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Author Topic: 2D Pixel Art Top-Down Tile Sheet (WIP) (Critique)  (Read 2429 times)
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« on: November 12, 2014, 05:54:59 AM »

How's it going everyone?! So I'm working on a tile map for a top-down RPG game (I have in my head) for fun and I'd really love some feedback on artwork. This is one of my first attempts at pixel art and I'm trying to create some sort of gloomy, dead, alien-looking marshlands. I've collected tons of images on marshes and swamps which have been real useful. Here's a look at a collage of images.

I'm trying to create an art style that can be considered minimalistic and/or stylized and/or simplified with realistic-ish proportions. I want to create something striking but also something I can maybe create quickly. I guess I'm not too concerned about the length it will take to finish though as long as I can create something aesthetically pleasing, unique and cohesive. Something unique like Sword and Sorcery Superbrothers, Hyper Light Drifter, Children of Morta, Crawl, Serpent in the Staglands, Eitr, or some game like that.

Currently I'm in the process of experimenting and nailing down an art style. I've created a couple of different swamp/marsh grass tiles and I'd like to show it to you all for critique. Which one do ya'll like best? Why? Which one is not very good? I'm planning on having the character the size of a single grass tile (so 32x32) and the character is going to have realistic proportions (albeit very slim, lanky realistic proportions). So I think I want to experiment with some textures that have very small, sparse grass so it looks  a little realistic too. My problem is I'm having difficulty replicating small, bushy, stringy grass like the image in pixels. I'm trying to create a grass texture for the small bushy, mossy grass Frodo and Sam are standing on.

I kinda like this one a lot. It's got a painterly quality to it. That's probably cause I used a lot more colors , overlays, filters, etc to create it. This was the first grass tile I created. I know it's not the traditional pixel look but I think I'd like to try creating some more assets using a similar realistic style. It might yield some interesting results!

Don't like this one at all!

I think this one is alright. Maybe adding some lighter greens might make this one better. I actually used some photoshop multiplies, overlays, and filter effects to make this one too.

I think I think I might like this one more if I were to add another darker shade of green to outline or give depth to the ground.

I like this one a lot too! But it's moving away from the bushy grass of the picture.

There's also a tile map I've created but I hesitate on posting it. I was painting some more details on some rocks on the sheet but without finalizing a specific look or art style, I don't want to get ahead of myself. The color palette is also going to change. The tile map is 512x512 but I find myself fighting not to make it bigger. How long on average does it usually take to create a nice 512x512 tile map? Anyway, I'd really appreciate some critiques and comments. If anyone has any tutorials, tips, videos or advice they'd like to share, please do!

EDIT: Just noticed that clicking the images doesn't zoom in or enlarge the image like other websites do. Please take a look my post if you can on Way of the Pixel so you can just click to enlarge.

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