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Author Topic: Concealed Intent  (Read 4503 times)
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« Reply #20 on: July 05, 2016, 07:15:06 PM »

So first the big news: Concealed Intent will leave Early Access and become fully released to Steam on Tuesday 2 August 3pm GMT (8am Pacific Time & 11pm where I am in Malaysia) – here is the store link. The original plan was to release a week later, but it appears a little game called No Man’s Sky is released that day. It seemed best to go a week early. I’ll need to get going on marketing quickly.

Since the last update, all the likely tasks have been completed. My todo list is largely empty. There are a few cosmetic issues in the current Steam version, but these will be fixed before the release date (in fact most are already fixed on my local branch). So for that reason, I've decided to mark this game as "done". At least in the sense that it has reached the point originally envisioned (even a little past that). There are still some more possible items (listed below), but they are definitely extra features. All I wanted to achieve is here - thus the release.

So to the plan. After the 1.0 release in the next weeks (to fix the cosmetic issues) I hope to pause development while working on letting people know this game exists. However, if there any any breaking bugs I will drop everything to get them fixed ASAP. Assuming it all goes well, a fortnight after release I will start working on a 1.1 release. This will be at a lower intensity than my EA work as I will also be prototyping a couple of new ideas at the same time. I’ll provide an ETA later on when it will be out, but expect the 1.1 release a couple to a few months after the initial release.

Possible (no promises) 1.1 features:
  • Any fixes & balancing required
  • Linux version
  • Steam turn notification
  • Extra campaign missions
  • Extra skirmish objectives + tentative contacts


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