         replace some sounds because they are really bad.
* [ 30%] Progress saving.
* [ 20%] New enemy types/old types overhaul. (Sprites in progress)
* [ 15%] Bosses (full overhaul, at least 3 bosses with 3 behaviour variations + unique bosses)
* [ 10%] More gameplay mechanics.
* [ 10%] New plot.
* [ 10%] Balance the game.
* [  7%] Localization.
* [  6%] Juice.
* [  5%] Weapons rework.
* [  2%] Easter Eggs.
* [  0%] More map variations.
* [  0%] New In-Game GUI.
* [  0%] Enemy-Champions with adjusted characteristics.
* [  0%] Achievements.
* [  0%] Global map.
* [NaN%] Anything that comes into our minds.
Optional roadmap:
* [  5%] Version for smartphones (requires implementation of Tilesheet rendering, due smartphones can't do fast blit,
         also need visual controllers and maybe calculation optimizations)
* [  0%] New music (because *I* don't like it)
* [  0%] Optional balance overhaul to bullet-hell patterns.
* [  0%] Awesome looking lift maybe?


Optional quest mockup.

New unnamed enemy that invinsible while in moving mode, and can be damaged only when he's in attack mode.
Also we have an opposite version of this unit.

Some other info:
I'm using a custom engine for a game called yah2de (Yet Another Haxe 2D Engine, yet another "yet another" name for library), it has a structure like HaxePunk, and even has some classes from HaxePunk (Like Input), but different in many things. The engine is not very suitable for platformers, but useful for top-down games. I'll release the sources when the Engine will get more presentable look. The Engine will be released under MIT license.

Thanks to my friend ZeusDex for fixing grammatic errors. I'm pretty bad at English.
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« Reply #1 on: November 09, 2014, 04:38:09 AM »

It feels really good, although guns seem to upgrade into something overpowered the sheer amount of enemies keeps it balanced. Had some fun with it ^^

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Bowl of Soup

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« Reply #2 on: November 17, 2014, 09:00:35 PM »

Ok, it's time to make first devlog update.
I'm planned to make it about 4 days ago, but Winged asked to wait, until he'll add animations to bosses. Then it delayed a little more, because I wanted to fix some of the bugs. But today I said to myself "stop, there is already things to show, it's dev version, you don't need to make it presentable". Changelog (maybe not full, because I may not remember something) is below.

* Added new enemy - DroidekaAttack. Can be found minimum at 5 first level.
* New UFO boss. (Planned 3 UFO bosses, 2 done)
* Global statisctics now saves
* Implemented Perk shop
* Added boss HP to GUI
* The door you just walked through already opened in next room
* Game now can be finished by finding 6 runes (Can be found in locked rooms).
* Game now pauses, when looses focus. (Still no pause menu)
* Fixed morgenstern speed
* Fixed new enemies spawn
* Prevented game crash when Slowmotion pickup can't be found. (Still waiting for graphics of perk/pickup)
* Fixed boss stage changing of damage
* Fixed some W-specific rendering bugs
* Fixed instant completing of every second level
* Fixed secret rooms locks out entire dungeon.
* Fixed some bugs in cheats
* Fixed pickup item for quest doesn't pickups
* Player now can see, when UfoBulletHell is invincible (sprites added)
* Fixed shooting enemies, they are no more stuck in attack animation.
* Reduced firerate for UfoBulletHell at 1-2 stages.
* Bomber currently not work, because grenade logic not implemented.
* When game is complete, starting new game results in instant game completion.
* GuiButton.hx not work properly.
* (Actually not bug) Player can't die.
* Remaining powerup time not showing.
* Spawners sometimes not work properly.
* Runes doesn't shows properly (Reported, can't reproduce)
* TextField in perk shop renders text not in pexel-perfect
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