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Author Topic: Weißer Punkt in der Schwarzlücke [Finished]  (Read 22292 times)
« Reply #20 on: September 18, 2007, 09:14:04 PM »

I'm a big fan of Sir Millard Mulch/Dr Zoltan/Whatever he's calling himself these days. I didn't realise I'd almost completely copied his latest campaign.

sorry about that old chap.
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Huh? What?

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« Reply #21 on: September 19, 2007, 02:24:01 PM »

Well, they say great minds think alike...

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« Reply #22 on: October 18, 2007, 08:11:56 PM »

Maybe I should have thought more about this game before posting this comment, but since i'm already doing it, I would like to say that this is really a B-side game, or a Cult game, in every sense there is. Congratulations for the dive into the human soul. It was a bit scary (Even though it wasn't likelly it would happen, I was kind of bracing myself in case of a screamer or something in the middle of the darkness), but when I relaxed I found it very deep and funny at the same time. I'm no one in special, but I award this the best B side game in the competition. =D
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