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Author Topic: Looking for Artist, preferably partner  (Read 776 times)
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« on: May 30, 2015, 06:44:27 PM »

Hello, I'm a game developer and I am looking for artist(s?). I would honnestly prefer having a partner (MUST for game 3), that is someone dedicated and willing to contribute to more than just doing Art. I don't mean coding or anything, simply being involved suggesting ideas, communicating, basically someone that would make the game partly his/her, as it should be. Im in Canada, Montreal (for timezone sake)

Won't waste anymore of your time, there is no pay.
Unless the game generates revenue in which case i'm willing to do rev share

currently, I have two game nearly done (fully functional, but I felt the look might be less than optimal.)
Both are simple mobile puzzle games. Easy way to add things in your portfolio.
im looking for clean & smooth vector art. (if you feel like like you're "on to something" (else) im open to it.)
Game 1 <-screenshot
>double tap to delete block, move (not swap) remaining block freely to create matches, use button to get score.(all matches are destroyed and replaced)
-Would like to keep it simple, minimalistic and peaceful.

Game 2 <-gif
>comes from both ends and should match (in line/row) when they reach middle. blocks can move freely and swap place when going through other blocks.
-Would like to change the style entirely towards cute monster/critters theme. (matching species)

It's a bit early, but If you are interested in my current project.
Open to any art style(pixel,vector,illustrations etc), looking for something that stands out.
Game 3: project killer <-devlog
>pull a kill and cover it up and this "anti-murder mystery"
-I'll quite honestly have quite higher standards for this one, It's a very ambitious project and i'd like the art to reflect it. It's also still early for me, so I am in no hurry to pick someone.
Last but not least, I have no predefined idea of the art style it should have, so anything goes.

If you are interested in any of the above, contact me through pm or at
[email protected]
state the game(s) you are interested in
Show portfolio &/or mockup of your take

Thank you!

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